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Why List Building is the Best Model for Your Business (A Guest Post By Carol Amato)

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Last updated on February 1, 2017

I am so glad to introduce our Guest Author this week Carol Amato, A well known internet entrepreneur and a successful coachcarol-amato-polaroid. Who writes at CarolAmato. com and various other places. She is an active member at several community forums. Her great passion in life is to help people achieve their goals and enjoy interacting with her readers on a daily basis. Even in spite of her busy schedule she is always ready to help her fellow beings with her wonderful knowledge she acquired along the life journey.  

Thank you so much Carol for accepting my invitation and I am honored and am so proud to present your post here. 

I am sure my readers will enjoy reading this wonderful and informative post on list building.

She writes:

Thank you, Philip, for your kind invitation to be a guest author on your blog, I appreciate it.

Never forget that list building is the cornerstone for your online business plan. Don’t let it get lost in the shuffle of other new and glitzy models so that you forget about it or put it on the back burner for awhile. It should always stay in the forefront of your online marketing strategies.

Your list consists of every piece of contact information for all subscribers and prospective customers. When these people sign up to be on your list, you’ve got the power to draw them back to your site to give help and value to them (and make sales) time and time again. It’s a powerhouse of information that you can’t take lightly – and you need to learn how to keep building your list for its greatest potential.

Picture Credit: Carolamato

This golden list is in your possession because they have either sought something from you or are interested in what you have and want to keep in touch. Over time, you can make them all buyers if you pay attention to what they want and build relationships with them through blog posts, social media, emails and other means of online communication.

If your traffic isn’t what you think it should be or you’re not making enough conversions, it may be time to rethink your list building strategies. There are so many strategies available and you can use several or all to help your business grow at a rate you can be proud of.

You can even have various lists for your niches and auto-responders can be generated to the lists by using a professional company like AWeber. One of the best parts is that you can log in and see every day how many people have opted in to your list. You can create messages to send them that will help them in their online efforts, build the bond between you and ultimately convert to even more sales.

Strategies to Make Your List Explode

Many new online entrepreneurs think that all they need to do to build a list is to build a website (“build it and they will come…”). You may be deluged with visitors to your blogs, but having them opt in to your list is another matter.

If you don’t create other ways to build your list, your visitors will fade away, and you will have wasted all the resources available to you. There are so many ways to capture names and email addresses these days that it’s a shame if you don’t use them all.

Here are a few strategies to build your list in a way that lets your visitors know you’re a viable force in the industry and that you mean business. The only methods I’m not currently using is infographics and a podcast, but have those on the horizon too…

  • Create an incentive for sign-ups.  Give them an opt-in “gift” that’s rich in value. To do this, you need to know as much as you can about those you’re targeting. Are they looking for a sophisticated incentive or are they searching for something quick and simple? [br][br]
  • Be sure that your website is optimized to capture the most leads. Unless you include things like an opt-in form at the bottom of your post, links to other posts, opt-in for a newsletter or weekly report and some informative facts, you may be losing a visitor’s interest.[br][br]
  • Keywords and SEO optimization must be well thought out. It may be a pain to think about it and make sure all is in place in the content of your website, but these two issues go far in increasing the number of visitors to your site.[br][br]
  • Use social media. If you’re not sure about what social media activity can do for your list building efforts, make it your business to find out. Using Twitter, FaceBook, Google Plus, Pinterest and the many other forms of online socializing can quickly and easily boost your online presence.[br][br]
  • Increase the ways of attracting new readers. Infographics, videos, podcasts, interviews and reviews of products are just a few of the excellent methods to pique the interest of your readers. Use them wisely, but don’t overload your content with them.[br][br]
  • Include a “call to action” in every post. Tell those who visit your site that you have more to offer and if they subscribe (opt-in), there’s an incentive available that they’ll enjoy and find valuable.[br][br]
  • Use podcasts to stir interest in your group and others. It can be a teaching session or information about something pertinent to your niche. Build up a sense of urgency by making it a one-time only podcast that they need to get in on now or lose out.[br][br]
  • Use contests and challenges to build your list. It may be a bit advanced for a new marketer, but it’s a great way for established entrepreneurs to build their lists. Just choose an activity that you believe your audience will appreciate and enjoy and build excitement for the outcome.[br][br]
  • Be available to write for others in your niche and invite folks to write for you. Guest posting is a great way to establish your authority in a niche, and having someone else post on your site can bring that marketer’s valuable insights to your audience and their list to you (more traffic).

Always choose a dedicated subscription list system such as AWeber to be sure you’re getting as much out of your lists as possible and be sure the sign-up forms on your sites are very visible and attractive to your readers.

When you open the door to traffic using professional list-building techniques, you’ll begin to attract subscribers that have the same interests as you and that will profit from the information they find on your sites.

It’s a sure way to build lists which will pay off in the long run, plus it’s a lot of fun getting to know more folks and knowing you’ve made a difference in helping them on their journey.

Everybody wants raving fans and many underestimate the power of list building and email marketing.

Are you currently building a list of subscribers and raving fans? Let me know by leaving a comment, and I look forward to hearing from you below.



