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Indians trapped in Bahrain – the pressure is working: Save Our Fellow Brethren!!! SIGN THE PETITION

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Last updated on June 19, 2014

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Amazing! Our voices are reaching Nass and Braemar and they are feeling the heat! Let’s ramp up the pressure and win — sign now and send this to everyone.

Dear friends across India,

Over 100 Indian workers are trapped in Bahrain over a pay dispute with construction giant Nass. Unable to work or leave,one man has already committed suicide. Let’s call on a key international partner for Nass Corporation to put pressure on the company to respect human rights before more innocent lives are lost. Click to sign now and forward this widely.

Sign the petition

Days ago, I received the devastating news that my younger brother had hung himself in a public garden in Bahrain. He was one of over 100 Indians trapped in Bahrain by their abusive employer — Nass Corporation. I couldn’t save Pasupathi, but I’ve started this petition to fight for the rights of his friends who are captured and helpless.

There are over 350,000 Indians living in Bahrain and almost 70% live in slave-like conditions working for wealthy Bahraini companies like Nass who underpay their staff and then get travel bans placed on them so they cannot leave. Living in misery and without hope of escape people like my brother are left with one option: suicide. The Indian Embassy has asked Nass to lift the travel ban on its remaining 100 workers so they can return home, but they’re refusing to listen. To save the lives of men like my brother, I have a plan to hit Nass where it hurts, but it will take the support of people from across India.

Nass has entered into a partnership with a Scottish company to bring golf to rich Bahrainis. If we raise the alarm now, we can urge Braemar Golf to pressure Nass on worker’s rights or walk away from this partnership. Nass did not listen to a poor labourer’s cry for justice, but they will certainly listen to their prestigious business partner. Sign now and when we reach 100,000 Avaaz will deliver it via hard hitting ads in the Scottish media so Braemar gets the message. Sign now and forward:
To File the Petition, Please Click Here  Sign in and forward:

The blatant exploitation of workers is permitted in Bahrain by something called thekafala system — an arrangement that places foreign workers at the complete mercy of their visa sponsor. Often companies underpay their employees, or the sponsor takes a massive cut of their wages. When that happens most try to leave or find new work, but Bahraini companies go to the courts, claim contracts are violated and succeed in getting travel bans imposed. This is what happened to my brother when he tried to come home to us.

The situation is desperate. Although Bahrain changed this slave-trade like kafala system back in 2009, it was quietly reinstated during last year’s unrest. Today, over 100 workers still remain trapped by Nass Corporation — unable to work, leave or live. The Indian government has been trying to help, but the political instability in Bahrain has limited its impact and influence.

We have to find a new way to move past the political deadlock and instead directly pressure Nass to treat its workers with respect — hitting their business interests is the best way to win. Let’s expose their abuse internationally to their partner in Scotland, and urge Braemar Golf to take a stand for workers’ rights. Sign now and forward:

I couldn’t help my brother, but I will not ignore his desperate cry for help. There’s over 100 fellow Indians still trapped in Bahrain, together we can give them hope and freedom from slavery.

With hope,

Shanker Mariappan

P.S: This was a special email from fellow Avaaz member Shanker. Your information has not been shared. To start your own petition, visit the new Avaaz petition site:

More information:

Nass Urged to lift travel ban (Daily Tribune) :

Shanker Mariappan –

A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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