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Is Jesus Christ Still an Infant in the Manger? (A Thought on the Eve of Christmas and New Year)

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Last updated on February 3, 2018

Is Jesus Christ Still an Infant in the Manger?

      (A Thought and an Invitation on the Eve of Christmas and New Year)

The Christmas season is here again, people around the world are in a festive mood and celebrated Christmas.  Yes, Yet another Christmas is just passed by.  No doubt the season is a happy occasion and a happy celebration time. Not only to the Christians but others as well it’s a joyous season, of course immediately after Christmas the New Year too falls in line to double the joy. Yes, this season is a continuous process of joyous celebrations.
Let us come to the subject of Christ and His birth termed as “Christmas” by reading the title some of you might have got irritated and thought that what this person is going to tell at this happy occasion. Is he going to spoil our holiday mood?
Oh! No, Not at all!
But, Yes, some may call me an “ICONOCLAST”  Though, a bit difficult word even to pronounce but a very meaningful word. The Webster’s dictionary gives its meaning as:
“One who destroys religious images or opposes their veneration; one who attacks established beliefs, ideals, customs or institutions,”
For some, it may sound shocking. Yes, you can call me an Iconoclast yes by accepting this I wanted to convey a very meaningful and a beneficial message through this post.
God the Father send His only son Jesus Christ to this ill stricken world to save the sinners from the eternal damnation. He came on this earth to save the mankind from their wretched condition.
But His own rejected Him and thereby we the heathens got the privilege of being His children. Many are still rejecting him and are on their way to the bitter situation called the eternal hell.
The Word (Jesus Christ) came down to this earth and dwelt among us and lived for our sake and died on the cross of Calvary to save us. Yes according to the Scriptures He died on the cross and buried and rose again on the third day and He is now interceding for His people at the right hand of God.
He is not a helpless babe in a manger as many of us see today, instead, He is the Creator and Savior God who can do anything for you and me and He is the God himself, and He is coming again to receive His people to His fold.
At this season, dear friends, please listen to His loving and still voice. He is knocking at the door of your heart and says: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and open the door, I will come in and eat with him.”
Heed to this voice and take a Great decision in your life at this happy time. Revelation. 3:10
Are you able to hear the still small voice of the Savior of this world amongst the vociferous voices of celebrations? 
Listen and accept Him as your Savior and Lord.
Let us seriously think of the real reason for this season and then involve in our celebrations.
May God help you to note these points and live a life for His glory.
I Wish you all a purposeful and meaningful Christ-centered celebrations (Holidays)  this year.
And also here is my heartfelt season’s greetings and a purposeful and God-centered New Year 2012 to all my friends, guests, visitors, fellow authors and readers at this wonderful place called  “world wide web”

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May God Bless.
With Love Prayer and Regards
Yours Lovingly
P V  Ariel
PS: I hope and believe that by these articles/blogs etc. you will not add me to the list of ‘˜Iconoclast’. :-)
Thanks for dropping in.
Best Regards

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