Yahova Na Mora Laalinchenu (The Lord Jehovah Heard My Cry (Prayers)

An Indian Classical Dance with Lyrics in English       ‘Yahova Na Mora Laalinchenu (The Lord Jehovah Heard My Cry (Prayers) A video for the day THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD (Psalm 23) Yohoavaa naa mora laalinchenu-  Thana mahaa dhayanu nanu nanu ganinchenu  Aharnisala diinahiinudagu naa — dhu haayanedu dhvani grahinchi manipenu – “Yohoavaa” 1 […]

My First Experience With A Google Hangout – with John Mueller – English Google Webmaster Central B&M SMB Site-Clinic office-hours hangout

My Encounter With John Mueller – English Google Webmaster CEntral B & M Let me start with a big apology to John and team before writing my experience I had today with Google hangout. I registered for today’s (24th Feb 2014) Hangout with John Mueller immediately after the announcement by John and team.  I also […]

Get your web pages Reviewed by John Mueller and his Team: Next Google Plus Hangout on 24th Feb 2014

Last updated on July 6, 2018. Yet another Google hangout from webmasters central, by John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst) from Germany. John and his team will answer your questions, doubts asked live or via email. So join the hangout please visit the following link and register and mail your question now.  The only criteria is […]

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