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P V Ariel – My First International Writing Colleague – My Interview With A Jewish Writer – Sheryl Young

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My Interview  With A Jewish Writer – Sheryl Young.

Happy Birthday,  P.V. Ariel – My First International Writing Colleague

My Interview

Happy Birthday to Associated Content Writer P.V. Ariel on Monday, June 22nd! P.V. was the first international friend I made while writing online. Although I’ve been abroad three times, he has given me further insight through his writing into the thoughts of people outside America; how they live and how they feel about my own country.                         

My Interview                                                Philip Verghese Ariel (called Phil by many) is a journalist and freelance writer from Secunderabad, India, and editor of a Christian monthly.

P V started writing in his native language, Malayalam, and later stepped into English.

Facing opposition from some family members to his writing aspirations, he stealthily nurtured this desire in his actions and thoughts.

Since P.V. is in India, this isn’t just a personal interview but also contains some interesting information about India from his journalist perspective. So read on!

P V Ariel - My First International Writing Colleague. ~Sheryl Young, The Jewish writer Click To Tweet

How did you start writing?

 I first jotted down some thoughts in a poem in my school notebook.
My maternal grandmother found it and applauded me.
I started writing about incidents in my life and stories of other people and I sent one to a Christian publication called “Suviseshakan” (Evangelist), published in Tamil Nadu.
“Your story is very good,” he wrote, “and will be published in one of the coming issues after a few corrections. Do continue to write and send.”
This encouraging note increased my confidence and that was the beginning of my public writings.

Did you ever want to be something besides a writer?

No. My circumstances made me have different types of jobs for a livelihood, but I continued to cherish writing and jotted down all my thoughts and feelings.

You’ve mentioned being a “voracious” reader from a very young age. How did you start hungering to read books, and what kind?

My father and mother were good readers and had a collection of books available. Some were my grandmother’s; most were religious.
So here too, my grandmother’s influence was a great impact on my life. Every day we had family prayer at our home and read the Bible.
Then I went on to enjoy newspapers, textbooks, and other books.
I later started reading collections of poems, novels and short stories of well known Malayalam writers from the library, and translations of famous writers from other languages.
I liked to read Shakespeare’s books and his writings influenced me a lot.

After the publication of my first article, I began sending regularly to both Christian and general publications.
I had everything from letters to the editor to articles published and became a regular contributor at two Christian weeklies, ‘Brethren Voice’ and ‘Suviseshadhwani,’ including reporting the messages of various preachers and events in the city.
Along with my job I completed a post-graduate diploma in Journalism in Hyderabad.
After that, I started contributing to different English publications.

Tell us the most memorable experience in your writing life.

Several of such memories come to mind; the first was meeting with Chief Editor “M E Cherian Sir’- that editor who published my first article.
Giving me a copy of the issue, he patted my shoulder and said, “Here, your article is published in this.”
And my association with a national daily (Hindu)  in India played a vital role in my writing journey.

What was your first experience writing online?

I was not much aware of online publishing until 2007.  When one of my colleagues – a computer wizard – suggested me to write online.
He told me to start a blog. I searched some web pages, found Associated Content (now Yahoo) and some other sites, and started writing here at AC!
In two days, they accepted my content. That was really a refreshing experience.
In short, this was my first online writing experience.

What’s your opinion about

I found many like-minded people here and started communicating with them. What a wonderful and new experience in my life!
The comments and suggestions I received were overwhelming and it gave me a boost to continue writing online.
A C is a lovely place to express your inner feelings through words that will catch a good audience and good traffic, even for beginners.
There are many contributors who post well-written pieces for the benefit of searchers and readers.
The AC Community and its Forum answer helpful questions.
Although AC keeps a different policy towards its Asian contributors, and I hope they soon re-consider, here is a Note of Thanks I published after the completion of my 100th article.

What advice/quote or statement would you give your fellow writers?

Although Bible verses are always my own favorite resources, now I remember a quote from Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America.
My fellow, source producers should make note of this and try to practice it!
Here is the quote:  “If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing.”
America has never forgotten Benjamin Franklin because he contributed so much as a scientist, inventor, statesman, printer/publisher, philosopher, musician, and economist.
May God help you all to keep up an iota of these words from Benjamin Franklin.”

What a great quote! Now aboutIndia. Does everyone automatically learn to speak English? Is it taught in school?

