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My Comment In India Today Web site and a response.

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Last updated on June 20, 2014

A letter received from a reader in response to my letter published in India Today website, for the reference I am publishing the same here below:
NOTE: The Hindu daily also published a portion of my view on today’s Letters to the Editor Column.

My comment:

There is not doubt that Sharuk Khan episode in US is an unfortunate one, but the way in which our minister reacted to it is too unfortunate, It seems like just like utterances of a child. A responsible minister like her should have shown little more restrain and some intelligence. I fully agree with Mr. Shekar Kapoor’s opinion about her reaction, Yes these people celebrities or politicians should learn some important lessons from our former president Mr. Kalaam. The time is up to adopt some lessons from Dr. Kalaam’s book. So sad Mr. Sharukh.
Ariel P Verghese, Secunderabad

Dear View pointers:

Of course it was not a publicity stunt but mounting concerns against SRK’s nefarious financial greeds, operational modus operndi leading to his under world connections.

Shah Rukh, all his fans, and followers must first know his monstrous greed for money, popularity, publicity and obvious underworld connections that protects him in exchange of several money laundering schemes through ‘Hawala’ from every corner of the world he visits, mint huge cash on the pretext of stage or any event performance, which he has never reported at any source point either in India or abroad by eluding and dodging inbound and outbound customs authorities since 1990’s. Vijay Taneja, one of his key source and contact and promoter for his nefarious money laundering schemes between 2002 and 2004 is presently serving ten years in a United States Prison at Loretto in Western Pennsylvania.

Shah Rukh has never disclosed a truth anywhere in his autobiography about his penal action and punishment for black marketing Kerosene Oil by Shri H.R. Malhotra, the then Additional Sessions Judge, Patiala House Courts at New Delhi when he owned a Kerosene Oil Agency in Paharganj, New Delhi………..

During a brief so called detention and interrogation by the U.S. Customs, Shah Rukh has deliberately lied to the Federal Authorities Newark International Airport about the very purpose of his visit and scheduled stay in United States, whereas the commercial clips in the television media in different channels aired by DISH NETWORK clearly informs that he is coming to Chicago for his event appearance at a Carnival organized by the Asian Community and would be staying at Fairmont Hotel in Chicago City.

Shahrukh’s claim about his detention on the pretext of being a Muslim as a result of his racial pro filling by the United States Government almost eight years after 9/11 is a joke and highly misconceived. The so called claim of Shah Rukh, his fans and followers that United States must improve and restructure it’s monitoring system is a result of their lack of knowledge as to why would the U.S. Authorities spent more than an hour to interrogate mere Shah Rukh’s identity when there was nothing wrong with his travel documents specially when he has been traveling to United States for more than two decades. The suggestion and comments made by one of his bread provider Kabir Khan that it takes only 20 seconds to enter Shah Rukh’s name at google search to ascertain his identity, is more than his stupidity in terms of an advise to the U.S. Authorities without having any knowledge of prima facie reason or any probable cause for his brief detention which obviously has got nothing to do with his identity, race, religion or his origin.

It is very difficult to assert any opinion on the the detention of Shah Rukh by the United States Government, but it is not only imperative but inevitable for the Revenue Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India to review Shah Rukh’s international travel solely for his stage and event performances, his foreign currency declarations at customs and Income, Property and Wealth Tax reporting, and institute a massive criminal investigation into all and every ordeal of this mean, greedy and selfish so called King and world superstar.

I invite you all to post your prudent comments on my blog at:


A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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