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The Future of Energy and Air Quality is Closely Tied with Green Energy Adoption on an Industrial Scale

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The Future of Energy and Air Quality is Closely Tied with Green Energy Adoption on an Industrial Scale

The future of energy and air quality is closely tied with green energy adoption.  It was published earlier in the year that the United Kingdom is on the verge of achieving an environmental and industrial milestone. By the end of 2019, alternate, non-polluting sources of energy will become the primary source of power generation in the country. Post the industrial revolution, this has never before even come close to being the situation.

Future of Energy and Air Quality Not only will the increased reliance on non-polluting energy sources take a huge load off our diminishing natural fuel sources, but it will also play a big role in improving air quality.

The Current Situation: Nearly There

As of June 2019, it was reported by the National Grid that 47.9% of the UK’s energy needs are already being met by alternate sources of energy that do not pollute the environment. That is nothing short of an astounding achievement, primarily made possible due to the fact that more industries than ever before have invested heavily and shifted to green energy sources in the last few years.

Why Industrial Adoption is Key

Future of Energy and Air Quality Reliance on green power in the UK still has a long way to go through, in both the industrial and the residential sectors. However, the impact of widespread industrial adoption is the main reason why the UK is showing so much progress in both the adoption of green energy and improved air quality.

The future of energy and air quality is closely tied with green energy adoption. A post from Share on X

The reason is simple enough; businesses are the main consumers, compared to which the residential sector is minuscule. Factories have started relying more on non-polluting energy sources, which automatically cuts down their toxin emissions, thereby making improvements in air quality an assured effect.

Reduced Renewable Electricity Prices in the UK are Playing a Huge Role

As is the nature of business itself, if a move doesn’t make sense in terms of trade and profitability, that move is not made. However, energy brokers like Utility Bidder are helping businesses compare renewable electricity prices in the UK and making this shift affordable for even SMEs. They are helping businesses of all sizes get a better deal from clean energy providers, thus making their decision to shift to green energy a logical step from the business perspective.

It’s a perfect example of a situation where the goals of the government and the industry do not collide but need collaborative work to build a better tomorrow.

The Net Zero Target: There are Still Obstacles to Getting There

There is little doubt about the fact that it’s going to be a huge achievement when (if it hasn’t happened already) the country manages to make a shift to 50% non-polluting energy sources, but if the Net Zero target is to be met by 2050, certain obstacles will need to be dealt with first. The following should give us a clearer idea regarding what might be termed as the primary problems:

  • Achieving effective and cost-efficient decarbonisation of gas is the primary issue at this time
  • There will be only one working nuclear plant left in 2030 if new ones are not built
  • Wind energy has a been a major contributor of renewable energy in 2019, but it’s never a reliable oneFuture of Energy and Air Quality

In spite of the current obstacles, impressive progress is being made, as should be evident by the increased reliance on non-fossil fuels. 2050 is still three decades in the future; a time that may just be long enough to overcome the problems and build a pollution-free world.

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