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Spiritual Healing – Powered by 4 Blog

​ Hi, my name is Tami Weissert, the P4 facilitator and the “voice” behind the blogs. I’m also co-host of the Back to the Bible radio program with Dr. Kroll. A little about me. I’m married to Jeff, and we love scuba diving, playing with our 3 dachshunds and going to Husker football games. I […]

Bible The Unique Book and The Most Neglected Book Too…

Bible The Unique And Largest Circulated Book In The World But Alas At The Same Time It Is The Most Neglected Book Too… Read More on this line in the following articles by Confident Living Magazine Authors. The most neglected book in the world.               To Read the original text Please click on the below  […]

An Incredible Adventure by Faith ( A Book Review)

A Book Written by Theodore H. Epp (Founder ‘Back to the Bible Ministries’) A Book Review: This book is about an incredible life journey (story) of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Epp. The Founder of Back to the Bible ministries. How they ventured by faith in the ministry of Back to the Bible is really an […]

Let us be the salt and light to this decaying world

Dr. Woodrow Kroll, president of Back to the Bible International, wrote an article recently for “Bible Teaching for Confident Living” an official publication of Back to the Bible India. I believe it to be worth reading writing to ponder over to this New Year. He said,“The last two decades have shown how much the world […]

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