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Good News To Bloggers and Comment Authors

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Last updated on September 21, 2016

Good News! Bringing  Google+ Comments to Blogger Pages

blogcomments1Yet another Good News from Google plus. Reading and responding to comments can be one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging.
Not only do they help you connect with your readers, they can also inspire later blog entries.
The challenge, oftentimes, is following all the conversations around your content—on Google+ for instance, as well as on your website. So we’re making things a lot simpler says the Google:
Starting today, you can bring Google+ Comments to your Blogger blog. Once you’ve enabled the feature through your Blogger
Dashboard, you’ll enjoy a number of important benefits:
View your blog and Google + comments, all in one place
Now when you’re browsing your blog’s comment threads, you’ll see activity from direct visitors, and from people talking about your
content on Google+. For example, if there’s a public Google+ discussion about one of your blog entries, those comments, and replies will also
appear on your Blogger blog. This way you can engage with more of your readers, all in one place.
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Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger

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