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Mumbai Bleeds again! But The Media Bask in Glory

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Last updated on November 19, 2016

Serial terror strikes again in Mumbai.Picture Credit: The Hindu

Mumbai Bleeds The Media Bask In Glory

Serial terror strikes again in Mumbai. Many died and Several injured reports the media. Literally speaking Mumbai bleeds.

Our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved families.
Terrorist strikes again and the Terror repeats…it looks like it’s going to stay here forever.
Today again I was just watching some of the channels, They are all busy continuing their heated debates, no end to it, the so-called intellects, VIPs and Politicians are always involved in to safeguard their interests with attacks and counter attacks with their utterances and in due course the TV channels get their dues, the TRP rates they look for and  ultimately they bask in glory.  This phenomenon continues and continues with every other such incident.

Of course, some of the voices aired are much valued and noteworthy too but sad to say the concerned are not interested to hear or note.  They are just worried about their vote banks nothing else.  No doubt in few days, things will get normal, why, some channels says Mumbai is getting back to normal, the families lost their dear ones are the losers here and the politicians and the terrorists and their beneficiaries will go on with their business as usual and decide where to plant the next bomb, and whom to attack with their verbal utterances.

This is really a sad trend India is now facing.  Our concerned are not worried about the innocent lost souls and the peace of the country, but of course, they are very much worried about their vote banks.

Alas! What a horrible situation we are in? Indeed this is really an alarming situation! Click To Tweet
Will there be an end to such terror attacks?
Will the authorities look into it seriously to stop repeating such attacks?
Or the innocents need to be again and again become the scapegoats?
These are some of the appalling questions came to my mind after the repeated terror attacks and the aftermath.

End Note:

One serious doubt:  Will these repeated debates thru the media reach to the authorities or the rulers of this country?
I doubt.  Because whenever such terror strikes, within no time the channel people go after the politicians,VIPs and the intellectuals to fill their studio seats to initiate a debate on the current issue.

And it continues for few days and ends there,  then the things will go back to square one.

Yes, ultimately this (the TV channel debates) too become a repeated process just to air or go with the wind?

Oh! God Only You Can Save Our Country!

God Save Our Country!

Watch the horrible scenes in this slide show HERE

Picture and slide show Source:
The Hindu Daily/Press Trust of India, The Deccan Chronicle,



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  1. Dave King
    Dave King

    Thought-provoking and heart-rending.

    July 16, 2011
  2. Philip Verghese'Ariel'
    Philip Verghese'Ariel'

    Thanks Dave for dropping in and for the comment.
    Best regards

    July 16, 2011

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