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Has Independent Learning – Self Learning Impacted Your Online Success?

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Last updated on May 5, 2024

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Learning Blogging – Independent Learning – Self Learning Impacted Your Online Success?

Most of the bloggers are self learners! Unless and until we put an effort to learn on a daily basis we will not achieve much success.  Yes, our persistent hard work and self learning will help us to achieve something wonderful in life.

Independent Learning - Self LearningThe world-renowned American-born author, Napoleon Hill is considered to have influenced more people into success than any other person in history. He has been perhaps the most influential man in the area of personal success technique development, primarily through his classic book “Think and Grow Rich” which has helped millions of people and been important in the life of many successful people.

Independent Learning - Self Learning







In his book, he writes: “Successful men, in all callings, never stop learning (acquiring specialized knowledge related to their major purpose, business, or profession.). Those who are not successful usually make the mistake of believing that the knowledge-acquiring period ends when one finishes school.”

The wealth of material available on the internet today has made it possible for anyone to self learning on just about every imaginable subject.

In the recent time during the pandemic period COVID -19 a major number of student community literally went into the process of self learning or independent learning.

Independent Learning – Self Learning: What is a blog?

Check out this video by Darren (the renowned professional Blogger of says about the initial stage of his learning as a blogger. Excellent Information for upcoming bloggers!

Thanks, Darren for sharing your experience as a new blogger.  I am so glad to re-share it here.



We (Philipscom Team) put forward the following question to some of the influential and successful online experts.

Has learning blogging or independent learning or self-learning impacted your online success in any way?”

We received a lot of informative and thought-provoking life experiences from each one of them.

In fact, the answers were tremendous and surprising, almost all who responded, one way or another achieved their success through self learning or independent learning. Their efforts in self learning helped them to achieve success in their respective fields.

Before I present those experiences of online experts, and influencers, let me jot down some of my own experiences.

Independent Learning - Self Learning:My online journey started way back in 2007, and I was like a child looking at the shore of a big ocean called the Internet.
In short, I learned many of its features myself by browsing thru the pages of the internet.  Of course, for this, I took some of my colleague’s and online friends’ guidance.
At that time there were no internet connections at home and there are no android phones around, but only to depend on internet cafes.
That was indeed a costly affair and was a big hindrance to my further learning online.
A few years passed by and net facilities available through cable connections at home.
After office hours, keeping everything else on side and spending a whole lot of time learning different aspects of writing online and blogging. (I still fondly remember the support I received from my late wife. You can read a write-up on this elsewhere on this blog)
Infact my blogging started with writing value-added comments to fellow bloggers’ posts, which become a daily habit and made me to fetch a good number of online friends, this includes a lot of influencers in the industry as well as beginners.
To write a value added comment one needs to read the content well, this  process was indeed a blessing in disguise, that i could acquire a lot of knowledge on different niches especially on blogging and SEO.
In fact, many of my online friends suggestions and advice made me to  learn a lot on this line.
A number of write-ups in this regard under the category “blogging” ‘SEO’  ‘Strategy’ you can read elsewhere on this site.
The journey continued well and different monetary benefits poured in from unexpected  sources.
In short, I learned a major part of blogging SEO, and various other online activities  by self learning or
independent learning.
Of course, this was possible initially with the help of a good number of fellow bloggers.  I fondly remember the kind support received from them in times of difficulties I faced in blogging and website creation.
You can read those personal struggles too in different write-ups elsewhere on this blog under the category “blogging”.
Independent Learning - Self Learning
Though self learning is a great option, in my opinion, a mentor or a genuine and experienced person’s help will be greatly required to move things ease.
Of course, this can be a mutual help and in the long run, this type of collaboration will fetch more benefits to both sides.
This experience really helped me to create different roundup posts as well as various other content here and elsewhere.
You can read some of the testimonies in this regard on this blog post: What others say about Philipscom.
Let me put a full stop here to my experiences.

Here below we present the experts amazing experiences in this Roundup post.  Independent Learning – Self Learning

For your information, the positions in this list are randomised. They do not represent any type of ranking. Thanks to all for your valuable support and response, given in this regard.

Independent Learning – Self Learning – Notes From Experts:

Independent Learning – Self Learning:

I don’t think a person becomes more or less successful based on whether they learn blogging on their own or through a mentor. Blogging is not an exact science, as there are so many different goals, audiences, and methods involved.

To me, the key is to find your own voice and your own style. You have to be original. If you follow somebody else’s “program” too rigidly, it won’t work. But if you use someone else’s program as a base on which to build, that should work well.

For me, I learn best by taking something and running with it. But when you do that, you still can’t do it alone. Blogging is a team sport. You need friends and colleagues for many reasons:

  • Troubleshoot
  • Bounce ideas off
  • Learn from their mistakes
  • Help spread the word about your blog
  • Remind yourself that you are not alone

One of the great things about blogging is how each of us can be totally independent, yet work together to produce and promote a post like this one.

~ David Leonhardt ~


self learning independent learning

Independent Learning – Self Learning
I find this an interesting question…and one not easily answered.
The short answer: “Yes”.
The long answer: Learning the art of blogging has been a trial by fire over the past 12 years.
…and I wouldn’t change a thing.
When it comes to learning practically anything, the route I most often take is the independent one. This was especially true with blogging. Logic and life experience have provided several explanations for my habit of running against the grain:

perspectives. You cannot get all this from a single source, no matter who it is…

  1. I’ve learned concrete skills from brilliant blogging giants like Kevin Duncan at, Jon Morrow at, and Sue Dunlevie at But I’ve also learned amazing tips and refined personal touches from less-known bloggers like Mary Collings at and Jennifer Bly at that have helped shape my blogging identity–which is critical for success.
    You learn very quickly that the true gold is in the information itself, not a name or brand.
  2. Learning on my own meant I had to own it all.
    This is, I believe, a view not often considered. As humans, we tend to lay blame, rather than take responsibility for our own choices.
    Jumping into the trenches on my own has allowed me to develop strength, purpose, and endurance I might not have achieved had I relied solely on a course or system developed by someone else. It would be far too easy to blame my lack of results or success on what someone else created and sold me.
    What I write is on purpose, with purpose. It doesn’t always get the results I want, but it’s mine and I take responsibility for what I say, do, and especially publish to the world.
In the end, I realized that blogging on my own or self learning how to do it step by step didn’t affect my online success…it WAS my online success.

