The M-Word: Masturbation: A Biblical Perspective

Masturbation A Biblical Perspective This one’s about masturbation. You’ve been warned.  Is there a more awkward subject in all Christendom? Controversial, sure–but mostly it’s just not fun to talk about. Of all the sex issues, it’s the squirmiest. And if we’re talking about getting God’s perspective on it, there’s just not much to go on. […] Read More

I for Interview: Interviews with my blogging friends

  Today’s letter stands at A to Z blog challenge is “I” Whenever we think about the letter I generally the first thing come to our mind is ‘I’ only I mean the self, or me, me and me only. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I think most of the people have this intention of selfishness in […] Read More

Few Amazing Facts about the most often used “F” Word

Please don’t get confused on the letter used at this post’s title! I am not going to talk about the quiet often used “F   ” Word instead I am going to tell something about the other most often used word “Facebook”.  Perhaps, this may be now the most used F word than any other […] Read More

C is for Confident Living Magazine

C is for Confident Living Magazine The Official Organ of Back to the Bible India A Bi-monthly magazine published from the capital of Andhra Pradesh, India You can have more information about this magazine and read a sample page      by clicking on the below link: CONFIDENT LIVING MAGAZINE   SOME OF THE COVER AND INNER PAGES […] Read More

B is for Bible The Unique Book

Last updated on 3rd July 2017 Bible the Universal and Unique Book B is for “Bible” The Unique Book The second day at A to Z event! The letter for today is “B” Whenever I think of this letter B the first word comes to my mind is the “Bible” Though thousands of people wrote […] Read More



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