2010 Google’s “Knol Poetry Contest” Winning Poem

Google's Knol Poetry Contest

Last updated on September 24, 2017

Oh Death You’re Defeated A Tribute to My Beloved Bro-in-law

A Tribute. Pic. by PVA

Oh, death you come like an angel.
You are like a physical obsession.
You wander through the dark silent night.
To snatch away the better ones.
Oh, I am in deep turmoil, sad and morose.
My heart is wailing for my dear one.
Whom, you took away in that silent night.
Even before his ripe of age, you took him off.
Oh God, how sad and morose I am.
I couldn’t fully enjoy his love and care.
His concern for others is unfathomable.
He led many to your marvelous light.
Yes, he led an exemplary life to follow.
He was a gem among thousands.
I feel like shouting ‘God I hate you’,
You’ve done injustice to us and to many.
When I thought this unwanted thought,
Suddenly my mind recollected your words.
The marvelous ones in the scripture.
Lord, I feel guilty for my unwanted thought.
Lord, you are just and do everything well,
especially to the one who loves you.
Oh Lord, I know your love towards us.
It’s too unfathomable to my understanding.
Yes, Lord, You want him to be with You forever.
Yes, Lord, he fought diligently and finished his race.
He led many to your kingdom through his word and deed.
Yes, Lord, he finished his race with a remarkable mark. 


Winner of Knol Poetry Contest 2010. Read More here at Spiros Kakos Knol Page 

A poem was written in memory of my Bro-in-law who led an exemplary life on this earth. 

Passed away in the year 2008.


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