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My Interview With An Indian Born British Blogger! A Guest Post! And A Note About A Young Blogger!

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Last updated on May 26, 2016

My Interview With An Indian Born British Blogger!

A Guest Post! And A Note About A Young Blogger!



The beginning of June marked few wonderful signs of joyous occasions! I mean my blog page activities are showing a high pitch in traffic and other activities!!!  In fact, that was indeed a double or triple joy!I mean to say that my Alexa rank increased tremendously and was showing a big traffic flow ever before! Along with that, my joy again increased in relation to a pleasant chat with an Indian-born British blogger named Reji Stephenson.   Though we both belongs to the same state of Kerala, I met Reji online recently and have developed a good rapport with him and he asked for an interview with me and  that finally turned into a blog post on Reji’s blog. Read that post by clicking the link below:

P V Ariel The Blogger Without A Blog!


nisha postAnother joyous thing happened in the beginning of this month is the Guest post by SEO expert Nisha Pandey of She posted a wonderful post with a lot of blogging tips any blogger need to follow. You can read that post here: 30 Smart Ways to Write Traffic-Puller Blog Posts –

A Guest Post By Nisha Pandey



Yet another joyous thing is that, the kind mention of my name by a young blogger from India. He is Vashistha Kapoor from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This teenager started a blog just 3 months back and he is going to join in the company of famous bloggers through his wonderful activities in this short span of time. A visit to his page will tell you a lot about this young boy! Yes, Let me call him BOY, but am sure he is mature enough to make it to the level of a pro blogger.

He counted and mentioned me on his page as one of the wonderful (Nice) people he found in the ocean of the internet!

I really surprised to note that my name is mentioned along with a few of the top bloggers in India and abroad!

That was indeed increased my joy to a triple stage!

You can read that post here:

My 90 days Blogging Journey.How I Touched the 1st page of Google 

Thank you Reji and Nisha and of course my young friend Vasishta for your wonderful contribution in regard to Philipscom

In fact, the month of June is a very special month for me: an interview, guest post, and a young blogger

May you all have a great and profitable month of June ahead! :-)

Thanks to all my friends who joined with me to read my posts here.

Sincerely Yours
For Philipscom


Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’


The month of June is a very special month for me: an interview, guest post, and a young blogger Click To Tweet


Very surprisingly month of June is indeed a very special month for me! Since Philip the blogger born on the month! LOL   That is indeed a great joy to note: 


Just after all these happy moments suddenly there erupted an unpleasant situation in relation to my page!

I was about to do some promotion through my social networks about the new developments in my blog but sad to say, suddenly when I clicked to open my page there appeared an unwanted or uncalled for notification or a message from our service providers!

It is so disgusting that no blogger for that matter anybody else never wants to read or get such notifications for no fault of theirs.

I still wonder how a service provider/hosting company can send out such nasty note to their clients

and for their readers, can any experienced bloggers can tell me the reason why they are showing this unpleasant placard!

Here below I am giving a screenshot of it!!

account suspension

Check your domain ranking


  1. Vashishtha Kapoor
    Vashishtha Kapoor

    First of all, Many thanks P V sir for this great mention here at philipcom.
    I am glad to see my blog mentioned and super excited as well. If you said you’re surprised to see your name along with some of the best bloggers from India, I will say, You’re one of your kind sir.
    Replying everyone and getting indulged on every blog isn’t that easy.
    Three months when I started my blog, I got your comment. That was my third post. But could not connect due to my stupidity. That post was “Another Search ENgine on the Internet”. I hope you remember.
    Now I understand the importance of replying comment on Harleena Maa’m blog at Mi Muba’s guest post there.
    And thanks for your so kind words about me.. I never expected such a honour anytime.
    Thanks a Lot Sir.
    Nice to be featured here.

    June 6, 2015
    • Hi Vashishstha,
      Good to hear from you again.
      In fact it is a great honor to me that you
      took time to say a few words about me.
      Keep up the good work. Keep sharing
      your knowledge with the fellow beings!
      Yes, it is a tedious job to get in touch
      with each and everyone, but that is
      the secret of creating or developing
      a good relationship.
      Keep trying and to this as much as you can!
      May you have a great day,
      With best Regards
      ~ Philip
      Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…My Comment Authors On June 2015My Profile

      July 8, 2015
      • Vashishtha Kapoor
        Vashishtha Kapoor

        Thanks a lot for these motivations because I really need this.
        And happy that I am in your list now. Now following you and trying to get in touch with everyone I can.
        Have a nice day
        Vashishtha Kapoor recently posted…5 Reasons why Blogging is DivineMy Profile

        July 9, 2015
  2. Hi Brother Phil,

    Nice to see that you mentioned about the interview here.

    I was so eager to know how you manage bilingual blogs at the same time. I did the interview because of that curiosity.

    Have a great blogging journey.


