D is for David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Writing Services

D is for David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Writing Services I changed my mind set immediately after receiving a wonderful comment from one of my longtime friend and an online associate Professor Narayana Rao, A Professor in a Technology Institute in Mumbai. He recently posted a comment in my first write-up on the series […] Read More

Password Users! Do You Know The Psychology Behind The Password Users?

 Do You Want To Know The Psychology Behind The Password Users? “PASSWORD” is the key word to all internet users!!! Here is an informative and interesting post about this wonderful word called “Password”. In fact Wpengine’s this post reveals some of the secrets of password users… “A lot is known about passwords. Most are short, simple, […] Read More

The Best Time To Write! Morning? Evening? Or Night?

The Best Time To Write! Morning? Day? Evening? Or Night? When is the best time to write? For some there is no fixed timings, but for others there is some specific time fixed. For some,  the writings or creativity flows at any moment of the day and they jot it down and elaborate it accordingly. […] Read More

How Google Rank Pages And Websites – An Infographic

How Google Rank Pages And Websites – An Infographic Developed by SingleGrain.com   The other day while reading my blog colleagues Mi Muba’s and Atish Ranjan’s informative posts  on Linkotorial and Interlinking (two different subjects connected with blogging)  my mind went in for various other topics like Link building, Page ranking, backlinking, Page level, site level, […] Read More

A Post To Visit For The Day Called Christmas

Here Are Few Sweet Audio Christmas Wishes For The Day Called Christmas! This article is the initiative of Knol author Gust MEES.** This was first created for Google’s knol pages on December 20, 2010 and was migrated to WordPress on December 19, 2012. I am so glad to present this information here for my readers […] Read More

Google Brings Yet Another New Feature to its Google+ platform

Yet another new feature from Google to its Google + platform Google today added a new feature to Google+: pinned posts. You can now choose to pin one of your posts to the top of your profile page… Googl’s DennisTroper revealed this news via  Engadget.  Here is a pinned post by a Tech Savvy Rohan Chaubey  : For more […] Read More

World Wide Web – What Type Of Web We Want?

What Type Of Web We Actually Want? Word Wide Web Is very important and part and parcel of each individual today. Though a good number of the world population is still not unaware about its usage and profit, its validity is increasing day by day.  Some countries, even though the majority is not even know […] Read More

Coach Yourself to Success Online – A Shared Blog Post

A Guest Post by Terry Dean** Every top athlete has a coach.  They help them train and consistently produce their best results. Top CEOs have coaches as well. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, has even said that his best advice for new CEOs is to have a coach.  He says, “Every famous athlete, and every famous […] Read More



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