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How Google Rank Pages And Websites – An Infographic

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Last updated on March 29, 2015

How Google Rank Pages And Websites –

An Infographic Developed by


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The other day while reading my blog colleagues Mi Muba’s and Atish Ranjan’s informative posts  on Linkotorial and Interlinking (two different subjects connected with blogging)  my mind went in for various other topics like Link building, Page ranking, backlinking, Page level, site level, Algorithams, social sites influences, spam comments, blog traffic, blog tips, and various other factors connected with blogging.

Since I am not much aware about all these factors I thought I will do an intensive search for these subjects.

To my surprise I could locate a wonderful infographic which talks almost all about websites, blogging and other related subjects.   This infographic is developed by and it speaks volume.

I am sure this will be a wonderful guide to the bloggers as well as web developers and other online writers for this New Year.  
If find difficult to read the page, please download it and read. 

We Wish You All A Wonderful And Profitable Blogging Year 2015

200rankingfactors  SingleGrain
Infographic designed by

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  1. Hi Philip,
    This Infography Is Good Information and The Explain way is very Nice too. But I think You missed one algorithm “SEO Cocitation” This algorithm used for increase search volume and traffic also.
    Example : ” webnexs Ecommerce Website Builder ”

    June 24, 2016
  2. Great stuff Phil,
    I’ve seen this infographic before so I know how awesome it is. It’s a bit dated now, but still, mighty useful for anyone who comes across it.

    May 31, 2019

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