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A New Found City! Mathew’s City!

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Last updated on April 19, 2016

A New Found City! Mathew’s City! 

Picture Credit: Matphil/Mathews

Here is an interesting note to my readers:

My younger son Mathews (13 years old) quite often comes with some kind of funny things!
Here is the latest one!
Picture by P V A
Today at around 10.45 PM there was a chat message from my wife’s Sister-in-law to come online to speak via google talk, but unfortunately there was some problem with my desktop computer headphone thus she was using her son’s laptop to talk to her, meanwhile Mathews grabbed the laptop and clicked the paint button and created the above picture and jotted down the following note and send the note and attachment to my mail id using my own mail id. :-)

Here is the piece in text as well as the screen shot:

P V Ariel  <>

11:31 PM (10 minutes ago)


to me
mr philip this is a city created by your son -a well planned one
this city features imaginations beyond what our stupid brains can even dream ofwe the founders of philipscom proudly present you mathew’s citydownload of the ‘plan of the century’ can be found as a attachment
attention:this blueprint is very top secret and fragile! Handle it with care
any misuse of the given material may under the law of philipscom be given a life sentenceyours faithfully, thankfully, sincerely,

To See Some of his Art works 
Please Click on the below link: 

Matphil’s (My Son)Page In My Blog

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