~ Jaime Buckley


Self learningIndependent Learning – Self Learning:

My answer is yes and no. I believe in learning by doing. There are various advantages of self-learning; however, the biggest disadvantage is that it takes more of your precious time. So, if time is a concern for you, then you must go for a guided learning system that may help you achieve success sooner. The same applies to blogging. Learn to blog by taking lessons from blogging coaches, which would help you reduce your learning time and ease the learning curve. Since I went the self-learning route, I had to go through a learning phase that I enjoyed, but it took time. However, eventually, I achieved online success and felt it was all worth the time and effort spent.

~ Harleena Singh  ~  Aha-now


Independent Learning – Self Learning:
Blogging has not only helped my business, it actually defined it. Because in the beginning, I did not know what my business was going to be.
However, for those starting out with a blog or considering it for the future here are the benefits you can enjoy (like I have):
– increase your network with other bloggers (bigger names too) and people online
– make you a better writer, teacher, and learner (which improves every aspect of your blog and business)
– gets you lots more exposure, which is always a good thing
And if you do most of this stuff on your own, you get to learn so many new skills it will blow your mind (writing, researching, technical stuff, web design, SEO, social media, and more).
Go for it!

~ Ashley Faulkes Founder ~ Madlemmings

self learningAll I know about blogging, I have learned by self-studying. Here
are no ready-made recipes to succeed.

The most important advantage is that the blogger’s community is very
receptive, and they try to exchange their knowledge among themselves,
which allows every member of this community to grow and develop. By
self learning, I have come across a lot of different information, which
expands my field of vision and allows the knowledge to settle.

I also truly believe that not repeating the mistakes of others is as essential as learning itself, and this is the key to success and significant growth.”

~ Andis Klavins ~ Webmaster Easy

Self learningIndependent Learning – Self Learning:

Everything I do online I learned online. It started with building websites with Front Pages. Then I specialized in Pay Per Click for 5.5 years when Overture / Yahoo Ads was #1 and Google AdWords was just getting started.

Then on to blogging and social media marketing – even brand strategies for marketing. There is nothing I do and have done for up to 16 years that I did not learn online. We must constantly be learning new skills to keep up with changes in what works.

~ Gail Gardner ~ GrowMap


Independent Learning – Self Learning:

“Learning blogging on my own has helped me greatly online. I developed skills I would have never developed if I had other people handle all blogging tasks for me through outsourcing. I became more independent but also learned to trust in a Higher Power. I followed my fun and detached more from earning profits. I learned the power of online networking to understand that blogging success never truly does anything on its own. ”

~ Ryan Biddulph bloggingfromparadise

Self learingIndependent Learning – Self Learning:

I taught myself a great deal of what I know. I read other people’s tips. Then I put them into practice. I take screenshots as documentation of my success. Then, I blog about my experiences. Showing the screenshots and being able to reference the people that originally thought of the tips, experts in blogging, give me credibility in the eyes of my readers. Once my visitors see I offer proven actionable tips, they often sign up for my blog, and my email list grows. I have been able to turn this into a content marketing funnel and use this success to sell my ebook, AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG, and blog critique services.

I believe if someone has the drive to succeed as a blogger they will succeed regardless of how.
Yes, certainly if someone is driven to succeed, they will read everything they can get their hands on in order to learn to blog inside and out.
I have read books on blogging as well as many articles.
However, while that would be considered “independent/selflearning,” I also think a blogger driven to succeed would attend workshops and webinars.
I have personally done all these things.
Did my independence help? Yes, certainly, but so did my reliance on the organizers of the webinars and conferences I attended.

~ Janice Wald ~ Mostly blogging


Self learning independent learning Independent learning or self-learning has been at the heart of my success on LinkedIn and led me to become ranked among the top 20 LinkedIn experts in the world. When I began writing on LinkedIn, I knew nothing about the platform but over time learned from others who were willing to share their information with me. I shared this information too, along with my own experience and observations, all of which are self-taught.

My main sources of information have been LinkedIn posts and articles, LinkedIn lives and other events, podcasts, and books. The wealth of information available has never been greater and whatever our subject matter is, there are those willing to share information about it for those, like me, who are interested in learning. 

Lynnaire Johnson Lynnaire


independent learning self learning After ten years of blogging, I can confidently say that independent learning has been an invaluable tool in maintaining my blog’s success. Without it, new bloggers such as myself would struggle to find even the most basic information. From WordPress tutorials to SEO analyses, new skills, and knowledge have been a daily part of my journey – each new tip or tactic deepening my understanding and improving the blog’s performance. Independent learning is necessary for new bloggers if they want to succeed in the future – but with the right attitude and desire, amazing results are within reach.

I’ve also learned a lot from other bloggers along the way – both from reading their posts, watching their videos, and engaging with them on their blogs and on social media, no one can blog alone today.

Lisa Sicard


Self learning independent learning Blogging is always a self-learning curve. Many people start off by themselves, but the best way to improve is to read, absorb and understand other people’s blogs. That is what I did. I may not have approved, appreciated, or applied what I saw or read, but I certainly took it on board.

What I did learn is that blogging will succeed if you are tapping into what your readership/audience wants. It is so easy to write on what you want to write about, but this may not be what your readers want. If you are able to conform or adapt to your audience and find the most suitable way to communicate with them (this needn’t only be writing, but videos or podcasts or infographics or other forms of media) they feel an affinity with you.

I think online success is impeded if you don’t get your connection with your audience right. If you are able to find a way to get them on board, and make them feel comfortable with what you do, so that they are compelled to engage with you via the comments, and also on social media and offline at blogging conferences, then you know you are more than half-way there!

Alice Elliot Fairyblogmother


Self learningIndependent Learning – Self Learning:
When I started blogging, way back in 2003 – Independent learning was the only option because very few people knew about blogging at that time. Years later, in 2006+ I moved on to self-hosted domains and started several niche-based blogs and sites.
One of those things about self-learning is that you get the whole picture, not what others want you to see. If you start today and I tell you about how things were in 2005 – you won’t understand the real thing, because you haven’t experienced it on your own.
My online success mostly includes the companies for which I work, some of them are my clients and others are my own. I do SEO, social media marketing, Conversion Optimization, PPC, crowdfunding, VC pitching, and many other things because I learned the whole thing myself, independently. This is exactly what I recommend to other bloggers too – Learn on your own, do get help where ever you need but don’t stop self-exploring.

~Uttoran Sen,


Self learning independent learningDefinitely. Learning to blog is done mostly on your own. You can not learn to blog by reading books or posts or by watching videos/attending webinars/follow online courses. Without doing, there is no learning.

