Neil Patel

National Integration day Telangana state

My first YouTube video Few glimpses from the National Integration Festival, And International Kite flying festival organized by the Telangana State Government on the eve of Makar Sankranthi, the harvest festival of Telangana.  It was conducted on 13, 14 and 15th of January 2019 on Parade Ground, Secunderabad. India. I just happened to read a news report published by Hans India, one of the largest circulated news newspapers from Hyderabad

The Best Time To Write! Morning? Evening? Or Night?

The Best Time To Write! Morning? Day? Evening? Or Night? When is the best time to write? For some there is no fixed timings, but for others there is some specific time fixed. For some,  the writings or creativity flows at any moment of the day and they jot it down and elaborate it accordingly. Some of the famous writers do their writing in the early hours of the day