PS: You can reach her at:

Webpage: CarolAmatocom


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  1. Hey Carol
    Excellent post with some great tips. I only recently started my list building efforts and as such, this post was of great interest to me. I am currently considering an incentive, such as a short course or mini ebook to entice sign ups. Right now, I just have an opt in to get post notification and other free information. Im waiting a bit to get inspired to see what vibes rather than force myself to put something together right now because I ‘have’ to. That always seems to work out better for me.

    February 13, 2015
    • Carol Amato
      Carol Amato

      Hello, Kelli,

      Wonderful to hear! So very glad you’ve started list building.

      The brainstorming period is a lot of fun. I’m sure that your conversions will dramatically increase once you have a specific gift that helps your regular visitor with the biggest frustration they have.

      I use four or five different type messages, however, they are all invitations for the same thing but with a different twist. Hope that makes sense.

      Thank you so much for your comment, Kelli, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


      February 13, 2015
  2. Carol Amato
    Carol Amato

    What happened to all the other comments??

    February 15, 2015
    • Hi Carol,
      We just moved to a new host and there was a minor problem in migrating the comments, all are intact and will appear shortly, Sorry for the inconveniences caused. It will fix soon. Have a great day. :-)
      ~ Phil

      February 16, 2015
  3. Hi Carol and Philip,

    What a surprise, Carol!

    I seem to see you everywhere except on your own blog LOL!

    List building is very important and that’s why I’ve just incorporated a pop-up that so many people say they ‘hate’ but when it’s inserted in a smart way, it really does work and will grow that list. That’s why most successful marketers do us that form of leach capture.

    Thanks you for sharing this great info and insight.


    February 18, 2015
    • Carol Amato
      Carol Amato

      Ciao, Sylviane,

      So nice to see you’ve enjoyed my article! :-) Oh, have I missed responding to one of your comments on my blog? I will check to make sure…

      Yeah, pop ups aren’t that bad if they are not initiated immediately, and give the visitor a chance to look around a bit before being hit with it. They are effective, or so they say. I don’t use them currently, but Neil Patel sure does! He has a ton of them. LOL

      List building is such a priority in my business that I try to use every opportunity to connect, add value and offer the opt in.

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts on my guest post here on Philip’s site, I was thrilled when he asked me. :-)

      Talk soon,

      February 25, 2015
  4. I completely agree with Carol that list building is THE thing to focus on if you want to be earning income from your blog. Your email list can be a great source of high quality traffic which you can monetize. Why? Because they are PEOPLE who have shown you a degree of trust (by giving their email address), so they are more likely to trust you again.

    February 18, 2015
    • Carol Amato
      Carol Amato

      Hi, Jeffrey,

      I couldn’t agree more! :-) So glad you could resonate with my message, and it was kind of you to share your feedback, thank you!

      Hope you have a lovely day, and thanks for stopping by.

      Take Care,
      – Carol :-)

      February 25, 2015
  5. Hello Carol!

    Now thaaat’s a meaty list. Short, concise and powerful, leaving little room for error if you follow it.

    Unfortunately, I think I fall on my face when it comes to the SEO part. I’m not just rusty, I find myself tired after pushing the creative limits and then realize i didn’t optimize it all. Grrrr.

    Good thing though, is I have made sure to include TWO call to actions in each post–one in posts automatically…the other is part of the theme itself in wordpress, so I can have that on every page a person visits, which helps.

    You know what though Carol…except for you, I’m not sure the podcasts are being listened to. Sad, but I do enjoy making them, so I won’t be stopping–just thought it would be a better tool for me.

    I’m wondering…are there different tactics for promoting podcasts? Because I try to remember to mention visiting my site in the audio…though I should do better (and I will).

    February 26, 2015
    • Carol Amato
      Carol Amato

      Hi, Jaime,

      Will be back tomorrow (early appt. out of town) in the afternoon to respond fully. Excited!

      Ciao Ciao

      March 6, 2015
  6. Carol Amato
    Carol Amato

    Hello, Jaime,

    Thanks for swinging by to check out my article on Philip’s site and to comment, I really appreciate it.

    Well, the optimization of the article needs to be part of the prep, so create a ‘checklist’ or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for steps taken and repeated each and every time you create a new blog post. Creativity is only part of the equation if you want eyeballs on it. :-)

    I’m glad you won’t be stopping. Podcasting is an awesome tool to leverage your blog. By all means, not only introduce yourself and your site at the beginning, but add calls to action should be very strong and clear at the end. Listen to a few good examples of how this is done, and follow suit.

    Since I haven’t taken the steps to promote a podcast yet (will be starting one this year), I don’t have a definitive answer about promoting. I did a search on Barry’s site, and came up with this link:

    Could you possibly run some ads on Facebook to your posts that are already on your site or directly to his iTunes podcast link?

    That’s what I think would really work, but I know that it takes an ad budget.

    Find a podcasting community for support. One where you can drop a link to your podcast and folks will listen, and review on iTunes. This really helps you get noticed in the New and Noteworthy section.

    Do you see downloads in stats?


    March 7, 2015

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