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Top 10 Winning SEO Trends To Focus For Better Business Ranking in 2021

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Last updated on February 3, 2021

SEO Trends is a game which is all about staying on the top to beat opponents. It is a gamble which needs complete concentration to win.

The time when you lose your focus, you may lose the chance.   Throughout the years, you must have noticed and worked on various SEO trends to groom your website’s online presence.

It is all because of the contribution of many pioneering SEO organizations. These firms make constant market research and pave the ways for businesses to get success on the web.

They let the researched and most practiced SEO tactics prosper among small businesses. And when the proven trends are getting popular across the market, they have become the trending one for that time.

These SEO trends are then considered most effective for uplifting a brand’s reputation.

Changes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are certain that are crucial to bringing betterment on websites. You can implement any trending SEO strategy to get success. But, do you know which one is better and suits your business type?

Search Engine Optimization is a game which is all about staying on the top to beat opponents. Read More SEO Trends in this Guest Post Share on X

Let’s have a brief look at these SEO Trends:

1. Rich Answers through rich-snippet

Incorporating more meaningful and precise answers to the Google page is the best way to provide information.

Rich-snippets are introduced by Google to make users’ search easy. It works by shortlisting the best and easy definition for the query users search.

By getting answers through the featured-snippets, users rarely click on the links given on the search page.

This benefits users by saving their time and effort that they put for clicking and exploring the links for the same information.

2. Increasing inclination towards voice search

Voice search unmistakably has become one of the most prominent techniques to increase traffic to a website.

This technique is widely used by the website owners and various marketers to exponentially increase the user experience.

Voice search has brought such amazing search technique through which users can get exactly what they are looking for.

It is recommended by many top marketers that one should integrate voice search feature on the website to make their products or services popular.

One of the best parts is, integrating voice search technology enabled a website to get accessed or searched on any platform including tablets, mobiles, and desktops.

Google Voice Search

3. Cross-channel marketing techniques

Previously, the role of cross-channel marketing has increased a lot. In fact, it is on the boom these days and getting positive responses from the marketers.

Due to the exceptional search results, marketers have included this technique in their SEO checklist.

The basic idea behind including cross-channel marketing is to enhance a brand’s reputation by establishing sync between different devices and platforms.

It helps marketers to increase click-through rates and constrain customers to subscribe to the clicked ones. It is assured that if you use this technique, you can easily build a robust brand reputation for your business.

4. SEO Trends – AMP is everything

At present, Google revolves around giving preference to the single page or AMP  based websites. AMPs are accelerated mobile pages that are built to provide speed to the websites.

These SEO trends are gifts for them who don’t want to wait for a site to load. They want quick and within seconds results.

By incorporating AMP to speed up web pages, website owners are happy that their websites get improved in terms of speed.

We know that AMP may not be listed as a ranking factor. But, it reduces the site’s bounce rates which itself works as a ranking factor.

5.  SEO Trends – The Interference of social media

Building brand awareness using social media is remarkably a good choice for all types of organizations.

You can consider it a masterstroke in 2021 and the years ahead, as more people tend to get inclined towards social media platforms.

Social media networks are free to use hence can be utilized to highlight a brand’s positive aspects among the audience.

So, it is beneficial, if a brand is collaborated with these social platforms to get top position on the search engines.

Social platforms don’t directly influence ranking, but it diverts traffic in other ways. There is no harm in using social media as a rank booster.

6. Quality content creation

Content always rules as the major aspect of search engine optimization. Everyone knows the value of quality content on a website.

It gets indexed quickly and provides relevant information to the query generators. Currently, there is a big role of creative content in the industry which directly complements SEO results of a website.

Most of the times, Google penalizes websites that are having keyword stuffing. The criteria for keyword stuffing has failed now.

This is because Google only takes into consideration those websites that have original and informational content.

So, be careful when you are creating content for your website.

It should be relevant, informational and most importantly should attract visitors within seconds.

7. Strong link building Another One in SEO Trends

Link building is the core need of getting good SEO results and it is not going anywhere in the future. For building and getting links, marketers implement numerous SEO trends.

Link building as always is an important tactic to get quality links for the website. Quality links always come from reputed websites.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can generate traffic by getting links from normal sites.

Your aim should be to get genuine links. It would automatically help to get responses to your targeted page.

The major thing is, the links you get for the website should add value to the brand.

Successfully generating quality links helps to get powerful contacts that prove to be beneficial for the website in a long run.

8. Introduction to mobile-first layout

There is a huge increment of mobile-usage within the past years. This results in increased searches through smartphones only.

Here, you can see the craze of mobile searches as the audience has completely turned towards making searches via mobile devices.

Being a website owner or marketer, it is suggested to create or transform your website into a mobile-friendly layout. These run faster and provide an amazing experience to the users in every use.

In this fierce market competition, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, your business won’t get that much praise, success port the desired result.

So, don’t take the risk and make your website mobile-compatible so that it can earn traffic for your business.

A mobile friendly website is the need of the hour.

9. Increased visual search

A business’s online presence is entirely based on its visualization. If your website reflects all the business aspects clearly, you can’t get defeated by anything over the web.

The first thing which users notice is the beauty and visibility of a website.

If they got stuck to that, there are chances to get business links and conversions for a business.

Research shows that visitors tend to get more attracted to the rich visuals appear on the websites.

If you add rich and interactive elements to your website, you may get more clicks and conversions.

In addition, you can integrate short videos or moving content to grab users’ attention.

This would aid you to attain admiration for your web design and visuals.

10. Machine learning is an advanced algorithm

Machine learning is a new way to target the audience in this technological world. It is changing the way users search for the products or services.

The main role of machine learning is that it provides contextualized results which lead to a more personalized UX.

Google contributed a lot in the SEO industry. But, the contribution of machine learning and AI is out of the box as these opened the doors of algorithmic machine learning.

This helps Google analyze things much better and deeper so that one can take a solid decision.

SEO Trends In A Nutshell:

New SEO trends becoming a significant part of every business. This can be done with ease if you take help from any of the professional SEO expert or company.

If you are capable enough to manage SEO activities on your own, you can plan your strategy by including the above-mentioned SEO trends in the list.

To extend your list, you can explore more strategies over the web.


Disclaimer:  This is a guest contribution to Philipscom and the tips tricks, strategies and trends mentioned in it does not reflect the view and opinions of P V Ariel or Philipscom blog.

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