No. India is divided into different states and each state has its own local languages. In some states, especially the northern states, they emphasize education mostly in Hindi medium India’s national language.
Recently, some ministers and political parties raised an issue of banning English from the school curriculum but there was big opposition to it.
In India’s southern, central and east, with some exceptions, they insist on English from kindergarten level even in some government-run schools.
This is because English is universally accepted as an international language and most information in science, technology, art, and literature is mainly available in English.
Countries like China, Japan, and the Soviet Union give importance to English and are making rapid headway in science and technology. So our people are showing much interest in learning this unique language.

Do the newspapers in India cover what’s going on in America and theMiddle East?

Yes, of course, it’s definitely major news in Indian daily newspapers, especially in the English dailies. US and Middle Eastern countries are major news every day.
India’s people are keenly watching new developments in the U.S. since the Bush administration transitioned to Obama.

Is there any religious persecution in India?

Yes. India and its peoples (majority Hindu) have been famous for tolerance; but recently, some persecution has been happening in some states. I have written on this for Associated Content.
For example, my article Atrocities Against Christians Are Increasing Alarmingly– tells of the harassment Christians are facing in India, in some places even with the support of the administration. But in other cases, the government is a mute spectator.
An unofficial report says that around 50,000 persecuted tribal Christians are staying in different refugee camps. (More links to P.V.’s articles are given below).
Thanks for letting me pick your brain, P.V…Happy Birthday, and carry on!
(For more personal tidbits about P.V., see AC Source Donald Pennington’s first interview with him.)
Updated on February 24, 3019.;
Published on: May 18, 2012 @ 08:22



More of P.V.’s (Phil’s) writing links:

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Atrocities Against Christians Are Increasing Alarmingly –
Pray for Our Nation, 1 & 2 –
Christians Are Under Attack Again in India by the Extremists –

Other places P.V. writes:;;;;
A freelance writer since 1997; Featured Political Contributor for Yahoo!; Tampa Tribune Community Columnist/Blogger; Chicken Soup for the Soul; Amy Foundation National Writing Award; happy wife, proud step-mom…  View profile



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  • Dan Reveal8/10/2009
    I also know P.V. Ariel. This is so great…Thank you!!
  • Sheri Fresonke Harper7/20/2009
    Happy Birthday, indeed, interesting interview
  • Moeursalen7/17/2009
    Insightful interview…
  • Shirley Mandel6/30/2009
    This is a fascinating article about a fascinating person. Thanks.
  • Kassidy Emmerson6/27/2009
    I hope PV had a very happy birthday! Fine interview with one of our talented writers!
    very good interview, and very nicely done.
  • jcorn6/24/2009
    So sweet of you to write an article about him on his birthday!
  • Jayanti raman6/23/2009
    Great interview, good job Sheryl, I always enjoy your work good bless you.
  • Angel Vee6/23/2009
    Great interview and info here, great guy he is!
  • Lets6/23/2009
    Informative interview, at least I learned more about India.

