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A Feedback to the Outlook Editor’s Delhi Dairy

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Last updated on June 21, 2014


A feedback to the write-up appeared in the weekly Outlook under the column: “Delhi Dailry” By Vinod Mehta, Chief Editor of the weekly.



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Apropos the Delhi Dairy April 06 2009 made and interesting read, especially the one under the title “Born Under A Star”* (quoted below the full text). It’s very sorry to note the predictions of Maaharaj Shamdas Udasi did not hit the bull’s eye, instead the young man Sanjay’s life ended abruptly.  Such is the case with most of such predictions of these soothsayers.  Too bad, the predictions of Maharaj Shamdas Udasi didn’t come true, but it throws light on how such soothsayers operate. I am reminded of how Khushwant Singh, as editor of Illustrated Weekly, recycled old horoscopes and palmed them off as new under a fudged name with great success when the magazine’s astrologer stopped writing. The time is up now and someone like Udasi Udasi should now cast Varun’s horoscope too.

Election campaigns are round the corner and the most confused bunch, ‘the politicians’ are now after these astrologers to know their fate.  This become an order of the day and the soothsayers take advantage of this and are making hay while their clients are basking in glory. Alas this tribe never learns a lesson from the past history. What a pathetic situation we are moving in?

*Born Under A Star

My biography of Sanjay Gandhi, father of the Gita-swearing Varun Gandhi, The Sanjay Story (Jaico, 1978) is by no means a great book. However, it is not entirely useless. It would have been slightly better if the subject had agreed to cooperate. “No chance,” was the reply I got from Varun’s father. Nevertheless, here is an extract: “At 3 am on a cold Delhi night, Feroze (Varun’s grandfather), Krishna, Indira and the maid drove down to Willingdon Hospital. It was agreed that Jawaharlal should not be disturbed…. The English doctor, who had been informed on the phone, went straight to the hospital and there he spent over six hours with his patient in the labour room. He was not helped in his task by Feroze who had his own ideas on how the baby should be delivered. Just before 10 next morning, the doctor came out—and announced the news. Indira had had a very difficult delivery; she had lost a great deal of blood. She had also at 9.27 am given birth to a son.
“Only the good news was communicated to Jawaharlal. He came immediately to the hospital and was alarmed to see how weak and pale his daughter had become. Indeed, as the doctor informed, in the process of producing her second child, Indira Gandhi had nearly lost her life.”
Mr Khushwant Singh’s Illustrated Weekly got a Maharaj Shamdas Udasi to prepare Sanjay’s horoscope, which was duly printed in the August 15, 1976, issue of the magazine. “The man born under these stars has the makings of a world political figure,” the horoscope noted and added: “Sanjay is a proud, independent man who completes every project he starts” and does not allow “family or friends to alter or influence his decision. One special achievement will catapult him to international renown. The highest political office could come to him between 1982 to 1983 or in March-April 1986.” The horoscope warns: “He must be cautious about women.”


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