Learning to blog means learning a lot of things. It’s about content marketing, writing, and learning about choosing the right keywords to write about. It is about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to write your posts in order to be indexed by Google. It’s also about learning the power of social media and how to harness this power in order to drive traffic.

It’s also about connecting with other like-minded bloggers. Sharing knowledge and experiences. Learning how to drive traffic and gain exposure by commenting on other authority blogs.

Finally, self learning is about learning how the game is played in digital marketing and digital media -the future.

~ Mario Andreas Tofaride ~ EverythingAboutEBooks

Self Learning

Independent Learning – Self Learning:
I started my online journey in 2010, with zero knowledge about blogging.
It took me weeks (for some things even months), before understanding how to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog, or using the cPanel of my hosting provider. I’ve read lots of resources, both free and paid.
If I could go back in time, I’d surely hire an expert blogger to teach me the right path from the beginning.  This could have saved me a lot of time and money.

~ Erik Emanuelli ~

Self learningIndependent Learning – Self Learning:

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey through blogging … And I wouldn’t have changed anything about it! :-)

Going against the grain and building my personal brand without a website has been incredibly fun, and challenging and has encouraged waves of curiosity.

I believe discovering what impacts success through your own trial and error is of great value. I dared to venture into places where it seems nobody had been before, by not having a website and solely guest blogging.

The experience and personal development it nurtured has been invaluable.

If I’d hired somebody, they would have most likely called me crazy for not using a website to build my blogging presence. My personal brand would not have been the same.

However: This is all directly related to your circumstances, personality type, motivation, and passion.

For instance: If I would have been lazy and not bothered to invest insane amounts of time and energy into blogging and the creation of my personal brand — Today would have looked entirely different to what it looks like now.

Sometimes, an extra helping hand can get you to where you want to be. Online courses, blogs, and eBooks can also educate one very well.

Whatever you do, this is critical to remember:

Learn from others who are successful. Take note of what’s happening around you … But forge your own path.

Your blogging journey is unique.

(And if you do wish to ‘go it alone’ in blogging — Here are my unusual tips for time efficiency!)

~ Sam Hurley


Of course yes. I learned blogging and SEO on my own. Also, I learned how to edit WordPress themes. It helped me in a lot of ways. Whenever something goes wrong; I don’t need to hire a developer, I can fix it myself.
Now, I have a team to manage the blogs. When you yourself know things inside out, you can get work done by others in a better way. If I would not have learned things myself then it would not have been easy to train the team to work exactly as I wanted.
Self-learning increases your patience because you can’t expect results quickly when you are still in a learning phase. This helped me a lot as I have seen many people starting blogging/startups with the sole aim of earning money. Because of a lack of patience, they quit quite early.
Lastly, independent learning forced me to experiment with many things. With experiments, you get actual data instead of blindly trusting anything else. So, my advice would be to take guidance from the experts in your industry but don’t be fully dependent on them.

Rajesh Namase. TechLila


Self learningLearning blogging on my own (self-learning) gave me more confidence as I made mistakes multiple times doing one thing, and you know the collection of mistakes is called experience. So, when you learn things by trying them out many times, you become more confident. And, that’s what happened to me too. I am pretty much confident in the work I do. I got a better experience as I tried doing most of the blogging stuff on my own.

I am sure if someone else would be teaching me, I might not be this much confident. And, when you are confident and experienced, nothing stops you to taste success.

~ Atish RanjanTechtricksworld


Self learning independent learningLearning to blog on my own has impacted my success as a blogger. I won’t actually tag myself “successful,” however; I have recorded lots of positive changes in my blogging career. I now make some bucks from blogging unlike before when I used to blog without earning a dime.

When I first heard about blogging, I didn’t know what it is. Someone made mention of it on a bus; The blogger was explaining how he made lots of money from it.

I got home and decided to do research on what blogging truly means. After reading and acquiring a rudimentary knowledge of blogging, I set out to create my first blog around 2013. I have managed up to four blogs since then of which some of them failed.

When I started out blogging, I couldn’t write a 300 words article, but after numerous independent research and practice, I was able to get rid of that problem.

I failed several times because I had no private teacher. However, it is a good thing that I had to pass through all those hurdles because whenever I return after every fall, I try not to repeat the same mistake that leads to my failure, thus improving my chances of getting successful results.

Deborah Anderson socialwebcafe


I have learned the art of blogging on my own with the help of huge resources available on the internet. This certainly has made me self-reliant and independent as a blogger. It also gives me a sense of achievement. Although I must admit that the pace at which online success is expected is slow since self-learning the art, both technically and non-technically does consume a lot of time. But the positive side to it is that of today date, there are so many successful bloggers in every domain, so I do take their advice whenever I get stuck. I feel, self-learning certainly adds to one’s experience, which can be clubbed with networking with other fellow bloggers so as to learn from their experiences too.

Bindu Cherungath  BinduCherungath


What others says about PhilipscomI’ve paid for only one blogging course since I started working online. That course clarified the basics for me, but I have learned so much on my own since that. To better understand SEO I like reading Brian Dean’s posts. For improving my blogging skills, I listen to the Pro Blogger podcast. Jon Morrow is also one of my favorite bloggers.

I find out new things about internet marketing from friends that I met online and from blogging groups on Facebook.
My favorite way of learning new things is from my expert roundups. It sounds contra-intuitive because when you write a post, you should already know the topic, but in roundups, I get to learn from the most influential and experienced bloggers.
For example, despite running into a lot of difficulties while working on WordPress, I always assumed that it is the only platform a blogger should use for a business site. Recently, I learned, from a roundup that I did, that there are a lot of other great alternatives, like website builders, that are better for bloggers that don’t have advanced coding knowledge.
The more I learned about blogging, the more I improve the quality of my work. Thanks to self-learning I’ve become more confident in my skills.

~ E Minuca Elena minucaelena


I got into the blogging concept some time back. I realized, nothing could be better for those who always seek to learn and share their acquired knowledge.
Selflearning something will always make you experiment and spread your arms out of your comfort zone, doesn’t matter if that goes wrong. Because failure makes you learn a lot. Whether it is covering all the SEO aspects of the blog or even maintaining a healthy relationship with fellow bloggers. As Blogging is not just about writing.
A profession without learning will not take one anywhere. I am looking forward to exploring more and more in the online industry. One doesn’t have to rush into it.
“Crawling in the right direction is better, than running towards the wrong one”
Online has great potential if done in the right way. So far it’s been a great learning curve for me. And selflearning is turning out right for me toward online success.

