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I W S G Post For August 2014 And An Apology!

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Last updated on November 28, 2015

An IWSG Post With An Apology!

My Instalment For The Month Of August 2014 @ Blogger’s Group

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Oh My Goodness!

Let me start with a BIG apology!

I am late again here to post my installment for the month of August at Alex’s brainchild the IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group)   (A Support group—post their fears, suggestions, recommendations, help for fixing other blog related problems etc. every first Wednesday of the month).


In fact, I am not only late my url is removed from the list due to the non-participation in the group.


As yet another participant, Adrienne Reiter said in her comment, Alex and team dismissed her from the list  for missing two consecutive months of non-participation.


I am also in the same boat as Adrienne Reiter.  But I am glad that I am back again like Adrienne and her friend Kathy.  I am sure our wonderful Captain Ninja Alex Cavanaugh (The Founder of the Group) will accept us again into the group. :-)


Nice that the other day I found a blog notification in my mailbox about one of my friend’s installment for the month of August at IWSG.

That was indeed a great and timely alert to get up from my sleep!


Though I lag behind to present my installment here I am so happy to be here again to say something on this post on this wonderful day called IWSG Day.


Sorry Alex and team for the late response/participation. :-(


Hope and believe that I will not miss the mark in the coming months. :-)

Coming to the subject matter let me air my voice:


At IWSG we the members of the Group share our fears, problems, suggestions, activities etc, etc on this day (First Wednesday of the month) for the benefit of other fellow members as well as to the blogging community around the world.


Today I would like to point out one of the less noticed fact which I recently came to know about blogging and blog comments from one of my blog friends’.


As some of you here know that I am now with a new domain and at a new place with my new activities.   But the blog page name still remains the same as “Philipscom”

I recently shifted my blog base from Blogger to WordPress.

We all eagerly wait for the responses from our readers about our blog posts through the comment boxes.  Yes even the well-established bloggers/Pro bloggers look out their pages to see, if anybody commented or responded back on their posts.   This is an undisputed fact that we all expect comments from our readers/visitors.

You can read some important facts about blog comments and some relevant links to read along with it.

In this post I would like to  introduce a wonderful blog page and its owner Chery Schmidt.

Chery Schmidt

A prolific writer and a well known blogger whose presence is almost all the places in this ocean of World Wide Web!

She is a professional trainer and is ready to help any fellow blogger who is in need of any blogging help especially in the area of social networking and internet marketing.


She wrote in one of her latest post and I quote:

“You always want to think about ways to get others commenting.  Ask questions and always encourage others to comment everything that you do.


Recently she did a wonderful and educative Guest post for Philipscom.

In it she wrote about one of the serious matters many bloggers quiet often forgot to do or negligent about it.

The creation of an identity of our own by creating an avatar picture which appear along with our comments.  Especially when we post comments at WordPress blogs Gravatar is a must. Otherwise in the ocean of spam comments the bloggers cannot identify or miss your important, relevant and constructive comments.  Unless there is an avatar picture along with the comment often your comments may go into the trash box or counted as spam.

A blogger will be getting thousands of spam comments in their comment boxes on everyday, most of them are without an avatar picture.  A blogger will not be spending much time for reading all the comments they receive in their spam checking comment box.  If there is an identity with a lovely picture of yours it will get noticed immediately and the blogger will read the comment and will get published on the spot.  To read more on this subject and to know more aobut Chery, please read her Guest post HERE


Also please read Chery’s latest article on this subject under the title:   “Facebook Marketing -Do You Think You Know It All?”


I am sure you will be able to pick few lessons for your future blogging success from these posts.


May you all have a wonderful and profitable blogging time ahead.


Another Good News is that the IWSG is going to celebrate its 3rd Anniversary in September 3rd 2014.


Alex and team is going to present a surprise news on the next IWSG day post.

Alex said this in his previous post and I quote:

“So in celebration of the anniversaries and YOU, we have a surprise and opportunity for everyone next month. Be sure to check back on September 3!”

Here is the link:  IWSG August Post by Alex

Bye to all till we meet again on September 3rd for the next IWSG post (The Surprise Post From Alex & Team). :-)


Have a  good day  :-)


Thanks for your valuable time here.


We invite you to share your experience, opinion, suggestions if any on this subject may please be posted in the comment box.


for Philipscom & Associates

Philip Verghese Ariel



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