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Health Is Wealth – Take A Break

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Last updated on June 3, 2016

take a break picHealth is Wealth, Yes, the age old saying still holds value!

We are all, like a working machine automatically enter into the life cycle of our daily jobs.

Some work hard without any break and some work with a break in between.

Working hard without a break will soon show some bad affect on your health.

Yes, we need a break and it gives strength and motivation to do more!

Recent research and studies reveal that taking a break at different intervals during the work time can improve our productivity.  It also reduces the fatigue and relieve joint or muscle pain and improve our overall activeness.  Some multinational companies allow their executives to follow these steps to have them happy, healthy and productive.

Here is an informative Infographic developed by OnlineBusinessDegree.Org which talks about this break and its benefits.

Check out and find where do you stand!

Wish all our readers a Healthy & Happy Days Ahead

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Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’

Take a Break 2

Source:  OnlineBusinessDegree.Org

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  1. Hi Philip Sir,
    It’s true that health is wealth.
    If we are not having good health then how we will be able to earn,
    and if we are healthy then we can work hard for sure.
    Also, I liked the infographic you have shared.
    Thanks for sharing.

    June 3, 2016
    • jsm

      I fully agree with you Robin.

      March 8, 2017

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