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Hi, Here Comes The First Wednesday Of The Month!!!

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Last updated on June 21, 2014

Hi, Here Comes The First Wednesday Of The Month!!!

Picture Credit IWSG

 Today Is The First Wednesday of the Month.

Hey, what is that specialty for this day?

You may ask!

YES, There is a specialty for this DAY!!

It’s IWSG DAY………in detail “Insecure Writers Support Group”

Yes, it’s the day dedicated to the writers especially the blog writers by the well known Sci-Fi writer cum blogger Alex J. Cavanaugh, the famous Ninja Captain and his associates @ IWSG

On this day the people (the blog authors –The members of IWSG from around the world) post their piece on their blog pages about their fear, doubt, insecurity, etc and spread the news across the world via World Wide Web pages. Like their social networks (facebook) and of course via the web pages of IWSG members.

I think “INSECURE” is a word which many afraid to even talk about!!!

The Oxford dictionary says the meaning of this word: “uncertain or anxious about oneself; not confident”
The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary says: “Feeling unsafe/ not tightly fastened: not safe..”
Yes, this insecure or unsafe feeling  happens to everyone even the well established writers are not an exception to this.  They too sometimes face this and worry.   Of course some may find  some kind of solutions to their insecurity and at the same time many may not find one.  This is the dilemma especially  in the writers community quiet often faces.

But here is a group in which they deal this in a systematic way to solve or fix their problems in a measure, by asking each other and answering or suggesting solutions to their problems/insecurity.  This is mainly dealt with in the area of their writing.
Keeping this in mind, to help the writers’ community Alex Cavanaugh initiated this group a year back and the group recently celebrated its second anniversary recently.

Though a bit late I am so glad to be part of this community recently and this post is my third installment in line….

It all started by Alex to help out the people around the globe especially the writers in particular the blog authors.

The group’s main aim is to help out the writers who are insecure in this field and to clear their doubts and fear in the field of writing.
Any writer can join in this group by registering their name and the URLs in the IWSG web page.HERE

And post your thoughts on your blog in connection with the doubts and fear you faced and solved.  Present your struggles and victory and discuss with the fellow bloggers.  Also post a word of encouragement to other fellow bloggers who are still struggling to find a solution to their fears.

The group members are suppose to visit other fellow bloggers posts and give their opinion, suggestion etc in their post’s comment column.  This can be done a minimum of five to ten blog pages, if one can visit more pages and air their views it will be well and good.
After becoming a member when you post the Wednesday posts ‘Be sure to add or link the main website of IWSG in the post.  One more unwritten condition is that,  “Do not forget to display the IWSG badge in your post as well as embed the code at the side bar of your blog page.
So get set and ready to go…………………….
Talk about your fears, doubts, insecurity etc and how you conquered it.  Surely this may help few of your readers!!

I would like to add one of my fears I conquered:

Like many of the new bloggers here, I too just happened to be a blogger by mere chance.
In the beginning after the first post I was just waiting for a reader to come to my page,  and I worried a lot and waited and waited.  That waiting was really a laborious one!!! And I could not find hardly anyone to drop in to my page and my worry increased and I thought that ‘Oh, this is not my cup of tea!’ I will put a full stop to it and do something else. 

I was sharing this struggle with one of my close friends and he encouraged me and said, “Brother Philip, don’t worry this is the case with most of the bloggers, please don’t stop, instead keep writing and posting” and here you can do one thing he continued,  keep writing quality post and share it through your social media net works and also tell about it to your friends through email and by other media.  People will surely have a look into your stuff. And here another important thing you can do is to visit fellow bloggers posts and take time to read and post a constructive comment. And if you are interested in the blog page, join in by clicking the followers button placed at the side bar of the blog pages. If you do this you get intimation via blogger when they upload a new blog post.  Try to do this at least  a minimum of five blog posts daily, if time permits do it at more places, surely some of them will turn to your page.

My Malayalam Blog Banner “Ariel’s Jottings” 
Yes I did this very religiously for quite some time, but in the initial time very few responded or acknowledged my visit and follow.  Please do not worry some established bloggers do not care who visits and who follows, don’t worry! you do your part and the rest will follow.  I am sure you need more patience here, otherwise you may go back without much result.  As I said I am sure, in the long run your pages will show a great rush of people to get in.  This I am experienced and conquered through my efforts.  Now my page views and  comments increased tremendously.  A year back I started yet another blog page in Malayalam (my native language) which I can handle with more ease than the English language.  There too,  I am experiencing the same thing.

This process helped me to get more and more readers/visitors and comments (responses) to my both pages in (English and  Malayalam). 

Do not worry if your comment box is not filled with comments, but note that your page views will increase tremendously.  Most of your readers will come read and go they may not get enough time to post a comment, don’t worry this happens quiet often but notice that your page view number will increase steadily.  So take this as a challenge and go forward.

Though my page views now are nearing to 2 lakhs, I do still visit read and comment even now whenever I get time.

Once my main fear was of not getting readers/visitors/comments.  It is almost nullified now.

So friends, Read, Write, Visit, Comment as much as you can!!

Keep Going! 
Keep Writing!
Keep Inform!
Don’t Give up!
Good Wishes!

See You All Until Next ISWG

Yours Sincerely 

Philips & Associates

                                  Find IWSG at facebook

Malayalam Banner Credit:  Augustin M 

A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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