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I’m so Rich, Let Me Share It

Posted in Biblical/Religious, and Poem

Last updated on December 25, 2014

(Richness in Christ is for Sharing)

A poem about the richness a believer in Christ posses.




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I’m so Rich, Let Me Share It

I’m so rich than the richest man.
I’ve enough to spend at my will.
I couldn’t even finish my counting.
I tried many times to do that in vain.
The blessings flow down like a fountain
The blessings which I posses,
No body can take away from me.
A heavy price, He paid for it.
The one who created heaven and earth,
Fully, paid that price for me.
A heavy price that was it,
Yes, His own life He paid for me
His own blood He shed for me,
Even the last drop he shed for me.
He released me free from all my debt.
I’m so rich, than the richest man.
I’m so happy to share these riches.
I can’t express my happiness when I share it.
I become richer when I share it.
Yes, I’m so rich than the richest man.

PV is a freelance writer from Secunderabad,India.

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