She rules

A Feedback to the Cover Story Published in The Sunday Indian News Weekly A Feedback to the Cover Story Published in The Sunday Indian News Weekly (7th December 2009) under the title “She Rules” This is in reference to your cover story ‘She rules’, this issue speaks volume about our wonderful women, especially of our valiant warriors of the women community. Each of the warriors showed their mettle in their

An American Computer Scientist’s New Found Theory on Death: A Christian Perspective

Death: A Christian Perspective Death: The Biggest Breaking News Ever ‘DEATH’ The word itself creates a kind of fear in people. But, here is a breaking news; the media put it as “The Biggest Breaking News Ever!” IN 20 YEARS, SCIENCE MIGHT MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE FOREVER. What a wonderful revelation. This news item was published in the latest edition of the “The Sunday Indian” newsweekly (the only news

His Love is So Amazing

His Love is So Amazing (It’s about the greatest love ever experienced/explained or told) The Creator God so loved the world It’s so amazing and That can be UN-explainable! NOTE: LORD the Creator of this universe loved this world so much that He gave us His only begotten Son for us. Not just He gave us, but He sacrificed Him on the cross of Calvary to save us from the


Last updated on November 30, 2017 An Open Blog to Share Your Views and Suggestions This knol (post) is about some unbelievable incidents happened a few years back. This is also a call for an open discussion on this subject.  Do plants have feelings? I believe that the community of knol writers here can bring in some solution or answer these questions. Here below I am giving an incident happened

Jesus Christ And 3 Nails Story

Last updated on 21, December 2017 (A Feedback to a Write-up Picture Credit: This is a feedback to a write-up “Utter three words for Jesus, At least?* appeared in one of the editions of Light of Life magazine published from Mumbai, India. In its July 2009 edition the writer Mr. Duke Jayraj wrote This article. That was really a thought-provoking read. Yes how well it would have been if every Christian


SOLOMON THE WISEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED   This is an invitation write-up for “WISE MEN AND WISDOM” by Knol writer Prof. KVSS Narayana Rao. To read more on this subject please visit this link: If we look at the long list of history’s wise men, Solomon the king of Israel will be seen at the top of the list. No doubt Solomon stands apart from all other wise


This is in reference to an editorial published by the Sunday Indian weeklyWhy the communists lost Bengal and how mamata banerjee can easily ruin her big opportunity to destroy the cpm even now! I f anyone has destroyed CPM, it is the CPM itself. I can personally bet that most workers of Trinamool Congress are also communists at heart because in Bengal, most hearts beat for the masses. The revolutionary

A Christian Magazine "Christian in India" from the Portals of "Times Group" (The Largest English Daily in the World)

(A Review on Its Inaugural Issue) ‘Christian IN INDIA’ The new Magazine from Times of India publications is not just another Christian monthly instead it is an entirely different one. The inaugural issue is filled with information about all classes of Christian community. It contains the writings and opinion from well known Christian and non-Christian writers and celebrities from film field to the business world. Many well known personalities’ life