Name – Navin Rao,  – questioncage


self learning independent learning
I learnt blogging for a year before I started my blogging journey. I followed a lot of blogs and studied their blogging techniques for months. Through self learning, I joined some communities and forums where I was able to learn and solve my online issues. I have been able to achieve so much on my blog through Self learning.
Self learning has a lot of benefits and can help a blogger be successful online. The internet has tons of resources which is available for everyone on any topic.
You can virtually learn anything on the Internet. With enough determination, focus and a plan, one can teach himself to blog and be successful on the Internet
However, the only draw back with this type of learning is that it can take a lot of time especially if one has no clue as to where to begin.
This is why It is best to get a coach or join a community if you want to learn blogging or internet marketing as fast as possible. The experience of a coach will shorten your success rate and you get to avoid unnecessary mistakes online.

~ Ikechi Awazie ~ Ikechi Awazie

self learning independent learning

I’d have to say the most important lesson I’ve learned this year has to do with staying Focused! I have learned to shut off everything when I am writing my Blog Posts. Shutting out all distractions makes it so much easier to focus on the task at hand and Yes it certainly does help me to get things done.

This was such an important lesson for me, because before I would have my FaceBook instant messages going off, or someone from Skype wanting to chat.

Oh, Yeh, there is a lot of noise online and this can be very distracting when trying to get things done. But if you have your daily goals in front of you and stay focused on the task at hand… Well, it is hard to fail. The same goes any sort of online success. If you want it bad enough, know your why and stay focused. Nothing can stop you.

~ Chery Schmidt Internet Grandma

I’m a big believer that we often don’t know what we don’t know. Teaching myself how to run and grow a successful blog allowed me to seek out solutions to problems I didn’t even know I would have when I first started. It helped me to avoid information overload and to acquire new skills only as I needed them.

~ Brent Jones ~


self learningI believe it is always better to have a combination of self-learning as well as seeking help and guidance from a mentor is the best option when it comes to blogging or any type of online business we plan to do. If you rely only on the self-learning process, there is a chance that you will make mistakes and end up losing a lot of your precious time which might lead to less productivity. Self-learning and doing your own research before doing any kind of business will help you come up with better and more efficient ideas for planning any venture in mind. Still, the presence of a mentor who already has practical experience in the field will make wonders that you may not even imagine.

Reji Stephenson Digitaldimension4u

Self learningI first started making money online in the mid-90s with affiliate marketing and a few other methods. I’ve always enjoyed creating my own websites and content to push the majority of my affiliate marketing volume and revenue. In 2007, I launched my first blog at and it completely changed everything. I originally created the site because I wanted to help others learn how to start a business online, but also to establish a brand for myself and not be an “affiliate” forever. This was the best decision I had made — today the blog and my brand are two of the biggest factors in my life and business today. Theopportunities that came as a result of the bloghave been pretty amazing as well.  Everything was self-taught (even from back in the mid-90s), and I highly recommend you attempt to do the same.

~ Zac Johnson CEO, MoneyReign


Make money onlineIn general, learning blogging or independent learning can have a significant impact on online success for individuals who rely on their online presence, such as bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, or freelancers.

Blogging can help individuals establish themselves as experts in their field, build an audience, and create a network of like-minded individuals. It can also improve their writing skills, critical thinking, and communication skills, which are valuable skills in many professions.

Independent or self-learning, on the other hand, can help individuals stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in their field, learn new skills, and expand their knowledge. This can be particularly beneficial in fields that are rapidly changing or where new technologies and tools are being introduced frequently.

Overall, both blogging and independent learning can help individuals increase their online presence, build their brand, and stand out from their competitors. However, success in these areas also depends on factors such as consistency, quality, and relevance of content, as well as the ability to connect with and engage their audience.”

Robin Khokhar, TrickyEnough


Self learning independent learning For me, it was curiosity and interest in future ways of learning that made me start. There is a lot of learning and, yes, self-learning and learning by doing and experiencing up and downs help best.
Also, connecting to other bloggers and groups helps a lot. Most of them are ready to share their knowledge and even many videos that can help start and solve specific problems. Some created helpful books or courses. I believe everybody who comes to blogging and loves it can find his style and tribe to be successful.

Erika Mohssen-Beyk Erika Mohssen

Independ learning self learningHas learning blogging on your own (Independent Learning Self-Learning) impacted your online success?

Yes, Self-education has proven to be indispensable. You have to have a desire to learn and a passion for the topic or else “self-learning” won’t work. The undisciplined blogger will neglect learning new things, which leads to poor blog performance.

On the other hand, the blogger education materials available for any self-starter to access is out there thanks to the hard work of others who have gone before us. I couldn’t have done it without people like Demian Farnworth, Brian Clark, Rand Fishkin, and Sonia Simone.

I hope that will work and I’m not too late! :) Thanks for reaching out, Philip! Please let me know when this awesome post is LIVE!

~ Matthew Kaboomis Loomisite


Independent Learning – Self Learning

Blogging is the cornerstone of my success. It’s what sets me apart in the marketplace and allows me to build trust and authority with my audience.

My blog content also attracts the most traffic, so it’s the first step to attracting new business.”

~ Michael Karp copytactics

Self learning

Independent Learning – Self Learning

Has learning blogging on your own (Independent Learning Self Learning) impacted your online success?​

“The answer is both yes and no.
How come?
My goal was to skyrocket my blog as FAST as possible.
So I started by studying from the best bloggers I knew, and then I paid for their courses and coaching.
That gave me the ability to teach the basic skills of blogging from the best.
Then it was time for me to get out there…  and DO the work.
To write epic blog posts and learn the ropes.
I would never have had the success I have had WITHOUT learning from the best in the start (read: taken courses and coaching from the best).

That being said, I would also never have had success WITHOUT hustling like crazy and putting in massive action with my blogging.
Want to become a successful blogger?
Then you need to be over-delivering in every single interaction.
That is how you build your brand.
You might be thinking, “Tor I hear you, but does putting in the hard work with blogging really work?”
Good question!
Judge for yourself.
In less than two years, I have won multiple awards for my blogging. And I just got featured in a book with some of the best marketers in the world: Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, Yaro Starak & Grant Cardone
Yeah, and I used content marketing to build my business coaching business, where I was able to 20x my revenue within a year.”

