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An Easy Way To Express Thanks To Our Comment Authors

Comments and comment authors are a vital part of any blogs.  As bloggers, we all like to receive comments on our blog posts.  Philipscom always gives respect to our readers, especially to the comment authors.   Every first week of the month we publish our esteemed comment authors name, the total comments they made on that […]

O Is For My Online Friends And Their Comments In April

Hi All, I am so glad to meet you all online again this month. And I am so thankful to you all who visited my page last month and dropped you valuable insights into the pieces I posted here! I continue to solicit your valuable presence again in my page. I assure you that I […]

B is For Blog Comment Authors: Philipscom Comment Authors In The Month Of March 2015

COMMENTS! Comments are the life blood of Blogging! Yes, it has an important role to play! In fact It gives the real health and vigor to the bloggers! And it helps and give a kind of pushing to do his activities! II am so glad to present my blog commentors. Here is my blog’s comment […]

My Comment Authors At Philipscom In The Month Of February 2015

Hi All, I am so glad to present my comment authors for the Month of February 2015 Thank you all who visited my page and commented in the month of February. Please do continue to visit the page and air your voice! May you all have a great weekend for Philipscom P V Ariel PS: […]

Comment Authors @Philipscom In The Month Of January 2015

Total Comments on this blog in Jan 2015 – 69 33 comment authors with 69 comments in the month of Jan 2015. I Appreciate Ikechi for being the top comment author this month.Thanks Ikechi This list was generated by MyCommentAuthors . Hi, My name is ikechi. I made 3  comments. Hi, My name is Naveen […]

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