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Last updated on June 21, 2014


Everyone seek Goodness but,
Sad to say it’s very seldom visible.
Unless you show can’t seek.

GOODNESS, everyone seek and except, but unfortunately it’s very seldom visible or available. The reason for this lack is nothing but our unwillingness to show the goodness or love towards others
Let us try to share or show our goodness towards the fellow brethren. I am sure you will definitely get back the same. Sometimes even in double fold or may be more than that. It may not be immediate but I am sure you’ll get back the same. If you are rooted in Christ Jesus and abiding in his love this is very much possible. 

Let us practice to share our goodness to the people around us, especially to the one who are downtrodden or to the neglected ones.

Do this and expect the great reward from heaven. 

May God help us.

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