World Environment Day

Last updated on June 04, 2019. Pic. Credit. UNEP Every year on June 5th United Nations celebrate the World Environment Day. The theme for World Environment Day 2019 Every Year the United Nations marks a different focus to celebrate the day/week.   This is initiated by the country hosting the main event for the year chooses the theme for the world environment day. World Environment Day 2019 host China  choose the theme

Kochi Airport : World's First Airport Fully Run By Solar Power

Kochi Airport: World’s First Airport Fully Run By Solar Power Kochi Airport, one of the major airports in Kerala,  one of the southern states in India bagged the prestigious position of  world’s  first fully run airport by Solar Power. Mr. Oommen Chandy the Kerala Chief Minister inaugurated this prestigious project on Tuesday.  This 12 MWp Solar Power Plant is comprised of 46,150 solar panels and is laid across 45 acres of land

Welspun Renewables: Green Heroes Awards

Welspun Renewables: Green Heroes Awards Here is a Breaking News! “The earth we live in is heading for a breakdown!” That may happen so soon! But our joint efforts can curtail or stop this great calamity! It is possible only by you and me! Your valuable Co-operation Can Do Wonders! Yes, it needs you now more than ever! Join in this cause initiated by Welspun Renewables!  And spread this news

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Save environment

Let us save our environment for our existence Yet another “World Environment Day” is just passed by with a lot of activities and usual celebrations! Yes, let,  ‘Save Our Environment’ is the main aim of each individual in the coming days! yes, it is very much needed for our very existence. Every year the world over remember the day June 5th as the World Environment Day. This Year’s Slogan is 

E Stands For Environment, Let Us Protect And Preserve Our Environment

Pic. Credit Mandy Allen E – For Environment, Let Us Protect And Preserve Out Environment  The Webster’s Dictionary says: 1: the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded  2 a : the complex of physical, chemical, and biotic factors (as climate, soil, and living things) that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately determine its form and survival. b : the aggregate of social and

A Special Issue Devoted for the unsung heroes (harbingers of change) of India

A Special Issue Devoted for the unsung heroes (harbingers of change) of India A Review/Feedback The Sunday Indian Weekly’s this year’s 2011 Independence Day special issue is altogether a special one.  The issue brought out the relentless service put in for the society by the unknown heroes from different Indian states.  This issue’s another specialty is that its cover story’s major part is set apart for a serious issue called


Our Planet Earth, its health is day by day deteriorating.  A Scene from Kerala’s Forests Pic. by Charles Philip  “Our Planet Earth We are Living in is not fully well, and its health is day by day deteriorating.”  I am sure, there is no doubt or any counter arguments to this statement. It is increasingly going in a haphazard manner. Though a good number of people from all walks of