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Some of My Write-ups Published and Unpublished Part II

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Some of my write-ups (published and unpublished) posted to different newspapers and weeklies Some could fetch some prizes…

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CM of West Bengal
TSI Artist’s view

Wild boy of the ‘left’

This is with reference to your editorial and the cover story Cold blooded Hilterian in the guise of Bhadralok. It is shocking to note that after such brutal killings of the innocent, and the culprits owning up responsibility, they are still around. The Chief Minister himself said, “If anyone has to be blamed . . . it’s me.” If he is an honest representative of the people, he must quit at once. Buddhadeb and company have put all the intellectuals of yesteryear of the State to shame. Such people should leave power at once. As you said, people of Bengal should give a fitting reply in the coming elections.


                                         Faith shall prevail

This is with reference to Shall the meek inherit the earth? which made for a revealing read. I refute the statement made by R.L. Francis. He said, “Sixty years ago, we converted from Hinduism and took refuge in Christ and Christianity in the hope of a secure and a caste discrimination-free existence. But it wasn’t quite the salvation that was promised.” I was wondering who promised him salvation? Jesus Christ or the Church? If a person changes his religion with expectations of material benefits, no doubt his conversion is not genuine. Christ never promised his followers a bed of roses; instead he insisted that it is full of hardships and sufferings. This spirit shows the color of a genuine Christian. Christ himself suffered a lot, all the while he was on earth. Epistle of Peter (1 Peter 2:21-25) says, “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps, who committed no sin, nor was any deceit found in His mouth.” Only a real convert can take this cross. Vatican’s dealing with churches all over the world is an administrative set-up for smooth functioning. Nobody should question this, as it’s their internal matter and if anybody has a problem, they can willingly leave the system. No one can deny the Pope and the community’s service to the society. However, at the same time, Pope’s remarks on other religions are also not tolerable.

                               There truly is life below 60%

Your cover story and the editorial (June 10) clearly brought out the misconception about life in and around 90% marks. You projected an array of intellectuals and professionals who could succeed tremendously in their career and life even after obtaining a low position in their academics. Their life history is an evident fact that there is life below 60%. Our existing educational system needs a total change. Let us give more importance to creativity rather than academic results.  Our education system should develop such geniuses who can believe in themselves.
                                                                  Gender Curfew
 Apropos the editorial ‘Gender Curfew’ (Times of India), the government’s select ban on women employees is a cruel decision. It concurs with a proverbial saying in Malayalam (Eliye thoppiche illam chuttu) that is to say ‘to rout or to show the anger towards the rat, someone burned the whole house’. That’s what exactly the government is doing now. No doubt the government has to face the relentless wrath of the people for its action. As you said, the government should find a feasible solution to the growing crime against the women folk. Instead of denying the constitutional equal rights to its citizen, they are supposed to give protection and safety to its citizens. What is now happening is ‘the suppose to be protectors are becoming enemies’. What a tragedy! What alternative the government can give to the number of employees out of job because of this ban? It’s a cruel joke played on the hapless employees of the state. Government should lift the ban immediately to decrease the growing tension among people.                 

                                        Empowering Indians!

The editorial ‘To make India Democratic…’ (TSI November 11, 2007) is indeed a great thought. An excellent idea, if implemented in its real sense, there is no doubt that there will be a new dawn in the so called Indian democracy. The word democracy will definitely obtain its real meaning in Indian politics. But, who will bell the cat, is the big question? Will our so called political leaders agree to this great thought? There is not doubt that even if there are hundreds or more Rahul Gandhis’ enter into the political arena with clean mind and good intention, their surrounding system will either spoil them or will not allow them to act with a clean hand and a pure heart. How sad it is that our present political system is rooted in corruption, violation of law, and muscle power. As you said, due to this a major number abstain from voting. If the said system introduced fully and implemented in its full sense there will be a tremendous change in Indian democracy. Thanks a lot for the wonderful 
25 Nov. 2007

                                        Play for the country

This refers to your cover story ‘Mother of all battles’ (TSI December 10, 2007), an excellent analysis on the existing distinction between two “to-be warring” groups. Like political parties, they can fight against each other and show their mettle. It’s always good to have an alternative to the existing monopoly; for that matter, in any field, with strong and healthy opposition, things definitely work out for the good. All these years, the BCCI was enjoying this and is now realizing the facts. Let both the parties play for the country with an understanding of each other. A healthy competition is a healthy trend too. While doing this, let us make it a point not to divide the country in the name of sports. We (our politicians) have already done this damage in the name of religion. Let this not happen in the name of  sports.

