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Yet Another God’s Servant is Promoted to Glory. Bro. Jaylal Thomas, Coimbatore.

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Last updated on March 26, 2017

Yet Another God’s Servant Promoted to Glory. 

Bro. Jaylal Thomas, Coimbatore.
(A former member of Christian Assembly, Secunderabad)
He completed his course on this earth. May His name be glorified.

  Br. Jayalal Thomas (60 yrs)

Bro. Jayalal Thomas,(60 yrs), Evangelist, Bible Teacher and a well-known Christian writer, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, (Youngest Son in law of late Evg. KG Kurian). A former member of Christian Assembly Picket, Secunderabad is promoted to glory. May God’s Peace Prevail upon the grieving family members.  

Our deepest condolence to the bereaved family members, Especially to Sis. Lizy and daughter Teena and Sam. 

A Word About  This Beloved Brother:  Bro. Jayla Thomas was a member of our Assembly (Christian Assembly, Picket, Secunderabad) for few years. He lead an exemplary life and lead and taught many through his Bible classes and powerful writing ministry. He was an encourager to the young believers. His guidance was very helpful to me in my writing career.

May the Good Lord continue to console and help the bereaved family members especially sister Lizy who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

 (P V, Secunderabad)

  Source: Spiritual Digest
A Freelance writer from Secunderabad India

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