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New Year Resolutions Tips for Skiers

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Last updated on January 18, 2020

Skiing has a learning curve to it that most won’t be familiar with. It takes a lot more than getting the technique right when it comes to skiing. Are you looking for New Year Resolutions to up your skiing game? Here are tips to channel out your inner skier and make your in pro in no time.New Year Resolutions

#1 – Get Yourself into Shape

Most New Year Resolutions will start with getting yourself into shape. You are probably aware of the taglines used by several gyms that say: “New Year, New You”. However, getting yourself in shape for skiing has a completely different meaning to it. Being fit for skiing requires you to strengthen your lower area such as your quads and your glutes.

Moreover, just like any extreme sports, skiing will require you to strengthen your core as well. Getting yourself into shape will help you be more focused on your technique and minimize the risk of injuries. You don’t have to go out of the way to train yourself for the slopes. Simply add a few squats and lunges to prepare yourself for the adventure ahead.

#2 – Take Skiing Lessons

New Year's Resolution Tips for Skiers

No matter how much you have improved your technique there will always be room for improvement. There is no harm in taking skiing lessons again. It will only empower you more on the slopes. Moreover, everyone has a different style and technique. Learning through other people’s experiences as a whole new charm to it.

Additionally, if you enjoy the atmosphere of a ski school you can enroll yourself as a trainer or instructor. Getting training as a ski instructor can be done in three weeks or more. If you enjoy this field, maybe you can even pursue it as a full-fledge career!

#3 – Improve your Technique

Having the right technique can save you from severe injuries and falls. The technique will set you apart from the beginner/intermediate level and the advanced level skiers. The real question is: How can you improve your technique? To start with, you can opt for one of the improvement courses that are easily available in any ski-school.

Other than that, you can also explore your skills in unknown terrain. Skiing in foreign slopes, will not only help you improve your existing technique. It will also help you learn new ones. The more variety you tend to explore, the more you techniques you will be able to pick on.

#4 – Buy Quality Gear

New Year Resolutions

If you have been renting out ski gear, then 2020 is the time to make that big investment. Ski gear might be super expensive, but getting something that fits you perfectly will be worth the investment. Owning your gear will save you from a ton of hassle. Most importantly, you won’t have to ski in gear that is too small or too big.

Unfortunately, simply buying ski gear is not enough. If you are a regular skier, then you better invest in quality equipment and gear. One of the most important elements of your ski gear is the boots. Boots with the right fitting can make a big difference in your performance. Moreover, it will help you achieve the right amount of control and balance during the more tricky slopes.

#5 – Explore an Unknown Territory

For most skiers, the focus is always fancy and big resorts. However, skiing is much more than just becoming better with every new technique you learn. You can plan out your Tignes ski holidays and you will most likely enjoy them too. But exploring the smaller slopes and experiencing the breathtaking scenery that comes with it has a whole new charm to it.

Once you ski on unknown terrain, you will always want to explore newer places. Moreover, if you are the adventurous type then heli-skiing is one unknown territory that you must explore. Heli-skiing gives you a chance to do powder runs and enjoy the perfect ski-day on top of the mountains.

#6 – Get Yourself Registered in an Avalanche Course

Most people fail to understand the importance of safety when they are skiing. All that you learn in a ski course can help you avoid a major injury during an avalanche.

Taking an avalanche safety course is important since it helps you understand all the triggers of an avalanche. Most people cause an avalanche to take place, without even realizing it.

Therefore, you should understand the triggers of an avalanche taking place and avoid getting caught in it.

Avalanche safety training can help you learn the safety routes once an avalanche has taken place. Small tips can lower the chances of fatal accidents and minimize injuries.

Avalanche training classes will also prepare you to help out your friends in case an accident takes place.

#7 – Take Care of the Environment 

Skiing can be quite an expensive sport. You might be using more resources than you can imagine. Skiing might be affecting the environment around you and you might not be aware of it.

You can make your experience more eco-friendly by buying equipment from your local vendors or brands that provide sustainable ski gear.

Another way to be environmentally friendly is to use wax that does not affect the environment. Moreover, you should also carry bottles with yourself that you can use again and again.

Additionally, create awareness among people that it is not suitable to ski in areas that may be affecting the wildlife.New Year Resolutions

Final Thoughts 

Equipping yourself with the right tools and getting quality gear can make you a better skier. But, don’t forget to have fun while you are on the slopes.

More importantly, you should always be aware of the environment that you are in. Try to book resorts that enforce sustainability and are environment-friendly.

Other than that it is also important to get adequate training that will help you prevent injuries. Additionally, being fit will take you a long way on your ski journey. In any case, hitting the gym is always a good idea. Good luck, skiers!

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  1. Uneeb K
    Uneeb K

    The more detailed the article and the more personalised touch you give to your article the more is the chance to convert them.
    And after all, the term “Guarantee” you have used is the most important factor to include in any sales page, I think.

    January 18, 2020
  2. Hi Philip and Shawn,

    Very helpful tips for skiers. I must confess this is a sport I’ve always been too scared to try. Although skiing looks amazing and I’m sure it’s exhilarating when you get the hang of it, I think i’d be more up for the apres ski!.

    However, I do have some friends who live for their ski holidays, so I’ll recommend they follow your tips for safety.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted…Risk Free Trial Of: AnythingMy Profile

    January 18, 2020
  3. Mahmudul Rubel
    Mahmudul Rubel

    Hey Mike

    I already Starting exercise to getting shape. It is my 2nd goal this year. Hopefully, I will reach this goal very soon.

    And yeah, I love travelling new place. whenever I find the time, I go out to explore

    January 20, 2020
  4. Rosemary

    I love skiing and was really sorry I couldn’t go this year. Always best to be careful in the mountains – there’s a lot can go wrong! So good advice to get the right gear and get the training.

    January 21, 2020
  5. Anita

    Hey Mike

    I already Starting exercise to getting shape. It is my 2nd goal this year. Hopefully, I will reach this goal very soon.

    And yeah, I love travelling new place. whenever I find the time, I go out to explore

    February 3, 2020

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