    Reji Stephenson

    June 7, 2015
    • Hi Reji,
      Good to speak to you again!
      Nice that I met you online,
      though we belongs to one state.
      Yes, that all come only when what
      we are interested in. If its a pleasant
      thing we keep everything else aside
      and concentrate only on that thing!
      That is the secrets of my…. Not energy! LOL
      Thanks for you kind co-operation in creating
      this wonderful interview.
      I am glad that i could reveal lot of thing which
      i never shared with anybody.
      Keep in touch
      Have a great day
      ~ Philip
      Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Cell Phone Users! Your Attention Please! 10 Valuable Tips For You !My Profile

      July 8, 2015
  3. Hi Phil,

    Yes indeed, lots of good things in store for you :)

    Congratulations indeed, and we wish you many more years of success, month after month. Happy Sunday :)

    June 7, 2015
  4. Ann P V
    Ann P V

    Hey Phil,
    This is really an interesting read! :-)
    Good to know a bit more about your past and present activities online LOL
    Nice to read the interview with Reji, he squeezed well
    and you revealed all. LOL
    Good to read, Nish’s Guest post too,
    Hey, Hey, that is not Nisha Panikar!!!
    Nisha Panikar is our Panikar Chettan’s daughter!
    Wooo Hooo Pl. correct it! It is Nisha Pandey!!
    and ha nice to meet the new blogger Vashis too
    and his amazing but breathtaking blogging journey
    and the great achievement!
    Good to see your name mentioned in his page! :-)
    Thanks to all for sharing
    Happy to be here again
    Have a great and wonderful blogging time ahead! :-)
    ~ Ann Philip

    June 9, 2015
  5. Shamsudeen

    Hi P V,

    Allow me to call you that too, now am one of your friend, right?

    The month of June is obvious one very one you can never forget so quick in a hurry, all the wonderful people that has make so great for you. That shows the kind of human that you’re, I wish you keep the good character and helping hand going forward so as to maintain and open doors for many more goodies to come.

    And sorry about your blue-host ish, that’s one of those ugly things that happen in internet marketing that we just seems can’t explain why? I hope it is settled now….

    Thanks for shring.
    Shamsudeen recently posted…StudioPress Parallax Theme Pro Special ReviewMy Profile

    July 3, 2015
    • Hi Shamsu,
      What a pleasant surprise to see you on my page again!
      Yeah, Yeah, you are my friend!!!
      You can call me as you like no prob! :-)
      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! :-)
      I am much elated by the words.
      Yes, that was indeed a very unpleasant thing happened
      in our hosting activities, yes, its all fixed now and going on smoothly.
      Keep in touch
      May you have a great week ahead.
      Keep sharing
      ~ P V
      Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Google The Giant Search Engine Reveals Some Surprising Secrets!My Profile

      July 8, 2015
  6. Hi Phillip,
    Its elating to learn of those who can help inspire our skills. This is how I see your experience with Reji Stephenson, Nisha Paniker and Vashistha Kapoor!

    I am happy you see it fit to appreciate their contributions. This is encouraging!

    On the sad experience from your host company, it happens to the best of us. Life is full of ups and downs. If I remember correctly, I am one of those that saw your website showing “account suspended”. Then I had thought your hosting has expired!

    I hope you have contacted them for explanation. If they are not giving you convincing reason I will advice you change to a more supportive host! This is my personal opinion!
    I left the above comment in as well.

    July 26, 2015
    • Hi Sunny,
      Nice to meet you here again!
      Yes, Sunny, whenever i feel one needs my push or appreciation i will not go back I always try to give a pat at the back LOL
      This is my nature, but a few may take that in other way round, but I don’t care, and i just ignore such people! And I have come across such people too in my blogging life in the recent past, and i don’t care, but I still love them too! Since they are very young in age comparing to my age, so i generally take it as a child’s play, in the recent timed i faced some nasty situation too. Though i have been supporting or promoting them well, but on small issues they get irritated, The problem with me is whatever it is I will not say on the back, but on the face i will say, this made me a lot of enemies too in the blogging arena. But I still love such people and even visit their pages! May be it’s a bad habit! But I don’t think I can change that! But I still love them too! That is what my religion teaches too! ! That is what i have been taught too ! Oh My,,,I am writing a lot here on that word you quoted in the comment “Inspire” Anyways, I think it is good to mention that here too!
      About the hosting trouble! I am now seriously thinking of that line!
      Happy to note that after my complaint about their unpleasant word You have been suspended or account suspended they changed their wording in a very polished and pleasant way, I am happy they did it, this is because I was frequently mentioned this in my comments elsewhere in the social media etc.
      Thanks Sunny for your valuable suggestion in this regard
      Keep sharing
      Keep encouraging others
      Have a great week ahead
      ~ Phil
      Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Real Estate: 4 Tips for Investing in the Right PropertyMy Profile

      July 27, 2015
  7. Christopher

    Hi Philip,
    Would you mind letting me know which web-host you’re working with?

    I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different web browsers and I
    must say this blog loads a lot quicker than most.
    Can you recommend a good internet hosting provider at a honest price?
    Thank you, I appreciate it!
    Keep sharing

    -Christopher Stambaugh
    Christopher recently posted…ChristopherMy Profile

    November 21, 2015
  8. It’s very good to be here today.
    Glad to read this wonderful interview and other posts. Though was zero about these techniques but now I learned some new tips in relation to bloging, backlinking etc.
    Thank You for sharing these post links.
    Keep up the good work.

    August 10, 2017

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