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Last updated on June 20, 2014

This is the story of a well known politician, a descendant of Maharshi Vedvyas, a philosopher, scholar a film actor and above all a seeker. The amazing story of his encounter with the Creator of this universe and the outcome of it is narrated in a poetic style in this book. This is an easy to read story of a man’s eternal search for the truth and peace.

Dharam Prakash Sharma son of the chief priest of Pushkar Tirtha joined politics with a view to bring in Ramrajaya, thereby helping the people of his country. He thought he could serve God by serving people with honesty and faithfulness. But an encounter with the living God changed everything, his thoughts plans and purposes. Instead of serving the people he decided to serve God and thereby serve the people.

Immediately he decided to tender his resignation as General Secretary of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress committee. It was Emergency time. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi bluntly rejected his plea for resignation. She tried to persuade him to change his decision. Dharam utilized that opportunity to proclaim the good news to the Prime Minister and urged her to receive eternal life by believing in Jesus Christ. But unfortunately she said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Go and work for the party, the nation needs politicians like you.” Later he sent his resignation by post, and thus began a wonderful spiritual journey.

Later when the Janata Party government imprisoned Indira Gandhi. Dharm met her again in the prison and the same Indira Gandhi asked Dharam to pray to god.

The man who burned three Bible in the presence of his college mates become a preacher of the same book by miraculously meeting the God of the Bible. His father, an associate of Mahatma Gandhi during the independence movement, used to read the Bible along with Gandhiji. Both his parents were active members of the freedom movement and were in jail many years. Dharam Prakash was born during one of their jail sojourns.

Young Dharm was attracted to Christ by reading the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ in his college text book. But he was astonished at the life style of Christians; most of them did not practice his teachings. Some of the true stories will really put to shame not only to the ordinary Christians but also the leaders. Their behaviour and attitudes most often are against Christ and his teachings. But his wife happened to be a Christian and her life style, attitude, behaviour and nature greatly astonished him and found a Christian who really adopted the nature of Christ. Her life played a major role in transforming his opinion about Christians. Years later he met God’s servant Bro. Bakth Singh and his opinion about Christians totally changed and he realized the fact that there were a good number of real and practicing Christians who followed the footsteps of Jesus Christ. His association with Br. Bakth Singh was a turning point in his life.

Continuous study of the word of God made Dharm a totally transformed man. His step by step growth in his Christian life is narrated systematically in this book. The people who were closely watching Dharam’s life could find a new man in him and many attracted towards Jesus Christ, his mother and father among them. They both accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord and had a peaceful departure from this earth. His father shared his new faith with the doctor who came to examine him and urged him to believe in Christ. Few days before his death he called all his family members together and shared his faith and spoke of Jesus Christ and the great salvation.

Dharam became a full time gospel preacher and was busy withy his preaching schedule all over the world. A man who was against Christ and his people become an advocate of His teachings. What a miracle, an encounter with Jesus Christ can make!! This book will give you the details of that.

Many incidents like his meeting with his life partner, the miracle healing from dreadful sickness and attacks from enemies and many such incidents are narrated in this book. Altogether the reading of this book will give you a lovely and wonderful experience to the lay reader.

The writer should be appreciated for the effort and hard work put into brings out such an exemplary life story of a godly man. This valuable book will definitely bring a kind of change in the attitude of the readers. Especially, there are some good reminders for the Christian readers who quite often neglect some of those great teachings of their master in their life.

No doubt it is a must read for every Christian and a precious gift you can give to your non-Christian friends.

This book printed and published by Gospel Literature Service, Mumbai can be obtained from all major Christian book shops and from the branches of GLS. It can also be bought directly from

Number of pages: 188
Price: India- Rs.120.00/Overseas-US$ 6.00

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’
Associate Editor, Confident Living Magazine
Back to the Bible, Secunderabad-3
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Source: GLS India

A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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    Ashutosh pandey

    Good article. I certainly appreciate this site.
    Continue the good work!

    July 12, 2019

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