Why Should Bloggers Read A Lot?  A Guest Post By Atish Ranjan

Dear Readers. I am so glad to introduce Atish Ranjan, the Co-owner of the famous blog page Tech Tricks World as our Guest Author today.  Apart from Tech Tricks World, he manages three other blog pages along with his day job.  He is an I T professional (A Senior Search Engine Optimization Specialist, in an IT Company).  He generally writes on technical subjects and other SEO SEM SMO related subjects.

Blog Comments: How Are You Responding to it? Or What is Your reactions? My Take For The Day At IWSG

Blog Comments: How Are You Responding to it? Or What is Your reaction? Picture Credit: IWSG Yet another time/day for IWSG post! Those who are not aware about this wonderful group, a word of introduction is very necessary at this time! We the members of I W S G (Insecure Writers Support Group) post the first Wednesday of every month our fears, insecurity, thinking, doubts, questions answers, suggestions etc. all related to

Bloggers Your Attention Please!!! 20 Indian Pro bloggers that you should know about:

Bloggers Your Attention Please!!! 20 Indian Pro bloggers that you should know about: Professional blogging is not so common job-profile in India, and there are only few bloggers from India who are doing it professionally. In past 2 years, number of bloggers from India has grown up by a great extent, and a big pool of Indian young guns are realizing the power of blogging for their passive income. I have compiled

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Last updatd on April 04, 2018 OMG!!! Thanks, Alex Cavanaugh, the Captain/CEO of IWSG for the reminder!   I just missed it last time!   This is the right time. I was thinking about to bring out a serious point/problem which many of the bloggers face in blog writing. I wanted to share the same with you all in this post. Indeed, blogging is no doubt a group effort.  Unless

top Indian bloggers

Philipscom & Peeveesknols Blogs listed in the top Indian Bloggers’ list by the Indiblogger:   Here are some of the screenshots from the web:       To View More Please Visit Indiblogger Thanks to all. With Kind Regards, Yours Sincerely for Ariel & Associates web counter A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India