P V Ariel’s Video Page: Few Rare Videos And a Documentary On The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi

Credit: Mathai Vision
The birth and death anniversaries of Great leaders come ones in a year and on that particular day different celebrations takes place in remembrance of such people with much enthusiasm and respect. But unfortunately in most cases that ends with that. But here is an exception to this trend”Gandhiji” the Father of Nation is still remembered and his brand has grown stronger and stronger every year and every walk of life even the new generation giving a new vision to it and discovering him and adopting his polices with much enthusiasm. His birthday is also known as International day of non-violence,

Here are some rare videos from the life of Mahatma Gandhi — The first TV Interview and his speech at different places.
Credit: wichm.home

The first ever made TV interview with Mahatma Gandhi by Fox Movietone News.
To Read and watch the videos please click on the below link:

P V Ariel’s Video Page: 
Few Rare Videos And a
Documentary On The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi 

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