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How to Install WordPress on Your Hosting Server?

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Last updated on April 7, 2020

WordPress is simply the most widely used content management system. You can create almost any type of website on it – from blogs to the most sophisticated sites. Simplicity is what defines it. When you want to create your website using this platform, you will have to install it. There are different ways of installing and you can choose the method that works best for you.


WordPress Tools Required

Depending on what manual method you choose, you are going to need different tools for installing WordPress. These include:

  • FTP: The advantage of using an FTP client is that it allows you to transfer files. It lets you to upload/download files to and from your web host’s server. You can find a wide range of FTP clients. It is recommended to choose a lightweight client that is easy to use.
  • Text Editor: If you are going to use coding, then you will require a text editor. Some of the ideal examples include Notepad and TextEdit, which are meant for Windows and Mac systems respectively. There are many other options, and if you prefer any special one, you can use it.

While these tools are suggested for manual methods, some hosts allow you to install with just a single click. This is a simple and quick way to install WordPress.

Besides the tools, you are also going to need some information before you start the installation process.

The includes the following information:

  • Control Panel Login: You should know how to log into the control panel provided by your host. Typically, cPanel is the default control panel, but it can vary from one host to another. This access will be required for setting up the database. If your web host has already set up the database, make sure you know the database’s name and details.
  • FTP Login: Make sure you have set up the FTP login details with your web host. The login information will be required for FTP access to the host’s server.

WordPress Installation Steps

WordPressNow that you have the required information and tools, follow these steps to install :

1. Download Installation Package

Download WordPress from the official page. Make sure you are downloading the up-to-date version of. This should save the installation package on to your computer system. Once the download is complete, locate the file and extract it to a folder.

2. Upload Files

Once it is downloaded, upload the files to your server. As already mentioned, it is easy to use an FTP client to upload the installation files and folders. If you think it is a difficult process, it is suggested to check this 000Webhost blog post to find out how to install.

When will be the main installation in your account, you may want it to be accessed via your main domain. In this case, you should upload the files and folders to the public_html folder. If you will be running just a part of your site on WP, then you can create a subfolder like public_html/blog.

3. Create Database

The next step is to create a MySQL database. You will also have to create a user with administrator permissions to the database. Just follow the simple steps in MySQL Database Wizard. It will take you through a simple step by step guide allowing you to create your database and user.

You can use the following steps to create the database and user:


  • Click on the MySQL Databases option in cPanel
  • Enter the name of the desired database in the box under ‘create a new database’
  • Click on ‘create database’ button
  • A confirmation message will appear
  • Again open the ‘MySQL Databases’ option from cPanel
  • Click on ‘add a new user’
  • Enter the desired username and password
  • Click on ‘create a user’
  • You will receive a confirmation message

Make sure to note down your database name, username, and password which will be required every time you want to access the database. The information will also be required when you install.

4. Start the Installation

Navigate to your site by opening in a browser.

  • Select the language from the window
  • Click on continue
  • The next page will prompt you to gather all the information required for the installation process
  • Click on ‘lets go’ (assuming that you already have all the information mentioned above)
  • Enter all the information related to the MySQL database
  • Click on ‘submit’( is going to check the provided information to ensure that it is accurate. A confirmation message will appear to confirm if the details are correct)
  • Click on ‘run the install’ option

Provide the admin username and your new website’s title. You will have to create a password for your admin account. Make sure to choose a strong password. You will also be required to provide your email address. It should be an address that is often used. If you lose your ’ password, this email address will be required to recover your account.

You can also choose if your website should be indexed in search engines or not. When you have furnished all this information, click on the button, ‘install ’.


Besides the above-mentioned steps, you can also use Softaculous to install. This is a simpler method to install WP in your host server. The option is available within cPanel. Similarly, you can also use Fantastico for the purpose.

Once it is installed on your server, you can set up your website. The above-mentioned steps should allow you to install without any difficulty. If you need even in-depth details of the process, it is recommended to check the 000Webhost blog post. It addresses each step of the process in detail and further simplifies the process.

Installing is a simple method as long as you follow all the steps mentioned above. Many hosts provide single click installation process, but it is recommended to follow the manual method to address all the different aspects.

 This is a guest contribution from the Tech blogger Nisha Pandey Founder and Owner of SeoTechWorld. Nisha is one of the top Indian professional bloggers who manage different platforms and various other tech-related services.  She also, blog at and  You can reach her via her FacebookPage

Published on: Feb 23, 2018

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