Lamentations Of A Computer Geek


Lamentations Of A Computer Geek – Or A Prayer of a person who neglected his Creator

ID-10034812We are at the threshold of yet another wonderful year!

Today is the 8th day in 2016!

That means the completion of a week in 2016

Yes, yet another week just passed by in the New Year 2016

At the outset of this New Year I would like to mention some of the things many of my friends here do not know about me!

Every year people the world over just waits for the New Year to come for a great celebration.

And sad to note that it is estimated that the highest road accidents happens on these season, that is on the eve of Christmas and New Year!

I do not want to spread the reasons behind such accidents and deaths!

On this day people around the world exchange gifts and greetings to each other.

Indeed a good sign of renewing the existing relationship and making new ones.

Though I do reciprocate such wishes most of the time, I fail to do too!

The reason for this failure is nothing but my belief of, ‘not giving much importance to a particular day’!

I believe that all days are equal and in that way God created it. And of course when I say this we as an individual may have some special days in our life like the birthday, wedding day etc.

But I do firmly believe that all days are equal before the Almighty God!

In the recent past I received an enquiry from one of my online friends to share my New Year Celebrations and the New Year Resolutions for a roundup post!

In reply to that I send a note to him saying:

I am so sad, I do not celebrate any such event and for that matter, I do not even celebrate my birthday or even Christmas!

Yes, this may be a surprise note to many of my readers here!

And I am sure many may differ to my opinion, and I fear that some may unsubscribe my page!

Whatever may come, I say what I believe!

But I have no intention to create a controversy with this note!

Yes, with this note, I am not going to contradict your belief!

Or I am not going to discuss or open a debate or a controversy here!

This is just my conviction or belief!

Here is yet another note to ponder upon!

A true lamentation or a prayer of a computer geek or a busy person.

I Invite your feedback on this note.

Thanks again for your valuable time here on these pages.

Keep sharing your views.

With Kind Regards

Yours Sincerely

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Philip Verghese Ariel

A Prayer of a person who neglected his Creator

Oh! God, I know I am very talkative

I do talk, talk, and talk,

About my own things and my own doings,

And never thought of listening to you

My talk most of the time I feel, go frolicsome

God, is that the reason I slip away from you?

Or is that my selfish nature keeps me away from you?

God, I feel that people around me are not given-

any attention to me or my deeds and words.

I quite often feel a kind of loneliness in my life.

Is that the reason I talk and talk about myself-

At every available opportunity to friends-

Relatives and even to my far away contacts,

via internet and phones, the amazing creations of mankind.

God, I feel guilty for neglecting You and Your Word-

And I gave importance to the creations!

God now I am reminded of the deeds of Romans * 1

“They worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator

He is and He alone is blessed and worthy of worship.”

God, now I realize that I am no less than the Romans.

Though I literally not worshiping the creation.

But I know it’s almost the same as they did.

Today again I am reminded of your Word

By the great servant of You who wrote:

“He who turns away his ear from listening to the law.

Even his prayer is an abomination to you” * 2

Though this is written in your Word as a warning

I did not heed to it as worthy as it deserved.

God, I know this is against your will and pleasure.

God, thank you for thy servant who made

Mention of it again in his book for the admonition of thy people. * 3

God, teaches me to know thy precepts

And help me to follow according to your guidelines.

God, forgive me for the misconception about the people around.

Oh! Lord, today while I was jotting down these lines,

I received yet another message in my cellphone Whatsapp * 4

Yet another wonderful creation of mankind.

“Da word “LISTEN” contains d same letters

As ‘SILENT’. Listen 2 GOD in d silence of   UR Heart.

N you’ll know His perfect plans 4 you.”

Oh God, I neglected you and your precepts miserably

Oh God, forgive me, and give thy wisdom to listen to your Voice.

God, give me thy strength to listen to your Word

Lord help me to heed thy soothing and sweet Voice.

God, forgive me for misunderstanding thy people.

And forgive me for the time I wasted.

God, teaches me to listen to your lovely voice.

God, please help me to listen you daily.

God, I know you never stop talking to me!

Though I fail to listen to you!

Lord accept this humble prayer and help me to do thy precepts,

According to thy desire and pleasure.

