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Guest Post Contributors Of Philipscom Associates

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Last updated on February 15, 2020

Philipscom Guest Post Contributors And Their Details

Philipscom Guest Post

Philipscom Associate’s Guest Post Contributors’ names over the years are mentioned in this post along with the guidelines we follow for accepting guest post contributions.

No doubt the Internet or the World Wide Web is a BIG Ocean and we are just a small drop in that vast ocean!

Over the years we have established a reputed stand in the field, by contributing different valuable subjects, issues, and solutions concerning technology, blogging, and various other related fields.

You can check our ranks from different rank checking platforms like Alexa  Ubersuggest Ahref, Moz, etc.

Google Hates Guest Blogging!

Though Google does not like guest blogging, if we are choosy it doesn’t matter much.  So we are more vigilant in checking whether the content is beneficial to our readers or not, only then we accept the content.

All these years we used to accept guest posts from different high ranking contributors from around the world.  A few of those contributors are listed below.

Do you want to be a contributor here at Philipscom Associates? Then read on... via Click To Tweet

But sad to note that these days there are numerous inquiries coming in from different quarters on a daily basis and we are really fed up with such email notifications.

Philipscom guest authorsSo it is high time that we need to stipulate some rules or policies regarding this vital subject called b    ‘Guest Post Contributions’.

Thus these following few lines for the contributors who pitch in for guest post writing to this website and other associated websites.

So, Do you want to be a contributor here at Philipscom Associates?  Then read on…

Following Are The Guest Posts Contributors Requirements:


1.  Philipscom Guest Post contributors should have the basic need of revealing their real identity.  For this, we encourage you to have a Gravatar – That is the profile image. This should be your face image, no company logo or such other images are allowed.  If you do not have a Gravatar and want to have one, then please visit this How to do it post by Guest Author Chery Schmidt OR you can directly go to Gravatar site and create one.

2.  The content should be a minimum of 1000 words and the maximum can be up to 5000 words.

3.  The post should be plagiarism free and should be exclusively concerning the Philipscom pages.  It cannot be reproduced in any manner on other websites.  More importance should be given to writing a post without spelling errors and grammatical errors.

I agree that I am not an expert in this area as you can find a ton of such errors in my writings here at Philipscom.  This is because my major education is done in the Malayalam medium.  But I try to give maximum attention to these areas while accepting guest posts.

You can use and fix a good number of such errors by using the different versions (free or paid) of Grammarly.

4.  Notice that though Philipscom is a multi-niche website we give more preference to the main subjects like Technology/Software, Social Media, SEO, Blogging and other blog-related subjects

5.  Posts should have a minimum of 3 to 4 clear images or screenshots relevant to the subjects.  The inserted images must not be copyrighted ones.  The image size should be a minimum of 900×720 pixels.

6.  Once the post is live on Philipscom the contributor should respond to the feedback in the comment box with a fitting reply if it’s a question or inquiry related to the subject.

7.  Guest post contributors’ contents should shed some new light on the subject and it should carry some special value to Philipscom readers.  I mean to say that the same old stuff and writings in a different format will not be accepted.

8.  The guest post contributors should be regular visitors here or should have interaction through our other social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other forums and groups.  And they should have responded to a minimum of 4 to 5 existing posts with their feedback keeping in line with the Philipscom Comment Policy which is given underneath every published post.

Philipscom gives much importance to its Comment Authors, as you know in a way comments are the lifeblood of blogging.  A blog post without comments is, in short, a dead place like a silent cemetery.

9.  The content should have a minimum of 3 to 4 internal links and a minimum of 2 high ranking outbound links.

10.  Once the post is live the guest post contributors should generate publicity by sharing this on their social media pages and also through their email subscribers.

A Brief List Of Guest Post Contributors


Guest Post Contributors

Guest Post Contributors Names And Their Contributions


Please click on the names to read their guest post contribution and other details about them.

Atish Ranjan.

Aditya Singhal

Anil Agarwal

Ann Phil

Arpin Gajjar

Belle Balace

 Bryan Lazaris

Cassie Phillips

Christopher Jan Benitez

Chrys Fey 

Campbell Jof

Daniel Page

David Meyer

Donna Merrill

Erik Emmanuelli 

Gaurav Kumar

Godly Daniel

Henna Williams

Ikechi Awazie

Irina Vi

Jaco Albert

Jaime Buckley

Jason Daszkewicz 

Jacob Colleen


John Marshall

Joachim M

Karthik Lingo

Kerin Miller 

Kim Awkins

Kristy Murphy.

Manoj B

Marsha Kelly

Mary Scott 

Mi Muba

Muhammad Tabish

Naveen Kumar

Nisha Pandey

Nikola Roza

Pankaj Dhawan

Piyush Golani

Rahul Kuntala

Ravi Chahar

Reji Stephenson

Reji Stephenson

Robin Khokar

Robin Singh

Roy E Joy

Ryan Biddulph

Satish Satz


Sunny Chawla

Swadhin Agarwal

Tanya K

Theodore Nwangene

Thomson B Thomas

Tom Buckland

Vashishtha Kapoor

Guest Post Contributors

Guest Posts Contributors Can Reach Us…

You can reach us through our About Me page for any further discussion.

Contributors also can reach me via Skype: Philva6   OR   via email:

Thanks to all the contributors for your relentless support received all these years.

We appreciate your time.

With Kind Regards

For Philipscom Associates

Guest Post Contributors
Philip Verghese Áriel’

Published on: Aug 30, 2019 @ 21:18

Dear Readers, Your Attention Please!

Thank you so much for your valuable time.
I appreciate and love your feedback/comments!
 I accept feedback from my readers and often I do reciprocate.
Your feedback negative or positive, I would like to hear from you.
But there is a slight restriction/rule in this regard.
Please read our comment policy before you make a comment,
otherwise, you may miss the mark and your comments may not get approved!
So please do share your views in the comment box keeping the comment policy of Philipscom.

In short, Philipscom will not approve comments that

 1.  Are One word or one line.
2.  Are abusive, intimidating, threatening or inflammatory
3.  Make offensive generalizations
4.  Ramble without a point
5.  Use offensive or insensitive language
6.  typed all in CAPITAL Letters.
7.  typed in a language other than English
8.  Are irrelevant to the post in question
9.  Contain self-promotional materials or links
10.  Give unnecessary, advice to Philipscom
Philipscom also reserves the right to edit comments or to remove material that does not conform to our comment policy.
If time permits please do visit this post related to blogcomments.


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  1. Dear All Guest Contributors,
    Thanks to your valuable time over here.
    More names and the connected links are to be added in this post.
    The process of searching is going on and will be updated on a daily basis.
    Have a great time of interactions ahead. :)
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

    August 31, 2019
  2. KIRS

    Very Good morning sir…!
    Such an informative post for me…I really get lots of tools name and vital information when I started a new job as a content writer.
    Especially, your comment policy. I really get lots of new stuff form you post. Thank you for this post.

    September 3, 2019

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