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Dear Readers,  We are glad to present  Philipscom comment authors for the Month of December 2017 We appreciate all our readers for your valuable presence on our website with your value-added and constructive comments.  Here is the list of  the comment authors of Philipscom. Total Comments on this blog in December 2017 Hi, My name is Charlotte. I made 6 comments. Hello, My name is Prat. I dropped 4  comments.

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Last updated on June 15, 2018 Our new comment policy: Comment Policy of Philipscom is a note to my esteemed readers.  As many of my readers know that I give much importance to readers’ comments on my pages. In fact, I entered this arena of blogging as a comment author and I still love to comment on other fellow bloggers pages as often as I can. Likewise, I prefer to

Philipscom Comment Authors

Total Comments on this blog in November 2016 47 comment authors with 64 comments in the month of November 2016 I am so glad to present November month’s comment authors on the pages of Philipscom.  Due to some untoward incidents happened in relation with the site hosters the site was down for ten days.   That very well shows this month’s total comments.  I am so glad that the restoration

Philipscom Comment Authors

Total Comments on this blog in October 2016 85 comment authors with 137 comments in the month of October 2016 Dear All, I am so glad to be here again with yet another list of our amazing friends who visited and expressed their valuable voices on the published matters on the pages of #Philipscom. Though we have been using the CommentLuv Comment option for these pages, in the recent past

Bloggers Do You Know These Secrets! 15 Secrets About Your Blog Page

Bloggers Do You Know These Secrets!  15 Secrets About Your Blog Page! (My IWSG Post for October 2014) Last updated on October 1, 2017 I am sure many bloggers do not know most of these secrets about their own blogs!  I mean, I am talking about some of the hidden facts about our own blogs which we quite often do not notice or do not know! Read these facts and some suggestions along with

Comment Authors Of Philipscom In September 2016

Philipscom Comment Authors In September 2016 Dear All, Greetings to you all from Philipscom, yet another month is just passed by!  We are on the threshold of another one! And am happy to be here with our comment author details. Yes, October is here to stay a few more days! I am so glad again to present our Comment Authors in the Month of September.  This post is created by

How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?

Last Updated On September 18, 2017  How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts? Greetings to you all after a bit gap of active blogging! I am here again with a big bang! :-) Yes,  I said it  “BIG BANG” Though I was away for some time on a special assignment I was not fully away from the net activities, instead my presence was there!  In fact, with the help

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Our Comment Authors In The Month Of August 2016 I am so glad to publish our August Month Comment Authors list. Thank you all for your valuable time spent on  Philipscom. I appreciate your valuable time, This month’s top comment Author is Robin Khokhar of TrickyEnough Thank you, Robin, for your valued support to this blog. We  appreciate your time you spend on these pages. Keep sharing Hello, My name is

why do you blog

Lasst updated on Nov 06 2017 Why Do You Blog? My Sixth Entry (for Saturday)  In a Series of   7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for Bloggers” from Jenson Taylor The other day while browsing through the net  I  noticed an interesting notification from Blogger Buzz on their blog page.    “Why do you blog?  was the title given to that content? That title attracted my attention since I too belong to

Philipscom comment authors

Adding Your Picture To WordPress Blog Comments Helps Brand You (A Guest Post by Chery Schmidt) [wp_objects_pdf] I am so glad to welcome and introduce my Guest Author Chery Schmidt to my readers.  She is a well know author and a former Bar Manager turned full-time blogger/Global Entrepreneur who is Passionate about Helping Average People Build Their Business. This is a Guest Post written by Chery on my request. We,

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Last updated on December 26, 2017 Yet Another June Is Just Passed by! Yes, June month is always an amazing and joyous month in my life!  Especially because, this blog author, born on this earth in this month! :-)  As every year something special takes place in this month called JUNE and the same repeated in the year 2016 too! [wp_objects_pdf] Though I do not give much importance to any

How to express our gratitude to our comment authors?

Philipscom Comment Authors In The Month Of May 2016 Yes, we the bloggers are one of the busiest bodies on this earth! A lot of things to do in a day! Creating a blog post and to promoting it and visiting other fellow bloggers’ pages and lot of other connected activities in a day! In such a situation getting comments, or posting comments on fellow bloggers posts is a difficult