Tor Refsland, Business Coach and Digital Marketing Strategist. TimeManagementChef


Self learning

Independent Learning – Self Learning

As a new blogger and non-tech person, my first challenge was to build the site. Should I learn how to build my site on my own or ask somebody to do this for me? Many bloggers offer this service when you join their programs. I am glad I did learn to build my site on my own. In doing so, I acquire some fundamental skills to maintain the site daily.

However, the online business using blogging as a tool is a complicated and time-consuming business. Online business is a fast-paced one. The curve of learning blogging on your own is too slow to keep up with the flow. Now I am looking to work with mentors for online marketing to improve the level of my success.

~ Stella Chiu – 


Independent Learning – Self Learning

“I’ve learned EVERYTHING I know about online marketing in general and traffic generation specifically on my own, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

When learning on your own, you read information from different sources, all kinds of angles, promising various outcomes. You can’t take it ALL at face value… so the only way to know what works and what doesn’t is to actually DO it.

That’s where self learning is invaluable. You don’t rely on someone else to tell you what you should do in YOUR business… YOU are the one who knows best – by constantly testing the knowledge you get from others.”

~ Ana Hoffman ~ TrafficGenerationCafe

Independent Learning – Self Learning
Learning blogging on my own has had a huge impact on my blog, my audience, and my overall success.
Unlike a skill that is taught in, say, college, and then implemented in a normal work environment, blogging is fraught with trial and error.
Most new bloggers, myself included, don’t spend months studying how to blog. We just dive in and let experience be our guide, along with articles, recommendations, and courses along the way that we come across.
That’s partly due to the ease at which someone can start, and partly due to the fact that every blog is unique which makes having a standard path for learning and achieving success a challenge.
For myself, this has proven to be extremely rewarding since the topic of my blog is in fact blogging overall. I write about social media and email and blogging and how all of that together creates an effective content marketing strategy. And a large part of my writing repertoire is sharing the various techniques and tools that I’ve discovered and tested, and what the results were.
Often, then, what I end up sharing is what I did wrong and how I fixed it. Or at least how someone else might avoid that mistake themselves.
That’s proven to be remarkably interesting to my readers and subscribers and has resulted in a very successful writing and consulting career.

~ Mike Allton ~ thesocialmediahat


Independent Learning – Self Learning
Like most entrepreneurs, I started by getting my “Ph.D. in Googling”. If you’re smart about your search, there are few answers you can’t find for free online– the trick just becomes putting it together in the right way, at the right time, without getting overwhelmed or focusing on the wrong things. It wasn’t until I hired a coach (multiple coaches, actually) that I was able to successfully synthesize what I’d learned and make it work in a big way for my business.

~ Brittany Bullen ~

Independent Learning – Self Learning
Considering I never planned to work with computers or in marketing while attending college, I ended up being self-taught, or trained at my job to learn how to add content to websites, build them and leverage PR. As websites evolved in the mid 90’s, I realized I needed to flex my writing muscles. All that I learned up to that point came into play – every job I’d ever had. My mentor said I HAD TO LEARN WORDPRESS. End of options. I did and never looked back. It has kept my value to my clients increasing as I continue to fold those skills into my 20+ years of marketing, advertising and PR experience. I think learning it “on my own” was the BEST way to put in my hours to become an expert.

~ Susan Finch SusanFinch.Com


self learning
Independent Learning – Self Learning
Blogging has changed the definition and purpose of my writing. As an entrepreneur, when I started blogging, my first challenge was to develop a user-friendly website where I can post blogs and my next challenge was to market that website.

To cater to this situation, I learned Search Engine Marketing (the most interesting thing on the internet) to market my blogs. Initially, self-learning was time-consuming but after investing enough time it has come out as the most powerful online marketing tool for my business.

In this digital age, blogging is an online platform where you can connect virtually with your customer (potential) as well as existing customers. Although blogging is not a visible marketing model, it has tremendous power to generate traffic and leads

~ Gangadhar Kulkarni, SEOgdk


Self learningIndependent Learning – Self Learning

You know, when I first started, there weren’t any “learn how to blog” classes. You couldn’t get online and find out how to do well online. I signed on when it was fresh and new and Google was this tiny startup. We’ve had some trial and error, but overall I think we’ve ended up doing better for it.
Learning on your own is great for deepening your understanding of how blogging works. While you can always go look for more information on how to do it (now, anyways), adding an element of self-learning gives your blog an extra layer of richness, I think. You really get to see how your writing improves over time, and you get to see what performs best for your audience.

In guided learning, we have a tendency to keep blinders on and not think outside the box. Don’t do anything beyond what you’re being told, because it might be the wrong thing, you know? If you’re learning by yourself, it’s all outside the box. It’s new, it’s exciting, and it’s a constant adventure to get better.

~Gabriella Sannino 


Self learning Independent Learning – Self Learning

The first time I tried blogging was back in 2004 (or even earlier). There were no “how to” guides available and the concept of “blogosphere” wasn’t around yet (at least, not much). I had to learn everything by myself — and even had to install WordPress manually, at the time.

It was very much a game of trying and seeing how people respond to my content kind of experience. Has learning blogging by myself impacted my online success? Undoubtedly. I was able to get to know audiences better and learn what they like and don’t like. It got me closer to my target markets and I was more fit to answer my visitors’ questions and solve my customers’ problems.

The best way to learn something is to actually try and do it, rather than just read or theorize about it. So… don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and start writing!

Louie Luc is an online businessman that manages several authority and niche websites and has been blogging for a very long time now. You can follow his work and learn from his experience on his blog.

~ Louie Lu ~


Self learning Independent Learning – Self Learning:

I read your question in three different ways…. Each gave me something to think about, so I’ll answer them all!
Learning blogging by “self learning” actually impacted my online success detrimentally, because it slowed me down. It wasn’t that I found it hard to get the basic blog up. It was that as my knowledge increased I discovered better ways to do things, so had to keep going back and redoing them. If I had invested a few dollars in a proper course I’m sure it would have saved me a lot of time to get on with my main business.
Learning blogging “on my own” – i.e. alone – didn’t help me either. Only when I became part of the PAC community did I get the help and support that I needed to take my blog to the next level.
Actually HAVING a blog has only marginally improved my online success financially, as I have only made a few sales that I can directly attribute to my blog. However, what it has done is give me a platform to showcase my main business and now be recognized as an “expert” by authority figures such as yourself.

~ Joy Healey.


independent learning Independent Learning – Self Learning:

“As a content marketer, blogging has a huge impact on my online success.

