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M Is for Mi Muba The Money Blogger From Karachi, Pakistan

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Last updated on February 4, 2018

 M for Mi Muba The Money Blogger From Karachi, Pakistan

Last Updated on  February 05, 2018

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Mi Muba The MoneyBlogger

When I changed my mind to write about my friends in this year’s A to Z series I thought of writing a note about my online friends.  And the first name came to my mind is Mr. Mi Muba.  The Money Blogger from  Karachi, Pakistan.  But I cannot start with the Alphabet M at the beginning, so I waited for the letter M.  Though I am a bit late in this series due to some untoward incidents happened to my page hosting and other related problems in between, which I mentioned in one of my Facebook notification and in few other comments.

While installing a plugin which was a malicious or an outdated one.  After installing the plugin after a few minutes my page disappeared with a message showing“Account Suspended” That is one of the reasons for this delay.

In fact, I have not prepared any of the articles in advance for the challenge, this was a mistake I committed and I learned a lesson from this.  Though the  A to Z Challenge is announced well before I could not keep things ready.

This is a hard lesson I learned and I suggest and advise my fellow participants to,  take care of your contents in advance and keep ready to post on the relevant dates.

Oh, I am sorry I am going away from my topic.

Yes, I was talking about my friend, Mi Muba, the Money Blogger who is an able writer who mainly handles two blogs, one  Money Blog and another one A Green Blog. He Was a ghost writer too, before entering into the full-time writing, he worked as a secondary school junior teacher and then worked in a higher grade school as an English language teacher.  In short, he did fifteen different kinds of jobs before entering into the full-time job of writing.

be a monery blogger
Picture Credit: Mi Muba

The amazing fact is that he does all these activities alone, with much ease and accuracy.

When I say about this gentleman, I can speak volume, but I do not want to do that! Instead, I suggest you have an acquaintance with him, that will reveal it all.

I met Mi a few years back at a reputed social marketing platform and our friendship developed and we start communicating with each other on a frequent basis. That relationship continues to grow in a solid state.

Here I would like to mention a small incident happened recently and I could recognize the large heart he holds for the fellow beings especially towards his online friends.

In the recent past, an untoward incident happened between two close friends in the field of blogging. And in fact, that argument started with a mere communication gap and it reached to a fierce fighting on the pages of Facebook.  But the timely intervention of Mi Muba that fight closed or cooled down or that quarrel reached a zero level.  And this development stunned all who watched these fighting closely.  Yes, to the surprise of many, those two friends are now going on well with each other as before.  This happened only because of the intervention of Mi Muba.

Yes, If Mi Muba might not have intervened, said those two friends still be at loggerheads.  I appreciate his ability to handle such situation in an amicable way.  To my surprise! I must say that two home-mates fought each other and a neighbor came in between to settle the things. What a coincidence!

Mi’s Little Angels with his better half                  Picture Credit: Mi Muba

As I mentioned earlier, if he did not have that extended heart towards other fellow beings this would not have happened.  If he just ignored it in their fight that would have been a dirty situation.  But to my surprise and to many, he intervened and things settled in an amicable way. That is indeed a great act.

The lesson of the story is that for physical considerations, the borders along the countries can work but for heart communications, no barrier could be a hurdle for anyone.

I am sorry for the interruption with some politics in it!

Yes, surely when we talk about India and Pakistan and the present turmoil or the political situation too will enter into an amicable settlement if people like Mi Muba is on both sides.

I am so glad that I could say a few words about this wonderful and adorable personality called Mi Muba through this post.

His recent post on his page is a viral post and every blogger should read this page. I recommend to all who wants to know everything about money blogging this post will be a must-read. The attractive title given to this post is again an amazing and eye capturing one. One should not miss visiting each of the interlinks given in the post. You can read that here by clicking on the below link:

How she died while struggling to become a pro blogger?

You can also read a Guest Post he wrote for Philipscom in this link:  Two Winning Methods To Become A Money Blogger

To know more  about this lovable personality and his activities, please do visit his pages here  

BE A MONEYBLOGGER (His Main Blog Page)


You can reach to his facebook page HERE

Thank You, Mi for all your suggestions, advice and other help in relation to my blogging journey.

