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Total Comments on this blog in November 2016 47 comment authors with 64 comments in the month of November 2016 I am so glad to present November month’s comment authors on the pages of Philipscom.  Due to some untoward incidents happened in relation with the site hosters the site was down for ten days.   That very well shows this month’s total comments.  I am so glad that the restoration

How to express our gratitude to our comment authors?

Philipscom Comment Authors In The Month Of May 2016 Yes, we the bloggers are one of the busiest bodies on this earth! A lot of things to do in a day! Creating a blog post and to promoting it and visiting other fellow bloggers’ pages and lot of other connected activities in a day! In such a situation getting comments, or posting comments on fellow bloggers posts is a difficult

March Month (2016) Comment Authors Of Philipscom

March Month 2016 Comment Authors Of Philipscom   Greetings to all from  Philipscom. April month starts with a sad note, due to unexpected heavy rain and wind in the summer the total net connection got disrupted. But I cannot stop, but to post this from my mobile! I am so thankful to all my beloved friends who could make their presence on my page in the month of March 2016. 

Yet Another Happy Note! My Comment Authors - November 2015

Yet Another Happy Note! I am sure all bloggers like to have their readers’ comments on their pages!  This is a monthly series publish every first week of the month on the pages of Philipscom in the name My Comment Authors. In fact Comments are an integral part of blogging! And we the bloggers eagerly wait to know our readers’ reactions about our creations on our pages. That is where

Philipscom Comment Authors In The Month Of November 2014

As you all know my name is Philips. It’s Indeed  a coincidence that the famous brand name of a tube light   company too carries the same name! Yes, we all know that tube-light takes a bit time to light up after switching on. Yes, exactly the same thing happened with this post too!!!  :-) A December first week’s post appearing in the fag-end of December!! Though I Installed this plugin created by the