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My Guest Post At International Bloggers Association Website(WHY IS MY COMMENT BOX EMPTY? A COMMON QUESTION MANY BLOGGERS ASK…)

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Last updated on December 6, 2014

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Why Is My Comment Box Empty? A Common Question Many Bloggers Ask
Here Are Four Reasons And Solutions!

Yes, this is a common question many bloggers ask!

It’s obvious that blog authors eagerly wait for comments!

Why are no comments showing up in my comment box?

Where did it go? When will it get some?

Oh my… How can I get some comments on my posts?

These are some of the anxious questions all bloggers ask in the beginning of their blog journey.

Yes, we the blog authors eagerly wait to hear the feedback from our esteemed readers on our posts. These feedback comes in the form of comments at the comment column or box. Yes, the many object of any blogger is to get comments or feedback from their readers. Of course that give him a kind of boosting in his further writing, and it also helps him to improve or rectify the things in his future writings.

But alas! A new blogger has to wait more time to see a comment in his comment box. The reasons are many. I would like to point out some of the reasons why many of the new bloggers are not getting responses to their well written post thru their comment boxes.

I am sure the following reasons play a vital role in this! If taken care you will get enough comments into your comment box. So let us be aware about it and be cautious while we do blogging!


“BLOG COMMENTING is the best and the easiest way to get return comments as well as to get associated with fellow bloggers around the world”

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