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God Is Laughing out Loud!

Posted in A to Z Blog Challenge, and Lighter vein

Last updated on May 18, 2015

This is an interesting note I received the other day via WhatsApp

And I thought it will give some lighter vein in between our serious weekdays activities.

The message I received it in my native language Malayalam and this is a word to word translation of it!

The author of this piece (Anon) though it is written in a jovial way, one can surely find a seriousness in it!

Thus this share here!  Hope you like it! Your feedback on this post is highly solicited!

Have A Great And Profitable Weekend!

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God Is Laughing out Loud!

God Created the earth!

The boiling earth cooled down!

Then God said to his followers, Come… Let us do the necessary thing for the people on earth.

So along with all his followers God set out a journey through the sky by looking at earth.

When they reached the top of the present Israel, God said:

“Let each person here have the intelligence of five persons.”

The followers astonished at God’s statement and said:

“Oh God, No, If you give that much intelligence the earth will be under their control.”

God laughed at them and said:

“No, I will not give peace to them throughout their life! How then can they utilize that properly”

You, be quiet! And follow me.

Then they proceeded to the Gulf countries, after reaching on top of the Gulf nation God said:

“Let us fill this area with lots of hot sand, let there not be any vegetation or rain! Let this place be a desert land, and need not give much intelligence to the people here.”

Again the followers surprised at this statement and asked God,

“Oh God, then how the people here will survive?

God, is this not a cruel act? They will struggle in the hot weather and will die!
God laughed at them and said: “You don’t worry! I kept a great treasure under this sand, intelligent people will come here and dig out that treasure and give to them, with that they will get everything they need to live in or what all I have not given to them.
Then they proceeded their journey towards India and they reached on top of India. By the time they reached India only a few things left out with God.

The left out ice of Antartica God placed at Kashmir-Ladakh area, the climate of Switzerland He gave to Kashmir and Darjeeling. Part of the climate of Arabia to Rajasthan, the trees and forests of Amazon to Kerala and Karnataka. And the three sides, He adorned with sea water. Then God asked them, How is this, is it good?

They at one voice said, it is really good and beautiful, you gave everything to them.. But will they not take pride in it and if they join together they will capture the whole world!

God again laughed in a loud voice and said:
No! Never, here in India, if they talk to another, they never understand or agree upon! They have difference of opinion in each and everything.  How then they will join together and capture the world!

That is why in India there are many different languages and different religions!

By this time they spent lots of time and God’s followers were very tired. They said to God, let us take some rest, and let us go down to the earth and will relax! God agreed to their request and all went down to the land of Kerala.

In fact, it looks like, to take rest God made this land called Kerala.

God rested on a nearby rock and His followers went to different places. Few went to the eastern side and a few others went to the western side.

After the rest, they all came back. Those who went to the Eastern side said to God: Oh God, how nicely you arranged everything for them. How lovely are these places! A lot of vegetation, streams, river, plenty of rain, hills, different kinds of creatures, pure water streams, it looks like you made this for your use!

Those who went to the western side said: “Oh God, how nice is this place called Kerala!! A lot of sea resources, beautiful seashores, pleasant and cool wind, what a lovely place it is! Those who born here are indeed blessed people!

Oh God to enjoy what else they need? Everything you provided! They have everything sufficient for them! They will surely be a proud people because they have everything!

Oh God will they not be proud upon this! They asked God.

Again, God laughed with a loud voice and said:
“Ha! Ha! I gave everything to them, but Alas! These fools left everything and migrated to different other places where all these things are not available!

God went on laughing, He laughed Out Loud!

His followers baffled and looked at each other.


To read a Malayalam version of this note please click on the below link:

ദൈവം പൊട്ടിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു…God Is Laughing Out Loud!



Source: Bro. Jose Thomas, Hyderabad.



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  1. Yeah obviously fun to read this kinda story, I never thought of reading such kinda articles on this blog.


    May 13, 2015
  2. Funny but true! India is representing a fusion of varied aspects and reflecting an example of unity in diversity to the whole wide world. Nowhere else in the world can one find such representation of humanity with varied customs, regions, castes, races and languages.

    May 16, 2015
  3. Cute. I guess we can all imagine the conversations God might have, if he had conversations. :-)

    May 22, 2015
  4. Ann P V
    Ann P V

    Hi Phil,
    This is really intriguing! But at the same time serious too!
    Though it is taken on a lighter vein, can we take God’s name in vain?
    I feel this post is on that line!
    I am sorry to say this
    Have a good day!
    ~ Ann

    June 9, 2015

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