And I would argue that self-learning played a huge part in my development, it’s that feeling of fumbling in the dark and finding your own ways that’s so satisfying. From creating your first WordPress site to buying your own domain name, to actually being able to touch CSS codes, to appearing on search engines, to earning from your efforts. One day, you’d stop and wonder: “how did I manage to do all that!”

Via blogging, I was able to establish myself in my industry, rank on search engines (as we all know Google prefers long-form and meaty content), gain traffic, and monetize my site. That said, success is a tangible word. What blogging really helped me achieve over the year was to connect with others in a meaningful way. It’s a journey from not knowing what I’m doing, to being able to accurately express myself and being helpful in some way.

Whether you want to learn more about yourself or scale your business, blogging is certainly worth a try. All the guides you need are available online, and most of them at no cost at all.”

Anh Nguyen ~ Bloggingthing


Learning Blogging on my own is definitely a big part of my online progress. I would not say it was a success as it is an ongoing process and never-ending.

I was fond of writing poems and someone told me that you can write on the internet as well. Then I started my first blog some 5 years ago but lost interest as I didn’t like the Blogspot interface.
Then someone told me about custom WordPress. That was the time I started learning about it and set up my first WP Blog Am I Psyche? which is a multi-niche blog nowadays fetching enormous traffic from around the world.

I learned SEO myself and I applied tricks on my websites which urge me to spread my knowledge through Rusty Blogger. That practical knowledge turned my life. I got a chance to meet and greet a lot of industry experts. I got a chance to Host BlogX which is the biggest blogging event in India.
Self-learning can take you from nowhere to everywhere. Just don’t stop and make effort if you think that the results will be awesome.

~Abhishek Jain Rusty Blogger


self learning independent learning Independent Learning – Self Learning:

Blogging helped my other online activities. A lot.

A few years after learning to use e-mail, the next online activity I took up was blogging. Back in 2007. What a sweet release that was!

One could right away ‘publish’ poems, stories, and snatches of daily life, thoughts, and opinions, without having to send them to publishers. And the writing was such fun.

We also had a community of bloggers, visiting one another’s blogs and leaving comments. We had real meaningful interactions that way. I remember one day finding a comment left by an online friend: “I can’t sleep tonight, so I’ve come to visit you.” Yes, reading someone’s blog was like conversing with them.

Somehow, Facebook has taken over now, and I connect to people more through it. But blogging still has its special place for lengthier and more serious writing.

~ Malsawmi Jacob, Poet and writer, Bangalore.


Self learningIndependent Learning – Self Learning:

I’ve actually started blogging completely by myself, which I’m sure is how most people do it. Blogging gets more complicated when you start doing it for content marketing purposes, which I learned to do mostly by trial and error. A big reason for that was that content marketing wasn’t exactly “a thing” back then.
Blogging by myself has helped me quite a bit though, even if I made any mistakes along the way. Sure, it’s helped me grow my business and my online profile, but it also helped me learn a lot about the industry and about digital marketing in general.

~ Lilach Bullock lilachbullock


Self learningIndependent Learning – Self Learning:

Learning to blog on my own has greatly impacted my online existence. I started to dream, tried to be successful, and failed many times.

The thing is, I am really proud of it. It encouraged me and made me stubborn that I have to be successful even though it takes years.

My failure taught me I have lackings that I have to cover up. This is the watchword I am following to date.

I feel lucky that I got started on my own. So, whoever wants to get started, I think this is the right path to go.

~ Abrar Mohi Shafee


Jagadeesh Mohan Kumar NambiarIndependent Learning – Self Learning:
“Started blogging in early 2005 helped a lot in exploring SEO along with forum write-ups and moderation. To write a blog, you need to read a lot and experiment with the success of the understanding. SEO & SEM information in those days was very low and experiments led the way.
The success and failure of the experiments lead to the facts and figures. Definitely, you will be blown with ideas when you share what you have learned and it will lead to online success in terms of fame and online presence. Users who search for topics of the same interest will definitely call for guest blogging, interviews, and an event organizer.

~ Jagdeesh Kumar Nambiar Jagdeesh 


Yes, it has.

Blogging has made me not less than $105,000 since I started in December 2014. Most newbies think they need to get gargantuan traffic before they can earn income from blogging. No. And that brings to mind BOLDNESS.

Boldness comes by faith, not ability.

The “I can do spirit” entered me when I started blogging. I read about blogging. I got the faith. And I started. Now, I have the ability.

My boss at World Vision International once asked, “How are you able to do this entire online thing?” I laughed and replied, “It’s God.” Because this part of our world seems to be a… many still think anything computer is complicated. Yet, my boss holds MSc. in Geophysical Engineering and this simple little online business baffles him.

There are traditional ways of doing things, but I have realized that not until you venture to do what people think is impossible you wouldn’t succeed. Yes, know the right codes to use first.

Blogging has no doubt frustrated me several times and one of the lessons I’ve learned from that is no one is an Island here on earth.

You must be connected to be recognized.

You must be a giver to even have friends. Give them your heart and they’ll troop into your camp.

There’s no shortcut to success. I learned blogging the hard way.

Want to know the benefit?

I don’t expend on-site developers, SEO or marketers because I’m bold and I have the ability to work everything out.

~ Francis Quarshie Gallopl


Self learningLearning blogging on my own has had an impact on my success as a blogger in some ways. When one is passionate about something and wants to do it well one will make the extra effort to do so including teaching oneself.

In teaching myself I, therefore, went through trials and failures until I came up with what works for me and not what ‘the school of thought’ teaches. This is a valuable experience that I will not forget as easily as when I read it somewhere.

The other thing is that I am able to share the knowledge gained with others who might have just started or even to correct some who might not be new but are struggling. I measure my success not only in financial terms but also in terms of those persons to whom I was able to teach something new or different. I practice giving value first and then the money can come after, I feel this is more important than the money being the prime objective.

So yes, learning blogging has impacted me in a positive way!

~ Vinton Samms


Self learning independent learning Independent Learning – Self Learning:

Being a blogger is an exposure to the cybersphere. The process of learning blogging by myself has made me make many experiments. Therefore, I have gotten experience in various areas of the internet. I’m no longer a blogger alone, but automatically an internet marketer, web designer, graphic designer, and entrepreneur as well, through the aid of blogging.

I do a whole lot of businesses online and blogging is the bedrock as it’s the foundation and start of my online ventures. I use some of my blogs to market myself and my services, this is one sure way I have been able to promote my services online, and therefore, I will say learning blogging on my own has contributed immensely to my online success.