Sincerely Yours

Bro. Phil


Source: Interlinks Mi Muba

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  1. Hi Phil,

    Just managed to get some time to stop by to cheer you up with the wonderful challenge you’ve taken up and I find the one and only Mi Muba mentioned here :)

    This is indeed a wonderful write up, and such a delight to see his family as well – lovely kids and wife as well – bless them. You know I wonder how he manages to find the time to handle so many blogs, while we have a tough time with the one of ours! That speaks for his years of experience, isn’t it? We wish him every success and happiness for years to come.

    Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy weekend, both of you :)

    April 26, 2015
    • Hi Harleena,
      What a joy to see you on my blog today that too to say a few words about our wonderful friend from the other side! :-) LOL
      Yes,he is indeed one and only Mi Muba :-) Yes, his writing ability is inimitable and praiseworthy too!
      Thanks M’m for finding a bit time for my page. :-)
      Have a great and profitable week ahead. :-)
      Best Regards

      April 26, 2015
  2. Hi Philip,
    This is nice to read about Muba here. He is a great blogger. I loved his recent post on his blog. He has rocked there.

    This is also good to see his family snap here. Thank you so much for the wonderful piece. Have a great week ahead!

    April 26, 2015
    • Hi Nisha,
      Thanks for your valuable time here.
      Yes, Mi is a great blogger, as you said
      his recent post is indeed a wonderful and
      and a guide to all bloggers.
      Thanks for your feedback
      Best Regards
      ~ Philip

      April 27, 2015
  3. Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar

    Hi Phil Sir,

    First of all sorry for coming here after so many days due to my busy schedule.
    Now thanks for the mention of Mi Sir here. He is an inspiration to many, especially to his fellow bloggers, including me. I always love to read his articles and comments.

    He never hesitate to write a fully described comment or article that I like the most. :-)

    May God bless him and his family with full joy and happiness.

    One suggestion for you, always check the plugins reviews before using them on live site otherwise you may face big problems like the one you mentioned here.

    There are many plugins which can spam your website.

    Have a great day :)


    April 27, 2015
    • Hi Naveen,
      Nice to see you here again after a while.
      No worries! Take your time to drop in! :-)
      Yes, as you said Mi is a wonderful inspiration
      to many bloggers in the blogging world.
      Yes, his comments are indeed a mini tutorial itself! :-)
      I mean to say something to pick or learn. Yes, as i said in the post
      May his tribe increase!
      Thanks for the valuable suggestion regarding plugin. I will surely
      make note of this the next time I opt for one. And hey, the plugin
      i used is a common one and many are using, it seems the one I used
      is not an updated one may be that is the reason why all those things
      happened. Thanks again Naveen for the visit and feedback
      Have a good day and a great week ahead.
      ~ Philip

      April 27, 2015
  4. Hi Phil my friend

    Feeling so honored and blessed after going through the post and so proud of being your friend.

    Appreciate the way you put a lot of fresh things about me especially the family pic which I have published at my blog but that is in detailed part of my about page. So it got more attention here because of its placement at main page of the post and obviously so many pro bloggers like Harleena and many others regularly visit here and share their awesome views.

    So the moral of the story is communication must go on regardless of the physical barriers. Never had thought a good human being living miles away would be my good friend soon after starting my money blog.

    So many people advise me to focus just on one blog but I can never because I don’t want to detach myself from the community of my each blog.

    My daughters are shouting at me for not telling them about you who is not only a good human being but also living in home town of my forefathers.

    Thanks a lot for giving me this great honor and appreciate the idea of this series.

