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WOOO HOOO… It Pays To Behave On Social Media!! ( A Mini Story)

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Last updated on March 5, 2018                                                                                   

WOOO HOOO… It Pays To Behave On Social Media!!

A Mini Story  (Translated from the original Malayalam Language)


That was his dream job; he could finish all of the three tough interviews in a multinational company.

They called him for the final interview.

He had full confidence of getting this job. But the result was just the opposite.

They just denied the job for him. The reason for their rejection really perplexed him.

These days, companies cross check the details of a candidate through various source or mediums one among them is the social media, he would have never thought of that, and they in fact collected all details of the candidate’s social media activities through their research team.

His activities in social media did not fare really well, especially his jottings/comments to his friends and other platforms were vulgar and the responses he put forward to his friends’ notifications too were often irritating or unpleasant. All these were verified by the company, and in fact those who collected the data were perplexed, and they in one voice decided not to appoint him for the post.

‘If we select him, he will literally create hell in the company, in short he will make a warfare in the organization’ they all in unity decided not to select him.

They told him like this:   “Sorry Mr. You are not suitable for this post!”

Perhaps you may ask for the reason for the rejection, and we are bound to reveal that.

Think twice before you write on social media! That exposes your personality too well! Click To Tweet

“Your social media jottings, responses, comments, reactions etc speaks it all!”

We are Sorry, You Are A Short Tempered Person and You Are unfit for this post”

He was really shocked by hearing those words and went out from the interview board with a pale face.


Think twice before you write on social media! That exposes your personality too well!

Yes,   It Pays To Behave On Social Media!!

It Pays To Behave On Social Media! a mini story by P V Ariel Click To Tweet



You can read the original Malayalam version of this mini story here in this link:  ARIEL’S JOTTINGS


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  1. Naman Kumar
    Naman Kumar

    Nice story. Thanks for sharing.
    Indeed this is a great alert to all, especially for the youngsters.
    Good theme, well written.
    Naman Kumar recently posted…Wings Of Fire: Motivational SeriesMy Profile

    November 3, 2015

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