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W is for Write-ups: My Write-ups in Weeklies and Newspapers (Print)

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Last updated on August 3, 2018

Some of my write-ups posted to different newspapers and weeklies (published and unpublished) Some could fetch some prize awards.

Last updated on August 2, 2018. 

FOLLOW SUIT: A Write-up published in the Sunday Indian Weekly

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17 9 (11)
One of my write-ups fetched me a prize money of Rs. 3000=00

my prize money letter from TSI
Another letter fetched a prize money
Pic. Credit:



Your Independence Day Special Issue (August 15-21) made our week. The unsung heroes you brought out through TSI’s pages

were really praiseworthy. Kerala’s Fidel Story reveals much about an environmentalist and his one-man army. Though Kerala is

famous for its lush green surroundings, much need to be done to protect its environment. Prof. Sobhindran Mash is doing

yeoman’s service even though he is above 60 years of age. We need to preserve our earth’s resources more than ever before, as

our very existence depends on them. we especially need to save our trees. we need to create awareness among people about the

importance of preserving nature. Every state government should take note of this and make all efforts in order to save our earth

from the menace of global warming

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel, Secunderabad


picture Credit: TSI Weekly New Delhi

Nuts about Mutts was a good piece. No doubt, a dog is a friend in need.  I appreciate your concern for them, but your readers have much higher expectation from you.  They prefer serious matters from your pen.  Let such subjects be given to Manekas’ and Amalas’  It’s really a boring subject, which people like you should not deal with.  At the same time, there is a danger of dreaded rabies from them.  There are injections available in plenty, but ‘Prevention is better than cure’.  One thing I noticed in the piece is that you did not even mention the problems faced by the common man (two-wheeler drivers and the pedestrians) because of stray dogs.

Published: (Sunday Indian Weekly News Magazine 17 December 2007)


This is with reference to the cover story, The new jail birds.  It has been the notion and tendency of politicians to break the law according to their whims and fancies and then escape.  Recent verdicts show that victory of common man.  Our judiciary has become fearless while giving out verdicts.  This should serve as a warning to others who are involved in such dirty activities.  The saddest part is that these powerful jail birds, even though they are in jail, get first-class facilities.  Why can’t they be treated like other criminals?
Published: The Sunday Indian News Weekly  7 January 2007



This is with reference to the cover story The real crisis?  It is sad to note the sorry state of our judiciary.  The supposed fences and protectors are digging the structure.  The new Chief Justice’s statement that judges should not be made to declare their assets is rather upsetting.  What ‘integrity made him make such an outrageous statement?  In a democracy, all are equal before the law.  Y K Sabharwal’s and Bhalla’s dealings should be thoroughly checked and action should be taken.  No corrupt person should occupy the seat of justice.  People have suffered enough from the corrupt system. 

The Sunday Indian weekly published on 11 March 2007.
Note: This write-up fetched me a cash prize of Rs. 3000 for the best letter of the week)


Apropos the letter ‘’stray dogs can be a menace” (Times of India. April 2) the writer laments over the killings of thousands of animals, birds, and fishes by the non-vegetarians the world over to whet their appetite and called to open a floodgate for a countrywide debate.
Let us examine what the religious texts say about this. The Bible says God created all things for his (human) consumption. After the creation of the universe and the living things Lord Jehovah said to man “Every moving thing that lives shall be meat for you; even as the green plants, I now give you everything.” (Genesis Chapter 9:3).
In the Ramayana, Valmiki describes in many places how Lord Rama and Lakshmana secured food by hunting. Valmiki makes it quite plain that they had to subsist largely on meat. C Rajagopalachari in his Ramayana also mentions this: “Meat was not prohibited for Kshatriyas. Indeed it has always been the rule in India to permit any food legitimately obtained and consecrated as a sacrifice. Rama was a Kshatriya and he lived in the forest in the Kshatriya way, though abstemiously.” ( Ramayana Chapter 20).
Obviously, all living things exist for the human use. It is a universal fact. Why then this big hue and cry over it. God made everything for the human consumption. If we are not utilizing it we are just despising the God’s order.
(TOI Rejected it. Deccan Chronicle published in 2007)


Prashanto Banerji’s column, ‘A Bird’s Eye View’ (TSI September 24, 2007) is an excellent piece of writing. An exemplary act by the duo (both the author and his friend Rahul), who deserve appreciation for the adventurous and quick action. It’s high time that these endangered species should be saved from this brutality. The piece reminded of one such incident in my childhood: I caught a small Myna trapped in a thicket in my compound. I picked up the bird and planned to keep it in a cage, but my father insisted that I let it go, and so I reluctantly agreed and freed the bird, making my father very happy. I still remember that moment; your piece brought back that pleasant memory. As you said, trapping and trading of wild-caught birds has been banned and is illegal in India but even then the practice continues! The big question is – Why!? A stringent law must be in place and we should make sure that it is followed.
(TSI published 7 October 2007 issue)


Rahul Gandhi

 Apropos the editorial (TSI October 8, 2007) on the appointment of Rahul Gandhi, it rightly presented the fact that India can achieve much through its young blood. As opined, it is an uphill task for these youngsters, especially Rahul Gandhi. Yet, like his father, he will surely cross all hurdles. And as you pointed out: if this move is replicated by other parties it can create a revolution. If the youth join hands they can definitely lead India to a corruption-less, violence-less, peaceful future. However, if they stick to their seniors’ policies then it will end in disaster. Let the youths (irrespective of party lines) come forward and lead India into a glorious future.

The TSI Published it on 21st October 2007.  (Note: This write up fetched me a cash prize of Rs. 3000 for the best letter of the week)
Picture Credit:
Deccan Chronicle, Secunderabad,
The Sunday Indian, New Delhi,


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  1. Dear All,
    Some of the links are broken.
    Will try to rectify soon :-(
    Thanks for your valuable time :-)
    May you All have a Wonderful Weekend :-)

    ~Philips & Associates

    April 27, 2014
  2. Hi Philip,

    Nice that you are finally nearing the end of your writing challenge with just a few more left now and I am sure the learning experience must have made you a more consistent writer :)

    I didn’t know you also wrote for newspapers and publications and won cash prizes too, that’s wonderful indeed – keep up the good work!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    April 29, 2014
    • Hi Harleena,
      So glad to hear from you again :-)
      Yes, it’s almost touching the finishing line. One more to go.
      Yes, its indeed a new experience and surely it helps to get
      some kind of consistency in writing.
      Since my young age I was a voracious reader and I started
      writing stories and other notes mainly in my native language
      Malayalam. That continued till now in both languages :-)
      Yes, I fetched few cash prizes too :-)
      Thanks again for your encouraging words.
      May you have a wonderful time ahead. :-)
      Best Regards


      April 29, 2014

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