Thank you Lord for hearing my cry!


*1 Romans Chapter 1: 25 (Bible)

*2 Proverbs 28: 9 (Bible) NASB

*3 Dr. Woodrow Kroll’s recently released book “When God Doesn’t

Answer” Removing roadblocks to answered prayers. Chapter 3.

*4 Brother Ronald D’silva from, Secunderabad

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15 thoughts on “Lamentations Of A Computer Geek

  1. Hi Philip,

    To say that you do not celebrate Christmas is actually more honest than all the people who profess to celebrate Christmas with no thought about the true meaning of Christmas, so I won’t berate you for your opinion :-)


  2. Hi Sir
    Really strange to know that you do not celebrate festivals.
    However, I believe this does not impose any impact on our connection. :P


    REally. Amazing poem.

    THanks for sharing.
    Have a nice day sir.

  3. Hi Phil sir,

    A good point you took to share as we start a new year – remembering our own Creator. Yes, we are moving because of his precious care and mercy. A common negligence by most busy people , even me too, to remember him and give thanks for what we are till now. The Prayer is a true forgiveness to God and lets make this year truly special with him.

    1. Hi Justin,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      I appreciate you for the realization.
      Yes, often we neglect to give thanks to God for the very existence of our life.
      Let us make it a point to do this as often as possible.
      thanks for sharing our views in this
      Keep visiting
      Keep sharing
      ~ Phil

  4. Hi Philip,

    Unless I’m with loved ones who do, I too, don’t particularly celebrate Christmas and other man made ‘holidays’. And, like you, I don’t particularly made a big deal of my not doing so.

    I felt your emotions within the words of your poem/prayer. Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, I’m reading a book about the teachings of Jesus, (although I’m not a ‘believer’ of any formal religion) and something he said might appeal to you:

    “…in your prayers, don’t talk on and on…(as if you need to explain yourself) for your Father knows what you need even before you ask him…” then Jesus went on to tell his listeners how to pray by quoting ‘The Lord’s Praye’r.

    Have good one,

    1. Hi Edwards,
      Thanks for visiting my page and sharing your insight into this matter.
      I agree that our Father know what you need, but at the same time it is to make note that unless you ask you don’t receive it too!
      Thanks again for your precious time here
      Keep sharing
      Keep visiting
      Have a good day

  5. Hello Philip,
    I do find it a little strange that you do not celebrate holidays, but of course this is your choice, and as Vashishtha has stated I dint see this having much impact on our connection either. I am curious , does any of your family celebrate the holidays?

    As for your poem, I really enjoyed it, I found it interesting to learn that the word “LISTEN” contains the same letters as ‘SILENT’. HUM??

    Happy New Year My Friend
    Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,
      Thanks a lot for visiting again and dropping an insightful feedback
      Yes, nobody in the family celebrate festivals, of course we do utilize holidays!
      We wish you too a wonderful and joyous New Year 2016
      Keep sharing

  6. Hi Philip

    Quite an interesting post this is. It is your choice however to celebrate Christmas/holidays or not. I do celebrate Christmas and even if December 25th is not the actual day of our Lord’s birth, I still join in the celebration just knowing that He came into this world and took my place on Calvary’s cross. Salvation is not by any other means but through Him and the faith and trust we put in Him.

    Thanks for this beautiful prayer. It was a blessing.

    1. Hi Yvonne,
      Good to hear your feedback on this subject.
      I appreciate you for the insightful though you shared with this write-up.
      Of course its a good time to share the Good News about the purpose of our Savior’s arrival to this earth.
      Let us share that good news as often as we can.
      Keep sharing
      Have a great week ahead
      Best Regards

  7. Hi Phillip,
    I celebrate a bit because of my Grandkids, but it is not
    something very festive. As they get older, they
    are not very excited about anymore, it is only the being
    together they like.
    The same with other holidays.
    No need for a special day to connect to
    the divine, I am always connected :)
    Thank you

  8. Hi Philip,
    an interesting post indeed :)
    We all often miss or neglect this serious thing!
    Neglecting the Creator and going after the creations!
    Thank You for this great reminder,
    Indeed a great share!
    Keep sharing
    Have a great day.

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