The Foolish Colors Fought Each Other

Unity is Strength An illustration received through mail, it talks about the unity of the brethren.  “Unity is strength” The age old story about UNITY. There are different stories round the corner on this subject. But here is a unique one i just received the other day in my mail box. Let me take this opportunity to share this with you to my fellow knol readers and authors. Thanks for

Professing Christians

Apropos the editorial “Developers or Mere Users? Brought out a serious point which is prevailing in our Assembles. No doubt there are many exceptions to this especially the assemblies in other states. The editorial made me to think of our assemblies present situation thus this note. Recently I had a conversation with a prominent Bible School teacher (not from Brethren Bible School) from Kerala. He narrated an incident from his

A Small 'Middle' to Knol Pages (A Little Joke of a Little One)

A Small ‘Middle’ to Knol Pages (A Little Joke of a Little One) (A conversation between my sons) Very serious, educative and researched subjects are posted and discussed here at knol pages. Like the News Papers of yesteryear’s here is a small “middle” for my readers. (Unfortunately most of the Indian newspapers are totally forgotten about that interesting middles they placed among the serious subjects (editorial, news discussions, opinion, debate

News You Can Abuse, Please Do not Sell

A Feedback to a Cover Story of Outlook Weekly News Magazine A response to a cover story published in the popular Indian weekly News Magazine about the present trend of some of the media in India. Vinod Mehta the Chief Editor and his team brought out a vital and serious issue prevailing in the Indian Press/Visual Media. Ariel, P V. News You Can Abuse, Please Do not Sell:A Feedback to

She rules

A Feedback to the Cover Story Published in The Sunday Indian News Weekly A Feedback to the Cover Story Published in The Sunday Indian News Weekly (7th December 2009) under the title “She Rules” This is in reference to your cover story ‘She rules’, this issue speaks volume about our wonderful women, especially of our valiant warriors of the women community. Each of the warriors showed their mettle in their

An American Computer Scientist’s New Found Theory on Death: A Christian Perspective

Death: A Christian Perspective Death: The Biggest Breaking News Ever ‘DEATH’ The word itself creates a kind of fear in people. But, here is a breaking news; the media put it as “The Biggest Breaking News Ever!” IN 20 YEARS, SCIENCE MIGHT MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE FOREVER. What a wonderful revelation. This news item was published in the latest edition of the “The Sunday Indian” newsweekly (the only news

His Love is So Amazing

His Love is So Amazing (It’s about the greatest love ever experienced/explained or told) The Creator God so loved the world It’s so amazing and That can be UN-explainable! NOTE: LORD the Creator of this universe loved this world so much that He gave us His only begotten Son for us. Not just He gave us, but He sacrificed Him on the cross of Calvary to save us from the


Last updated on November 30, 2017 An Open Blog to Share Your Views and Suggestions This knol (post) is about some unbelievable incidents happened a few years back. This is also a call for an open discussion on this subject.  Do plants have feelings? I believe that the community of knol writers here can bring in some solution or answer these questions. Here below I am giving an incident happened