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Google Photos! Yet Another Wonderful Service From Google!

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Last updated on May 28, 2016

Google Photos! Yet Another Wonderful Service From Google!

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As the age old saying once again firmly says:  A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words!

Yes, in this digital world its importance is growing day by day and  we capture pictures through our devices day in and day out!

The latest technology allow us to do this more easily on a daily basis! Click To Tweet

Various types of high-quality pictures can now take with the touch on the cell phone screen!

Finding this potential area more valuable and usable, Google came out with a new storage system,

that is called “Google Photos”

It allows you to share your photos with friends and relatives in the original resolution, and it can be preserved up to 16MP.

Picture Credit: Google .com

This can create collages, animated videos, and various other applications.

Here are some more features of Google Photos:
GP gives you a single private place to store all your pics and can access from any device.

It offers unlimited storage for photos, videos etc. for free.
Photos are automatically backed up and synced.  No tagging, labeling or creating albums, but the GP does it all automatically for you.
Can easily and instantly find any photos.
It has simpler and very reliable sharing.
Read more about this wonderful new feature from Google here:Picture this: A fresh approach to Photos

This app is available from today for all Android  on Google Play. Click HERE to get it.

Here is a video which speaks and shows about Google Photos in action!


Source: Google’s Official Page

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  1. Nice to know Google is on the photo backup bandwagon. Everyone needs some auto backup to a website for their photos so that treasured moments and memories won’t be lost with a destroyed cell phone.

    May 30, 2015
  2. Surya

    Best feature of Google photos is you can sync with any mobile by entering your associated mail id…Nice Share Mr. Verghese

    June 10, 2015

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