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My Malayalam Christian Songs From the Pages of Athmeeya Geethangal

Posted in Biblical/Religious, Christian Song, Personal, and Poem

          Some of the Malayalam Christian Songs written by the blog author P V Ariel published in the Athmeeya Geethangal Spiritual Hymns.  Published by the Premier…


Posted in Biblical/Religious, Christian Song, and YouTube Video

A CHRISTIAN SONG – ഈ പരദേവനഹോ നമുക്ക്… വിദ്വാൻകുട്ടി അഥവാ യുസ്തുസ് ജോസഫ്. Vidwaan Kutty or Yousthos Joesph, പതിനെട്ടാം നൂറ്റാണ്ടിൽ ഉദിച്ചുയർന്ന അചഞ്ചലനായിരുന്ന ക്രിസ്തു ഭക്തൻ. ക്രൈസ്തവ കീർത്തന സാഹിത്യത്തിൽ മുഴങ്ങി കേട്ട മനോഹര ഗാനങ്ങളുടെ രചയിതാവ്.…

From The Archives Of Philipscom -A Mini Story- മുതലയും പിടക്കോഴിയും

Posted in Malayalam Writings, and Story

From The Archives Of Philipscom – Yet Another Story  This is from the pages of Malayala Manorama’s Children’s Magazine Balarama. This is published in the year 1980 മുതലയും പിടക്കോഴിയും  ഏരിയൽ…

Christianity. A Christian Perspective On Christianity And Its Significance

Posted in Biblical/Religious, Current Affairs, and Letters/Feedback

Don’t Blame It On Christianity.  A Christian Perspective on Christianity Christianity a Christian perspective. These days Christians and Christianity are blamed by many for each and every untoward incident happening…

Top 10 WordPress SEO Tips for Bloggers Who Want to Skyrocket Their Search Rankings

Posted in blog traffic, Blogging, Guest Post, and WordPress And SEO

This week I am happy to present Pro Blogger Anil Agarwal’s yet another Guest Post to the Philipscom readers.  I am sure he needs no introduction to my readers.  His…

വി നാഗല്‍, സമയമാം രഥത്തില്‍, രചിച്ച ജര്‍മ്മന്‍ മിഷണറി V Nagel Who Wrote Samayamam Radhathil

Posted in Biblical/Religious, Biography, Education, and Writing

(A matter published by the author in the Deepika Daily News Paper’s Vaarandhya Pathippu (Sunday Edition on July 10th Sunday 1983) -Publishing from Kottayam, Kerala. ദീപിക ദിനപ്പത്രത്തില്‍ 1983 ല്‍ ലേഖകന്‍…

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