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What makes for great leadership?

  There is so much rhetoric in leadership but from time to time we get to see and experience what great leadership is. These are moments, events and time in our lives when we feel touched, moved and inspired because we see and experience great leadership. What have been such moments for you? Perhaps it was a parent figure, a family member or a manager who embodied confidence in you


GLOBAL WARMING  COWSPIRACY  SOME FACTS ANIMAL AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY IS THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE INDUSTRY FACING THE PLANET TODAY!!! CHECK OUT THESE FACTS! AN INFOGRAPHIC AND A DOCUMENTARY TO WATCH!   Animal Agriculture Is One Of The Major Emitter of Greenhouse Gases. But unfortunately this is not a discussion in any of the debates in global warming or climate discussions. A big campaign through different social media especially through twitter is going

A Thank You Note And A Hippocratic Oath For Bloggers

A Thank You Note And A Hippocratic Oath For Bloggers  Hi all fellow bloggers! I am so glad to be here again after a gap. As many of my blogger friends  knew about the problem which I was facing last week with my webpage. All of a sudden my page went down and the timely intervention of my long time friend and brother Rejoy Poomala of, who was helping

A Blog Page Which Speaks All About Blogging Including Plagiarism

A Blog Page Which Speaks Almost All About Blogging Including Plagiarism! Here Is a Blog Which Speaks Almost All About Blogging!!! A Post by Blog Evangelist Lorelle VanFossen! Hey, Anyone copied your content recently? Or posted your work on their page as their-own without your permission or giving any source credit? Well, this is what is happening in and around us! Well, here’s what you need to fight back when you


Last updated on June 12, 2018 Blogging And Its Evolution! How to Make Money From Blogging Why Blogging Is Good For Your Business? More About Making Money From Blogging – An Infographic Here is an infographic which talks all about how to make money from blogging!  A Brief History of Blogging! Who coined the word “Blog”?  Five Types of Bloggers!  Tips And Tricks in Blogging!  Do you know Majority of Bloggers


Last updated on October 2, 2017 BLOGGERS! WRITERS! AND ALL WHO USE COMPUTERS! YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH! PROTECT AND KEEP IT SAFE!  Your Health is your Wealth! Bloggers, Writers! Your Attention Please! Your Health Is Your Wealth Protect It! Yes, I Said It! Protect it, it’s in our hands! We are the only one to take care of it! If health is there, in fact, we

You Can't Run Away From Problems... A Note From The Book of Ruth...From Warren W. Weirsbe

You Can’t Run Away From Problems By Warren W. Wiersbe (President Back to the Bible International) (Ruth 1:1-5) Two mighty forces are at work in the world today. One force is pulling everything apart, while the other force is seeking to put things back together again. Sin is the destroyer, but Jesus Christ is the builder. Two mighty forces are at work in the world today. One force is pulling

How to Get More Blog Traffic Through Twitter: An Infographic by Rohan Chaubey

How to Get More Blog Traffic Through Twitter: An Infographic by Rohan Here is an informative post with lot of tips to get traffic to your blog pages. My online friend Rohan did it again with a wonderful Guest post at Harleena Singh’s AhaNOW pages. The infographic is embedded here below and you can read more on this post by clicking on the below link: AhaNOW Thanks Rohan and Harleena

Carol Amato Did It Again! Make Images Work For You: 5 Best Tips: Read The Conversation On Images!

Carol Amato Did It Again! Watch Her Page And Read The Conversation On Images!   Yes, as the title said, our friend Carol Amato created yet another wonderful infographic which speaks volume.  No doubt, as the age old saying goes: “An Image Speaks A Thousand Words” Yes, Images can play a vital role even in our blog posts.   Here in this infographic Carol shares 5 vital tips to make