    • CJ Mathis6/22/2009
      Great interview.
    • J. E. Davidson6/22/2009
      I’ve enjoyed Phil’s writing and comments!
    • Moeursalen6/22/2009
      Nice interview…HBD, too.
    • Tina Molly Lang6/22/2009
      Phil’s a great guy, very nice and helpful.
    • Greenhill6/22/2009
      Very interesting article, thanks.
    • Victoria Dawson6/22/2009
      Happy birthday and much more.
    • Kim Linton6/22/2009
      Happy birthday Phil!
    • Kofi Bofah6/22/2009
      Happy birthday. I have read some of Ariel’s work before…
    • Melissa Schwairy6/22/2009
      Well written – I need to get a look at some of his pieces – thanks for bringing him to our attention!
    • Charlotte Kuchinsky6/22/2009
      He’s amazing, isn’t he?
      • Charles B Reynolds6/22/2009
        What an amazing and inspiring interview. Well done, my friend. And happy wishes to our colleague P. V.!
      • Jenny Powers6/22/2009
        Great job.Happy birthday, PV!
      • Janet Hunt6/22/2009
        Great job! Happy birthday P.V.!
      • Randy Inman6/21/2009
        It is always interesting to hear about people who “ain’t from around here”
      • Bat Canary6/21/2009
        He’s a nice guy, and it’s very nice of you to write about him–Happy Birthday, P.V.!
      • R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen (Rose)6/21/2009
        Great interview and the pictures are fantastic. They really added that extra-special touch. Happy birthday to you Phil!
      • Secretsides6/21/2009
        Excellent interview. Phil is a very special international friend. I loved it and you and him too!
      • Amanda Cartwright6/21/2009
        Happy Birthday. Thank you for letting us know more about him!
      • Veronica D.6/21/2009
        Happy Birthday, P.V. Ariel!
      • Jennifer Wagner6/21/2009
        ahwww, how nice! Happy Birthday to P.V. & how nice of you to share this writer with us!
        • Lisa Carey6/21/2009
          Happy Birthday! It was great to learn more about you, and your writing.
        • Nikki6/21/2009
          Happy Birthday, P.V.! I enjoyed reading this interview also Sheryl.
        • Agnes Farside6/21/2009
          Happy Birthday, and great interview.
        • Carol Bengle Gilbert6/21/2009
          Happy Birthday, Phil. It was nice learning about your background by reading this. Thanks, Sheryl.
        • Donald Pennington6/21/2009
          Can you believe I failed to tell the man “Happy Birthday?” Well, Happy Birthday Phil. Many more to you too.
        • Crystal Ray6/21/2009
          Very interesting and well-written interview. Happy birthday, Phil.
        • Justice Lives Not6/21/2009
          Happy Birthday (and father’s day), PV! Nice interview, Sheryl!
        • freakmamma6/21/2009
          Great piece!
        • Maria Roth6/20/2009
          I enjoyed this interview with P.V.! :)
        • Peggy Redwine6/20/2009
          Great interview and a well written article.

          • K. Karl6/20/2009
            Happy birthday! Excellent interview:)
          • Langley Cornwell6/20/2009
            Happy Bithday P.V. Ariel, and this is a wonderful interview with a mutual friend. Very interesting.
          • Roberta Baxter6/20/2009
            Thank you for sharing this personal interview. happy birthday Phil
          • Pat Burroughs6/20/2009
            Great interview! Thanks for bringing this bright young man to our attention. I’ll have to read more of his writing.
          • Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez6/20/2009
            This is a wonderful interview, Sheryl! Indeed, Happy Birthday, Phil!
          • Carol Roach6/20/2009
            wonderful interview with a mutual friend, Happy birthday my dear sweet friend
          • Sylvia Cochran6/20/2009
            Happy birthday and what a wonderful idea to do an interview! I love the Benjamin Franklin quote!!
          • Tricia Goss6/20/2009
            What a fascinating interview! I enjoyed this very much. I agree with Linda; it would be so interesting to learn about his family’s testimonies.
          • Linda Louise Johnson6/20/2009
            Sheryl, fascinating story, and fascinating author! I’ll be subscribing to his content right away. I am so interested in India. Would love to know the story of his parents becoming Christians.
          • Amanda Keller6/20/2009
            Happy Birthday wishes to Phil and a big thank you to Sheryl for writing this enlightening, interesting, outreaching piece! Carry on Phil and Sheryl!
            • Susan Braun6/20/2009
              Sheryl, I enjoyed learning more about Philip and his country, and how nice of you to interview him! I agree that AC is a great place to meet other writers – from all over the world.
            • Donald Pennington6/20/2009
              HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL! Oh my…thank you for the plug. Phil is a genuinely nice soul. He’s even nice to me when I’ve been awful to him. He’s quite the linguist. He’s top 100 in my book. Thank you for bringing him out for us. I’ve learned something about India today…a fascinating country…and will be looking for more.
              SOURCE:  Sheryl Young’s Yahoo Associated Content Page; Yahoo Voices

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  5. Swati

    Hello Philip,
    Good to know more about you and your online activities through Sheryl’s interview with you.
    A well-presented interview, thanks for sharing this with us.
    I would like to read about you and your web activities. I must say that I have learned so many things from this post as well as other articles posted on this website.
    THis is my first visit to your website, indeed the pages are filled with lot of meaningful and educative posts. Keeep going!
    Keep writing. Thank you so much.

    March 16, 2019
  6. Hi Philip,

    That was an incredible interview. It helps to get to know you well. From publishing your first online content to quoting Benjamin Franklin, it is breathtaking. Well done!

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