                                The new selection trend

This is with reference to the report Cricket: Captaincy-Jumbo gets his due” (TSI November 19, 2007). Anil Kumble, the highly respected cricket champion has at last got his due. It’s been a long awaited recognition from the BCCI, though a much belated decision. The board’s rethinking in the new selection trend is praiseworthy. Best wishes to the new captain and his team mates.
 2 December 09

                                                                Gentleman’s game
  The cover story ‘Monkey Business’ (TSI January 14, 2008) revealed yet another side of our ‘gentlemen’s game’. Your cover photo speaks volumes. The action taken at the Sydney Test was partial. Such actions are a shame to the countries and the game itself. With the advanced technology in hand, why can’t the authorities take stern action towards the guilty? As Mr Peter Roebuck said, “the guilty must be sacked.”

                                            Bundle of info!

Your cover story ‘India through compartments’ (TSI March 10, 2008)made an interesting and informative reading. I felt like traveling along with your reporters and enjoyed the beauty of our country from one end to the other. I appreciate the pain you and your colleagues have taken to present this report. Also, the ‘Trivia’ and other features presented added color and splendor to the report. Altogether, the special issue was a marvelous one. You once again proved your masterly craft through this issue. My sincere thanks to you and your team for the bundle of information. 

                                          Vote-bank politics

Arindam Choudhury brought out yet another bitter truth of the Indian administrative set up through his editorial “Salary rise…?” (TSI April 7, 2008). This is happening every year and people in the private sector and the middle and lower class face the music. As the editorial said, even respected top-level leaders have succumbed to this. Is this not vote bank politics, since our people representatives too come under this category?
27.April 08
                                                       A brilliant piece of thought
Prasanto Banerje’s write-up “And Buddha Cried” (TSI August 10, 2008) revealed a great truth which we often neglect to follow. The incident was very touching and the author brought out a well meaning principle through its narration. The famous British author C S Lewis in his essay ‘The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment’ says… “Law breakers should be “cured” or “treated” rather than punished”. Buddha’s mother’s words and actions did exactly the same and did wonders in Buddha’s life. Thanks for sharing this experience.
24 Aug 2008

                                           Love thy neighbor 

             Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri
           Chief Editor The Sunday Indian

Your editorial “…. Israel have any options left, other than retaliation?” (TSI, Jan 19-25), brought out the great truth of disparity and isolation faced by this nation from all the sections of the world. Whether it is media or the authorities, from the beginning of her existence, Israel has been set apart from the nations, locked up into a unique and awesome destiny. The hireling prophet, Balaam, called Israel ‘a people who dwell alone, not reckoning itself among the nations.’ (Bible, chapter 23:9). That uniqueness is no less apparent today, as Israel fights for survival in the midst of an increasingly hostile world. Why does this tiny nation of over a five million people, occupying less than 1% of the earth’s surface, regularly call for the media attention? Why are they a major stumbling block in the international affairs? Why is this nation a fiercely contested piece of real estate in the world? Jerusalem may not qualify as the biggest or the best city in the world. But, it possesses a splendor and glory that is unparallel among world’s other cities. The God chose this city to be the capital of His kingdom. There is a wonderful promise of prosperity to those who share God’s love for Jerusalem; the Bible says “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you… (Psalm 122:6)
 8Feb 2009                                                                                              (to be contd.)

Picture and cartoon credit: The Sunday Indian News Weekly, New Delhi

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