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Why is ReactJS Web App The Best Choice For Web App Development

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Last updated on May 4, 2023

Why is ReactJS Web App The Best Choice For Web App Development

We hardly see a business without a web app/mobile app or social media pages today because it’s the need of the hour. In this digital era, having a web presence is no longer an option but a necessity. Companies need a web app to stay in line with the competition. A web app serves a business as a medium to engage with its customers, streamline operations, and increase revenue. Additionally, web apps offer accessibility to a global audience and create a personalized customer experience.

With the increasing demand for web apps, techies keep exploring efficient tools and technologies to develop web applications. Among the discoveries of various new technologies, ReactJS is one of them. Facebook first released ReactJS in 2013, and since then, it has gained tremendous popularity among developers due to its ease of use, flexibility, and robustness.

ReactJS is a powerful JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of complex, interactive, and dynamic web applications. It is the most powerful web technology and has revolutionized the way of developing a website. It uses a component-based architecture that enables developers to create reusable and modular UI components. In this article, we will explore the reasons in detail why ReactJS is the best choice for web app development.

Why is ReactJS Web App The Best Choice For Web App Development

Let’s Dive into the Crucial ReactJS Factors

1. Virtual DOM

ReactJS uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model), a lightweight copy of the actual DOM, to manage updates to the user interface. In case of changes in the virtual DOM, React calculates the minimum number of changes required in the actual DOM. This technique offers numerous advantages:

Faster rendering: ReactJS updates the UI more efficiently by calculating the minimum number of changes required in the actual DOM. This results in the quicker rendering of the user interface.

Better user experience: ReactJS provides a better user experience by enabling faster rendering of the user interface, reducing the likelihood of the application freezing or becoming unresponsive.

Improved performance: A virtual DOM in ReactJS reduces the number of manipulations required to update the user interface, resulting in improved performance and a better user experience.

Easier maintenance: A virtual DOM in ReactJS makes maintenance easier. Developers can update the virtual DOM and let React handle the underlying logic. It reduces the risk of errors and simplifies the codebase.

2. Cross-platform Support

Why is ReactJS Web App The Best Choice For Web App Development

ReactJS provides a cross-platform feature making it an ideal choice for web app development. This feature allows developers to write code once and use it across multiple platforms, including web browsers, desktops, and mobile devices.

The cross-platform feature of ReactJS provides several benefits for web app development, including:

Faster development: Since developers can write code once and use it across multiple platforms, it saves time and effort, resulting in speedy development.

Consistent user experience: With the cross-platform feature, users get a consistent experience across different platforms, making it easier for them to use the application.

Better user engagement: Since the application is available across multiple platforms, it improves user engagement, as users can access the application from their preferred platform.

Cost-effective: Cross-platform development with ReactJS can be more cost-effective than developing separate applications for each platform.

3. Component-based Architecture

Component-based Architecture is a design pattern that structures an application as a collection of independent, reusable, and modular components. In ReactJS, the user interface comprises smaller and separate elements accountable for rendering the specifics of the application.

Let us see some of the benefits of using a component-based architecture:

Reusability: Components are reusable and can be combined to create more complex ones. Developers can reuse these components across multiple sections of the application. It makes development faster and more efficient.

Modularity: Components are independent and can be developed and tested separately from the rest of the application. Changes made to one component do not affect the functionality of the other. It makes the maintenance and upgradation of code smoother.

Scalability: Components can be combined to create more complex features, making it easier to scale the application as it grows. Developers can incorporate new features into the application without completely rewriting the codebase.

Easy debugging: The modular nature of components makes debugging easier. Developers can separate the problematic element and fix the issue without affecting the rest of the application.

Encapsulation: Components are self-contained and do not expose their internal implementation details to other components. It promotes encapsulation and reduces coupling between components.

4. SEO-friendly

Web App Development
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ReactJS offers a server-side rendering feature that makes it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly and an ideal choice for web app development. This feature allows search engines to crawl and index the pages of the application, making it more discoverable to users.

When a user searches for a specific keyword, search engines crawl the web to find pages that contain that keyword. The search engines use algorithms to determine the relevance and importance of each page and then rank them based on their relevance to the search query.

With server-side rendering, ReactJS generates the HTML code of the application on the server before sending it to the client’s browser. It allows search engines to crawl and index the HTML code of the application, making it easier for them to understand the website content and rank it accordingly.

The SEO-friendly feature of ReactJS provides several benefits for web app development, including:

Improved visibility: Since search engines can crawl and index the pages of the application, it enhances the visibility of the application in search engine results.
Higher ranking: When the application is SEO-friendly, it has more chance of ranking high in search engine results, making it more discoverable to users.

Increased traffic: When the application ranks higher in search engine results, it increase website traffic, resulting in more business leads and conversions.

Better user experience: With server-side rendering, the application loads faster, providing a better user experience and reducing bounce rates.

5. Maintained data consistency using Redux

Redux is a state management library for JavaScript applications that ReactJS uses to maintain data consistency across all components. When developing large-scale web applications, the challenge is to manage the application across multiple elements. Redux provides a centralized store where all the application data is stored and managed.

Since the state of the application is centralized, any component that needs to access the application state can do so by connecting to the store. It eliminates the need for passing data between components through props, making it easier to manage the application state. Redux can enhance performance, simplifies data management, and offers easy debugging and better code organization.

6. React Hooks

React Hooks are functions that allow developers to use state and lifecycle methods in functional components. Introduced in React 16.8, it has become a popular feature of React.js.

Here are some ways React Hooks make React.js the best choice for web app development:

Simplifies code: React Hooks simplify code by reducing the need for class components. Developers can use state and lifecycle methods, making code easier to read and understand.

Better testability: React Hooks can improve the testability of React.js applications. Since functional components are simpler to test than class components, developers can write more effective tests for their code.

Improved developer experience: React Hooks can improve the developer experience by reducing the repeated code they write. It allows developers to focus on writing relevant code for their applications.

7. React’s Large Developer Community

One of the main reasons React has become so popular is its large developer community. React has been around since 2013 and has gained a massive following in the developer community, with many individuals and companies adopting it for their web app development.

There are plenty of resources available for learning and developing with React. Countless tutorials, blogs, videos, and courses are accessible that cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics. It eases the process for developers of all skill levels to learn and grow their expertise in React. Another advantage of the large React community is that it leads to a vibrant ecosystem of plugins and packages. These plugins are often built and maintained by experienced developers, which means they are typically well-documented, reliable, and easy to use.


Reactjs has many advantages making it a popular and attractive choice for web app development. Its large developer community provides a wealth of resources and support for developers. Opt to hire ReactJS Developers with the best approach for developing your web app and converting your imagination into reality. Additionally, the availability of open-source libraries and tools allows for more efficient web app development. Its performance and flexibility also contribute to proving ReactJS as an excellent choice for robust web app development.

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. Author: Harikrishna Kundariya. Harikrishna is a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, and Director of eSparkBiz  Technologies. His 12+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.


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