~ Larry Frank


independed learning - self learningIndependent Learning – Self Learning:

To answer your question, “Yes!” I do believe that trying to learn blogging or anything else online is an uphill battle. You most definitely need some kind of mentoring or guidance from someone who is already a success at it.

Many people online share a tremendous amount of information that is so overwhelming that a new blogger can develop a fear of doing anything. Fear can put you on a course that makes it hard for success.

I’m not saying that all the information out there is wrong. It’s just that not all information is right for everyone. You have to put forth the effort to try different techniques until you find the method that works for you.

Even then, it’s not something that’s going to develop overnight. There is no such thing as getting rich online by doing nothing.

I’ve worked online for quite a few years. I have followed many bloggers and I’ve tried many different techniques. Until I started following a few select bloggers, the steps needed to work for me were never clear until the last few months.

It is sad and lots of times costly for so many, that they give up before they find what works for them.

My advice is to find someone who has been working online for a while and is already a success in the same niche that you’re interested in. Follow them, talk with them, and pattern after them but do not copy them.

Monna Ellithorpe


Learning how to build a successful blog all by yourself is like climbing Everest. But if you are determined, you can easily climb it. If you are starting from scratch, I personally suggest you find a mentor as soon as possible. If you don’t have any budget for that, spend time in networking with the influencers and read as many books as possible.
Being consistent is the key to successful blogging. That’s what I did in 2010. I’m still into blogging because I’m consistent even when things went south.
So making, sure you are not only determined but persistent is the key to long-term blogging success. Treat your blog as a business and learn to network with others. Always think win/win, that’s how you succeed.

~ Anil Agrawal Bloggerspassion


I started my Blogging journey in 2008, and I learned so many things the hard way. But it was just casual blogging, I was a student and I didn’t bother much about Blogging. Later, when I started to make money out of this, I decided, why not make this as my profession itself, because ‘making money’ and ‘doing something you love’ are the most important aspects of a career/profession.
Back in those days, competitions were less, but likewise, we didn’t really have that much of resources like Quora, Facebook groups, and so on. The journey was challenging, yet, thanks to some fellow bloggers, I was able to reach a standard despite the struggles. I learned the power of community, and I started to create one around our blog(s), so even though I was on my own during all these ups and downs, I was still motivated & guided by our community members. :)

~ Pradeep Kumar,   HellBound Bloggers 

self learning / independed learningAs I always say, blogging is all about learning, writing, and having fun around. There may be thousands of guides that promise blogging success.

But you know that self-experience is the best thing. You write, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Independent learning has had a major impact on my blogging career. I have done a lot of mistakes, followed many guides, written hundreds of articles, many blog promotion mistakes, and a lot more.

But I learned to generate my own path.

We learn from our own experiences. It’s all about how you adapt.

~ Ravi Chahar,Blogginglove


Self learningBlogging is one of the most interesting professions and there is no formal education about it. When you blog you need three aspects:
1. Content expertise: You need to be able to write in a simple manner that the most basic readers understand
2. SEO: Getting traffic from Google is the best way to get visitors to your site so ranking on Google is very important
3. Copy: Your title should be captivating so that people click to read it
None of these are taught in traditional schools and colleges so it’s best to learn on your own. Unless you learn on your own you won’t succeed in blogging.

Russell Lobo


self learningI stepped up when I came across the concept of blogging back in 2008. It took me two years to figure out what to do with blogging. I started off on a free blogging platform. I made tons of mistakes and failed miserably in the beginning.

I was lacking what any starter would miss out on without a guideline. But the process that I went through taught me great lessons. Not only did it educate me but it also provided me with experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I learned a lot in the past few years and I kept on going. All this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t step up. I made it this far because of two reasons, a) I wanted to keep LEARNING, b) I passionately love blogging.

~ Hassaan Khan hassaankhan

saima ashraf's profile photoYes, there is no doubt that blogging opens a new window to the world of knowledge. Self-learning of blogging connects people sans frontiers and people with different mindsets and niches to share their thoughts with one another.

Especially when we talk about search engine optimization, blogging gives us a platform as writers and SEO both. Since the world of words particularly, the web writing today has been tunneled to optimization, a blog is a great outlet for your profile and excellence. When I apply for online jobs, I pick the relevant posts from my blog and win that job. So it is a BIG yes from me to the question that self-learning of blogging has played a key role in my online success. My blog makes me visible to the world. Simple!

~Saima Ashraf  Saimaonline


In one way, it’s true. It takes a longer time to grab things. I tried to learn from many kinds of stuff and make things work. But a structured learning process with guidance could have definitely helped me to get success faster.

However, I believe that the best of learning happens in self-mode. It gives us the freedom of learning. When you try out different things, you will see many failures. But that also gives you the opportunity to learn what works and what not. Everyone has their own learning curve and that’s the best part of blogging. As we all know that self-taught bloggers are the best of all time :)

~ Manidipa Bhaumik WPBlogging360


Absolutely! I actually spent years trying to do it on my own. I took course after course, read blog post after blog post and got nowhere. I tried to implement what experts were saying, trying to recreate their success. And I failed for years. There was always something missing from what I was doing.

It wasn’t until I hired a coach that I finally got the feedback I needed, and the clarity I was looking for. She helped guide me in a direction I was kind of already heading in, but it needed some refinement.

I always knew what I wanted to blog about, but with a clearer picture of my own blog, I am able to define who I want to blog for and help them do the same.

~ Corinne Kerston corinnekerston



You cannot learn to swim in a classroom. You have to step in the water to get going. Same is the case with blogging.
I’ve been blogging since 2015 and I have never attended any formal training to learn to blog. It was all about selflearning for me.
So, did selflearning to blog helped me to be more successful?
Almost 2 years down the line, I can safely say, I am glad that I explored blogging on my own.
1. Self Learning helped me learn the things which were important to my blogging niche and not the generalized things taught by the blogging gurus.
2. It helped me explore new ways of ranking my blog which are probably unknown to the world.
3. Selflearning taught me how to step into my reader’s shoes and read their mind to generate the exact content which they want.
4. I developed the confidence, that I can be successful on my own.
So yes, learning to blog on my own has positively impacted my online success.

Aquif Shaikh  bloggingocean


Self learning independent learning Blogging is the cornerstone of my success. It’s what sets me apart in the marketplace and allows me to build trust and authority with my audience.

My blog content also attracts the most traffic, so it’s the first step to attracting new business.”