    April 27, 2015
    • HI Mi,
      I am sorry, I am a bit late to attend to this comment.
      Let me repeat!
      “It is indeed a great honor and privilege to me that
      I am in your friends list! :-)
      It is again a great pleasure to include that lovely family pic. of yours. :-) :-) :-)
      Mi, please convey our heartfelt thanks and love to the little angels.
      for their anxiety and concern. :-) :-)
      I am glad to know that your forefathers lived in our city.
      Yes, Mi. I like the sentence: Moral of the story…
      Yes, that is the key word!
      Have a great week ahead. :-)
      ~ Philip

      May 4, 2015
  5. Hello Phil,

    Wow! So feeling good to read lots more about Mi! He’s truly a great person and a superb writer, I love every bit of his contribution over the internet. And more awesome that he is from my home-city. :)

    Well for that virtual quarrel you embedded into the post, I just want to add that borders are there for some reason, it is understandable but when it comes to the online world, there should be no border at all – We are all here to support each other without even thinking where one lives or not. If that thing is buried under anyone and he/she is still thinking to make himself/herself a name in his/her field of interest, it can’t be done at all.

    We are all border-less in this world of internet!

    Thank you once again for this post, Phil and detailing more about Mi! Truly awesome series’ challenge you’re taking on! :)

    ~ Adeel Sami

    April 27, 2015
  6. Hi Philip sir,

    Nice to see you writing about Mi sir. He is a very wise blogger.
    I am a fan of his green blog. Also his other blogs are well written and very well managed.
    I met him at Aha!NOW ABC community and his posts always has something actionable.
    Even when he comments he has something extraordinary to share.

    Have a great week ahead both of you. :)

    – Rohan.

    April 27, 2015
  7. Hi Brother Phil,

    Thank you very much for introducing this valuable blogger from Karachi. Many bloggers find it hard to manage even one blog but Bro. Muba manages three of his blogs very efficiently. His lengthy comments on other blogs itself are proof that he has enough experience and talent in writing.Remember he does comment a lot on other blogs.

    I will say that he is a truly amazing blogger who has the potential to move further up the ladder as a pro blogger.

    Thank you once again for introducing this blogger and his family in your A-Z series.

    Have a great day.

    Reji Stephenson

    April 27, 2015
  8. Ikechi

    Hi Philip

    I love your challenge and this is a wonderful post that you have done.

    I love the fact that you wrote about a wonderful personality Mi Muba.

    I am aware of his wonderful works on the blogosphere including his viral post which I believe is a master piece.

    I am so touched by what he did to settle a quarrel. Thanks Mi Muba for such a worthy action and thanks PV for sharing this post.

    April 29, 2015
    • Hi lkechi,
      Thank you so much for the kind visit and the wonderful feedback.
      Nice to know that you know Mi Muba and his activities, yes no
      doubt, his latest post in line is an epic one!
      Yes, his timely intervention avoid a big quarrel and settled the matter
      Thanks again lkechi for your comment.
      Have a great week ahead.
      ~ Phil

      May 4, 2015

    Hi Phil,
    Great and valuable story .Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of Mi Muba with us. I really like the way in which you presented introduced this gentleman. I am so glad to read it. The combination of your words in this story is wonderful. Phil thanks to you for sharing this amazing story with us. :-)
    ~ Catrina

    May 4, 2015
  10. Vicky


    Its really great to know about MUBA and I guess I’m a visitor at his blog didn’t really checked about page and here I could get to learn more about him.

    thanks for share

    May 14, 2015
  11. Hello Phil! Thanks for sharing this valuable article about Mi Muba. I’m glad to see his two wonderful daughters and his lovely wife. :) He’s more than just a money blogger from Karachi, Pakistan, I must say. The years of his work speaks how he handles busy schedules. Truly a professional man. I’m also amazed how he acts on the virtual quarrel. His professionalism caught the attention of many.

    May 23, 2015
  12. Hi Philip!

    A lovely post about Mi indeed!

    Huh! We all know that, M is always stand for Mi Muba :-D So, do not need to define it anymore :-D (Serious fun)

    Yes, the money making blogger, Mi is one of my favorite blogger till now! Getting a lot of inspiration from him!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this post!

    Carry on!

    happy blogging!
    MINHAJ UDDIN recently posted…How long Does it take to Build a Website-Create From ScratchMy Profile

    February 18, 2016

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