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Frugal Online Casino Gambling – The Free Money Kingpins

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Last updated on March 24, 2017


Gambling can be an expensive business – particularly if you’re in the habit of losing. But if you want to win money, you’ve got to spend money, right? Speculate to accumulate? Actually, that’s no longer strictly true. A number of online gambling operators, from casino sites to bingo sites to poker sites and even bookies, are now offering a range of promotions and bonuses that break this link between real money wagered, for real money won.

A growing number of gamblers now do so on the cheap, making use of these free money offers on a daily basis as they switch between different operators and different betting markets. The beauty of these offers is that it’s possible to win free money, without the risk usually associated with gambling. But is this just a poor man’s alternative to gambling in the usual way, or is there something to this free gambling malarky that merits further attention?

How To Gamble For Free


It doesn’t matter if it’s a casino, a poker room or a bingo hall – gambling operators need to find new players in order to generate more revenue for their business. Without players, gambling operators have no way of making money. At the same time, gambling is a massively competitive industry, and so the value of signing up new players is so much higher than finding customers in other industries. This translates into a very competitive environment for attracting new people to sign up for accounts, which can, in turn, lead to some decent bonuses for new players.

These gambling operators put their money where their mouth is, offering a range of free bets and bonuses as the incentive for new players to create an account and it is for this very reason that big brands like Party Casino will be introducing a brand new no deposit casino bonus. As a player, there are enough of these free offers going around that it’s possible to play on an almost continual cycle, through using free bonus credit to wager for real money.

When you’re using these bonuses, whether it’s a no deposit bonus or a free bet, you can often keep the money you win on the bet. Some sites will even return the stake with your bet – effectively a double dividend if the result goes your way. But if you happen to lose, it’s only free credit, and so it won’t cost you a penny.

The result is that it’s possible to gamble for free, with no risk, and still earn actual, spendable money. In fact, plenty of gamblers just do that, floating from one site to the next, from one free bet offer to the next, to fund their online gambling time. Provided you know where to look, there are plenty of these bonuses out there, with new offers added on an almost daily basis.


What’s The Catch?

Like all good freebies, there’s a catch. Casinos aren’t in the habit of giving their money away for free, and you can safely expect there to be some kind of safeguards built into the DNA of the deal to ensure the casinos don’t lose out. This applies to most bonus offers, whether it’s a free no deposit bonus, or a deposit matched bonus, whether it’s from an online casino or a bingo site.

The most common form of restriction is the wagering requirement. This stipulates a certain number of times that winnings have to be wagered before you are allowed to withdraw from the free bet offer. Say the wagering requirements is 35x – that means you need to wager your bonus 35 times before you can keep the winnings from it. It’s still free money, but it’s just considerably more difficult to get your hands on it than if you were allowed to withdraw straight away.

Similar restrictions apply with no deposit bonuses, like a cap on maximum winnings, or the need to deposit a certain amount in order to get your hands on anything you’ve won. It doesn’t change the nature of the promotions – it’s still free money after all. However, it does mean that you are somewhat limited in what you can do with your winnings.


Should I Deposit?


If you want to make serious money from your gambling, there’s going to come a time when you probably want to deposit. In reality, this may even come sooner if you’re playing with free bets and welcome bonuses, and in some cases, the terms and conditions will require some kind of deposit and/or wagering requirement before you are able to get your hands on your winnings.

In theory, you don’t ever have to deposit a penny to enjoy gambling online. With so many free offers around, there’s plenty out there that will keep you busy. However, it’s worth remembering that the big money more often than not comes when your own money is at stake. If you want to walk away with a sizeable win, your chances are much stronger if you do have a bankroll of your own to play with.


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