~ Michael Karp


The internet is a boon for the naturally curious. The knowledge at our fingertips is nearly unlimited today. Taking advantage of what is available has allowed me to learn from the many sources of information available online including blogs, YouTube, and articles.
One of the interesting facts is writing my blogs has greatly increased my learning. The act of clarifying my thoughts and learning more in order to write requires me to study.
Much of this results in online success in fairly difficult-to-quantify ways. The easiest to see how directly learning on your own helps is when you need answers to specific questions or solutions to specific problems and you can quickly research online and apply what you learn immediately. This has helped me a great deal and I try to provide that service to others on my blogs.

John Hunter Finance and Entrepreneurship Blog


self learning Independent learningYes, Independent learning played a crucial role in it. I do believe one should read books, and blogs and attend seminars/workshops but NOT completely rely on that knowledge. They should just use that knowledge in implementing their own strategies.
Do you know what? Nobody will reveal their secrets of how they earn and how they got into it. They just give you an
overview. Believe me, nobody is going to reveal their secrets because they had a hard time discovering them.
Anything that you will learn in this industry will just come from playing the game and failing again and again. I know, it’s tough but that only takes you to the next level.
Bookish knowledge doesn’t work in this field. You need to fail and learn yourself. Each and every successful blogger had passed that bad phase and now, it’s your turn.
The learning phase goes throughout life and never stops. We always get successful when we take our blog to next level, no matter what is the growth rate.
So what works best for me is to, read a lot and then implement that in my strategy, test, fail, and learn.

~ Nikhil Ganotra Universal Blogging Tips  

“My short answer is: Yes.It was the year 2012 when I first heard about blogging and making money online. Though blogging is not my core part of earning, I am pretty passionate about it.As I am a digital marketer by profession, blogging is something that adds value in my profile and I feel sound sharing my thoughts on my blogs.Whatever I have learned to date is absolutely self-learning. I have never gone for any formal training. However, I attend workshops and seminars at regular intervals.Now, coming to the point “whether learning blogging on your own has impacted your online success or not”Yes, it has impacted me in several ways.

  • It has helped my network connections with fellow bloggers.
  • It has helped me learn by doing the A/B tests rather than spending huge sums on professional training.
  • It has helped me earn a side income with Affiliate Marketing which takes just a few hours a week.

On a final note, I would suggest the newcomers start and keep on trying by self-learning because by doing so, you will be able to identify what works for your blogs and what should be avoided.”

Riyaz Alam  ongraph


I learned A to Z in “Blogging” on my own.

I never went to any training class or something like that. Frankly speaking, I never went to any Blogger Meet too.

The thing is you must have a “Interest” in Blogging. You should always believe in your ability to get success when it comes to on-line business or any other business. First you start believe yourself that you can reach the goal within a stipulated time. For that you should work very hard and also learn a lot. Blogging is not a one day business. It’s a Process. You can learn lot of things during this process. Another thing most of the bloggers fail to make money because they are not implemented what they learned during these years. I saw so many bloggers in the past and also at present even after 8 years of blogging. Still they are not able to make 100 dollars a month. The thing is they are not implemented what they learned and another thing lack of knowledge also. First of all they don’t know “Where to Start and Where to End”. If this problem with newbies then no problem. But it happens with so called declared themselves as ProBloggers and not even making 100 dollars a month even after doing 8 years of blogging. This is very sad. Another thing the “EGO Problem”. I have 8 years of experience in blogging. How can I seek help from others. Oh dear! if you want to get success then you never hesitate to ask help from others whether it’s a newbie or problogger or your fellow blogger friend.
Frankly speaking, I learned a lot from my fellow bloggers’ friends.
Apart from Google, Wikipedia, and Yahoo, I learned a lot from my Friends. The list is never-ending one…… and it still grows. Because you don’t where you get your “Next Idea” “Next Post Title” “Next Post Content”. So your searching for good things never ends at one point. Reading your friends blog posts always make you stronger and stronger and one day it will take you to the mountain. Because you’re not following one blogger you’re following 100 bloggers. So you have ideas of 100 bloggers. This is where your dream comes true. Yes you can achieve the milestone what you want to achieve in your earlier stage of blogging career.

Krishna Kumar



“Has learning blogging on your own (Independent Learning) impacted your online success in any way at all? ”

Short answer: Yes, it does big time.

I read a great number of blogs & articles (15-25) every week regularly and never had a mentor at all, not at any point of my life.

I always believed in learning through experimenting, and this helped me laying a strong foundation.
This has made me independent.

Had I followed a mentor or a course, every time I make a mistake I will have to check with the person/course what went wrong. Instead, I make minimal mistakes these days + every mistake is a great learning for me.

Not only that, it also helped me build stronger relationships with my subscribers & made me an even more successful marketer.

~ Sampath S SampathSpeaks

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  1. Philip thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts with these professionals. Learning from others lays the foundation for a successful online career. But we need the initiative to learn for ourselves. We need to make the decision in order to gain the knowledge.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How Travel Bloggers Make Money through Sponsored PostsMy Profile

    March 11, 2023
    • Hi Rayan it’s a great joy to work with people like you. I am proud of you my friend for the relentless support you extended to me in my blogging journey.
      Keep sharing.
      Just shared a thought on LinkedIn.
      Have a blessed weekend.

      March 11, 2023
    • Hi Robin,
      it’s indeed a joy to work with you all in this journey.
      Glad you like it.
      Keep sharing

      March 11, 2023
  2. What an excellent article! I love the different ideas and suggestions of the many contributors and thank you for including me as one.

    March 13, 2023
    • Hi Lynnaire,
      what a joy to hear from you again.
      thanks for the valuable feedback.
      It’s indeed a joy to associate with you in this venture.
      Appreciate your support and valuable time with us.
      Best Regards from
      Phil and associates

      March 13, 2023
  3. Thank you, Philip,
    I am grateful for your work and your invitation to participate in this Roundup. Interesting to read about all these experiences and stories of the blogger community. I am sure many newbie bloggers will benefit from all the insights here.
    All the best
    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted…3 Enligthening Lines from a Genius WriterMy Profile

    March 14, 2023
  4. Dhanush

    Thanks for the Valuable & informative blog . Self-learning has been instrumental in my online success. The abundance of resources available online has allowed me to expand my knowledge, learn new skills, and stay updated on industry trends at my own pace. Self-learning has empowered me to be adaptable and flexible, which is essential in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

    March 17, 2023
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